If you’re out on a picnic and see an ant crawling nearby, it’s not a big deal. Pests, including ickier ones than ants, represent something very different to a business.

If a restaurant customer sees a cockroach, mice, or rat while they’re eating, they’ll feel sick about it and probably expect a free meal. Catering companies are just as sensitive, and businesses that don’t de nal in food also need to present themselves cleanly. Nothing can puncture the spell branding creates in consumers quicker than seeing a pest.

Let’s check out some of the vital ways professional pest control specialists protect companies.

Custom Solutions

The leading commercial pest control specialists offer two kinds of custom solutions. Their chemicals used to kill pests are a custom blend created specifically based on the pest in question. They offer comprehensive pest control solutions for businesses with a tailored approach to ensure your specific facility is pest-free, as no two job sites are exactly alike.

Businesses can’t afford to entrust their pest control to a cookie cutter approach that won’t address every element of the problem.

The pest sprays for sale on hardware and convenience store shelves only put a dent into their population. Sure, you’ll kill a few, but their numbers will match and then exceed what they were.

Let the pros work with solutions you can’t find anywhere else, ones that will get the job done properly the first time.

Safe Chemicals

Businesses need to know that the chemicals used to kill pests will be effective, but not at the expense of harming the environment or posing risks to pets. What if a customer brings a dog into the store? What if your business accidentally harms the environment and consumers find out?

Thankfully, the leading pest control specialists only use chemicals Health Canada approves, so even though the chemical composites are unique and exclusively theirs, they’ve been vetted by a credible government body.

Feel confident that the pests are dead without worrying about the environment or any four-legged friends.


Businesses need paperwork to show that they’ve put the work in to be pest-free. Otherwise, they could face fines and even lawsuits. The best commercial pest control experts provide a range of supportive documentation, like a logbook, device map, licenses, certificates, safety sheets, and more.

A range of companies rely on pest control specialists to pass a gauntlet of inspections and third-party audits, and even exceed their standards. When customers enter, they won’t see a single pest. When an inspector shows up, they’ll find all the paperwork they need.

Leading pest control IPM specialists have extensive training and certifications, as well as deep experience in their national account management and administrative teams.

Electronic Communication

Everything has a digital angle these days, even pest control! While the chemicals used to kill pests are very much analog, commercial pest control specialists provide a secure digital portal, so customers get constant access to their services.

Get location history, trend reports, and more to ensure there’s always full transparency. If a company needs to obtain this information quickly, it won’t have to wait until the pest control service is open for business to get someone on the phone. The info is there, 24/7.

Ministry-Licensed Professionals

There’s a major difference between people who know a thing or two about eliminating pests and licensed structural exterminators accredited by the Ministry of the Environment. Hiring the best exterminators is the surest way to get the latest industry trends working for you.

After all, pests can do enormous damage to a business’s reputation, potentially causing fines and lawsuits.

Dedicated Account Managers

The PR and legal problems that can arise from pests can undo a business and cause irreversible harm. If someone at a company needs to speak to pest control, they can’t afford to be put on hold indefinitely, hoping to speak to a real person at the other end of the phone eventually.

That’s why the best pest control specialists have dedicated teams for every client. You won’t be just a number to them. They know your name, history, and they care about your success.

Pests are gross on a visceral level, and customers want nothing to do with them. The devastating PR crises and legal problems they potentially cause must be snuffed out proactively, so hire the best pest control specialists today to keep your business safe.