The importance of hiring professionals with PMP certification is the on-time completion of the project. In today’s time, PMP Certification has become a necessity for professionals with dreams of exponential growth. The earning power of the project managers qualified with PMP is definitely higher as compared with those who do not have Certification. In the United States, the average salary difference between PMP certified professionals and non-certified professionals is around 20%.

PMP Certification helps in brightening the prospects of getting high salaries along with better career opportunities. The project managers certified with PMP (Project Management Professional) are globally in demand because this qualification adds more value to their competencies.

The approach of PMP Certification training helps in reducing specific mistakes while handling various business projects. The PMP lessons teach project managers on how to manage them effectively. The professionals can save time and gain money by achieving PMP Certification. Most importantly, the training to get the PMP Certification is secure. So you can get PMP Certification training to manage various projects correctly irrespective of its size, management time, and methodologies involved.

Significant factors influencing salary after achieving PMP certification

Generally, financial gain is one of the critical factors for which professional seek while choosing a specific course to upgrade their qualification. Some of the vital factors which influence the salary of the project manager include:

  • The average size of the project
  • Position or role of professional in project management
  • The average budget of the project
  • Team size for the project
  • Experience of years in project management
  • Industry doing project
  • Location of job

That is why; once you get the chance for managing the large project with the team after achieving PMP Certification, you get more job opportunities. Most of the project managers know that PMP Certification is recognized globally in today’s time. PMP Certification is well-developed not only in the private sector but also in the public IT sector. In the modern’s world, it has become a vital standard satisfying the IT best practices.

What is the impact of PMP Certification on a professional’s salary?

According to the conducted survey, the project manager certified with PMP gets 20% more salary as compared with non-certified project managers. The project manager having PMP Certification can expect an average salary of Rs. 17 lakh per annum as compared with those managers not having PMP Certification. Generally, the non-certified project managers get only Rs. 12 lakh per annum which is very much less as compared with certified professionals.

The Certification enhances the opportunity for the project managers to get success quickly within an organization. Many industries are using the qualification of PMP all over the world. The popularity of PMP Certification is growing across the globe. That is why; the Certification gives you the best chance to take on the project effectively.

Job profiles delivering maximum worth of PMP certification

  • IT project manager
  • IT Senior project manager
  • Software development manager
  • Project manager
  • Program manager
  • Engineering operations manager

The significant difference between the salary of non-certified and certified PMP professionals can also be noticed on the gender basis. In India, around 12% of female project managers get PMP Certification. The average pay for female PMP certified project managers varies between 4.60.107 to 17.54.870. However, the average salary for male PMP accredited project managers varies between 6.59.179 to 21.73.384.

PMP course empowers team members while working on the project to handle, manage, and execute it properly. In addition to it, all the members get a chance to know when and how to manage a business project. The certification guarantees that project managers do not have any confusion while executing the business plan. PMP course will encourage the motivation level among the team members of project management. The qualification of the Certification helps the team members to search for a better opportunity along with better career opportunities for the upcoming life.

Why project managers get huge salary opportunities after PMP Certification?

There are numerous survey reports which confirm considerable salary growth after achieving PMP Certification. There are multiple reasons for long-lasting salary hike after PMP. Moreover, the project managers will get various benefits after investing for the PMP course.

PMP Certification ensures that project managers know about the essential phases of project management. The added qualification helps in enhancing the resume and making you perform better. Though PMP Certification is challenging to get still, the Certification has an excellent reputation in today’s time.

  • Enhance practical project management skills

PMP Certification involves standardized phases, along with appropriate principles and top procedures. The qualification offers professionals with acknowledgment about suitable capabilities that promote their confidence to handle various projects successfully. It enables the project managers to control risks as well as resources while managing a project successfully. PMP Certification has become one of the actual reasons why many project managers seek career opportunities in project management industries.

  • Gain risk management skills

The certification skills motivate the professionals to handle every project at every stage with high standardized quality. PMP Certification helps the project managers to split massive schemes and manage various risks effectively. At the end of the project, the professionals can quickly identify the risks occurring in its execution.

Along with it, the project managers can review the project successfully while controlling the risks. It encourages professionals to promote their performance by reducing the level of project management risks. If any problem arises while managing the project risks, then the team of managers with PMP Certification has the chance to correct it.

  • Easily become employed

In today’s world, almost every business demands a project manager has a standardized resume. It is a challenging task for any professional to get a job without adding the value of reputed Certification on a CV. The well-defined CV having reputed qualifications reflects the successful qualification achieved by the project managers. In addition to it, the resume should involve practical project management skills, and most importantly, the achievement of PMP Certification.

The high reputation of PMP Certification empowers any resume and helps them to stand out amongst the rest of the world. By achieving the PMP Certification, professionals can enhance their chances to clear the organizational interview for the project manager, and thus get the opportunity to gain better employment. It is efficient for the project manager to have an outlined and properly defined structure for any business.


The project managers can focus on how and what business projects are crucial to initialize through PMP Certification. It provides industrial structure along with a practical framework of the project that empowers proficient skills learned in any project management certifications.