Plumbing and other general handyman works do not require any introduction. They provide a number of installation and repair services to make sure essential systems of the building like water, gas, and so on work without a hiccup. They are trained in the field and are equipped with all the modern tools and equipment to ensure quality of work.

There are a lot of plumbers and handyman that you can hire in your area, with the field being so much lucrative for the sellers. But it is not easy to distinguish a great plumber from a mediocre one. If you are looking for plumbers in Waynesboro VA, you can go to and find the most suitable plumber for you, both geographically and services-wise.

Before we dig into the essential questions that you need to ask a prospective plumber before hiring, here are some of the “general tips” that you need to consider:

  • Many of the US states require plumbing companies to obtain a license before commencing their business. Licenses are only issued by the competent authorities after a company fulfills a prerequisite criterion. So, always conduct business with a certified plumber.
  • While shortlisting plumbers for your work, insurance could be a determining factor. It is a cover that can save you from excessive compensation of the damages that can happen in the course of the job you hired the plumbers for. Getting a plumber with insurance can save your skin.
  • Asking about the relevant experience can directly affect the quality of work you get from your plumber. Having ample time in field will make sure they know how to deal with unexpected problems, both in planning and executing those plans.
  • After preliminary visit, a professional plumber would be able to give you an estimated cost for your work. Remember that this could be an estimate. There is a room for slight fluctuation but not too much.
  • Get a list of satisfied clients that they have worked with in the past, or currently working. This way, you can put their claims of excellence and quality into test in the real world.

Now, that we are done with the general tips that you should abide by in search of the best plumber, we can move on to the real deal of this post – questions to ask before hiring a plumber!

It is important to ask these questions and many more that may have in your mind before formalizing things with a prospective plumber. The questions will keep you from hiring a plumber that is ill-equipped for the job which could cost you serious money, both in the long run and short run.

Here are the questions:

How Much Would It Cost Me To Fix The Whole Plumbing Problem?

You should be careful, even skeptical and suspicious, of the cost estimates and quotations that you get over the phone. There are companies that offer a reasonable quote off the bat and then after commencing work, they would complain about getting underpaid. Many professional plumbers are very cautious about giving an estimate and prefer to visit the site and take notes of the problem before giving a calculated quote. The quote should have no hidden costs left out or the price of the new parts that are required to do the job. So, this question should be asked and addressed properly before going forward.

Who Will Be Doing The Work?

Many companies outsource the work to subcontractors to capitalize on their brand name without doing the actual work. By asking this question, you will make sure that who will be coming to the site for work. It is important that the workers are both skillful and reliable to work with. If a professional company has full-time employees, it is good because they are naturally well-trained and equipped. In case of third-party contractors, make sure you evaluate their expertise and knowledge of the field before allowing them on your property.

Are You A Bonded And Insured Company?

There are many states in the US that require all the plumbing companies to obtain a license before opening shop. This requires completing tests and showing expertise in the services they want to sell to the market. When you are prospecting for a plumber, make sure they are licensed by the competent authorities of the state to ensure quality and integrity in the business dealings.

A verbal answer should not be sufficient for you. Get a look at the valid license and insurance certificates while you are meeting them in their shop. Being bonded will keep you from incurring medical expenses of the plumbers if they get injured during the course of at your site. This is a big deal and should be addressed beforehand.

How Do You Charge Your Rate For Services?

Clarification in this regard is much better than unpleasant surprises when the job is done. If you are hiring a plumber that demands in hourly rate, ask them how long would it take them to resolve the issue and then decide if it is feasible to hire that plumber. Experienced plumbers give an accurate estimate and try to stick to them.