A business organization needs a system to manage employees in an organized manner. On the other hand, there is a need to handle the compensation for the employees efficiently.

For this purpose, payroll software is needed along with the Human resourcing as both of them correlate with each other, keeping in mind the distinct functions they offer.

Whats The Difference?

In any business organization, for efficient management of employees and handling day to day routine, the HR department and Payroll system should work together.

The main difference in using payroll software or Human resource (HR) is just the functions both offer under each department within a business organization.

However, both the departments do overlap or intersect based on work environments, employee information, and much more. They work together when an employee is hired or fired. Other differences can include when an employee gets a promotion or leaves are taken, etc.

We take a look at the functions and features of payroll software, then discuss the responsibilities or duties of Human resource staff.

Functions Of Payroll Software

A payroll software or a system manages the compensation and other tasks that relate to the employees of the company. It is simple and easy to use policy that covers all the needs of small to medium-sized business organizations or companies to efficiently and safely manage the payroll.

It includes all the necessary functions to be able to manage salaries accurately. It is important to log the daily information, calculation formulas, fetching the tax tables, and much more.

The software can include but not limited to these functions:

  • Calculating the attendance based on time cards and making use of employee time tracking software
  • Commissions or Bonuses for the employees as per their performance and tasks assigned
  • Managing overtime salaries
  • Basic salaries, wages, and employee reimbursements
  • Paying to the employees based on the holidays or leaves taken during the work schedule.
  • Managing sick leaves and casual or personal days made as off for vacation and other purposes.
  • Deduction of wages from employees salary for taxes, etc
  • Providing health and insurance benefits to employee

The Payroll software also integrates with easy to use accounting programs to make sure that the employee wages and other expenses are correctly paid and reported in the log for a record.

More About Features Of The Payroll Software

Take a look at the payroll software features that make your life much more comfortable as a business owner.

It is a web-based system that offers free support to the business organization

Using the payroll software, the person can manage an unlimited number of employees, and payslips.

The workers can avail of tax declaration, employer’s certificate, and commission.

No need for paperwork and directly connect employee documents with easy to use accounting programs for a smooth and efficient flow.

Create Payslips by picking the employees from the employment register. The register can contain information about the employees and their salaries. One can also retrieve the pay codes, for example, the hourly wages assigned to a specific worker.

The payslips can be printed via the software that is beneficial as a supporting document for tax returns and accounting needs.

The software can also calculate the number of holidays taken and other data via which a complete control can be taken.

Make use of the automation that is built into the software to pay salaries, hourly wages, holiday pays to hourly employees, and so on.

Employees can register their time using the employee time tracking software that is built into the dashboard of payroll software. This way, the time is saved, and everything is calculated automatically based on the time stamp and manual entries done by the employees.

Responsibilities Or Duties Of An HR

The HR department or the Human resourcing staff is responsible for hiring new staff members suitable for work. The payroll software may work like a charm with its automation features and time-saving functions. However, human resourcing can be found as the toughest job to find a suitable candidate from a pool of experienced people.

However, many small to medium-sized companies have adapted to HR Management software. The data can be accessed immediately, and it fully integrates with the payroll software too.

Further, the HR staff is responsible for extending the influences of an employee based on the position they hold. They also ensure to provide proper training to the employees, which is beneficial to perform their roles to the optimal level.

Moreover, the HR department thrives on motivating the employees from time to time so that they also enjoy working on the tasks rather than finding them boring and monotonous. The aim is not to lose an employee instead retain it for a better future that is beneficial on both ends.

What Are The HR Functions?

The Human resource segment of a business organization takes care of the tasks or functions such as,

  • The HR department enforces company policies, and changes are done from time to time as and when required.
  • Responsibilities of hiring people for work as per requirements
  • Offering promotions to employees based on their performance
  • Assigning duties and other tasks based on the employee profile
  • Determining the salaries according to the position held in the company
  • Management and time to time coaching or consultation of employees
  • Offering employee benefits under worker’s compensation and other assistive programs.
  • Providing equality to all workers or employees by controlling discrimination at work and giving workplace security.

The human resource (HR) staff should take care of the employees under a proper understanding of labor laws as directed by the state government or country.

Seeing the above functions shared here about payroll software or system and comparing it with the HR functions or responsibilities, the employee is kept at the center of the organization. The difference is in managing the employees properly and compensating them according to their work.

What If I Own A Small Business?

For large scale organization, there are separate departments that control the human resourcing as well as payroll management.

Your HR staff knows how to find the perfect employee suitable to work. In contrast, the payroll staff offers solutions to securely and efficiently manage the compensation.

However, if you are running a small business organization or a company, you should rely on third party agencies or providers for the same. There are several payroll services in Sweden that offer payroll software at cost-effective rates. These agencies can smoothly administer the employee time tracking software  and provide other benefits to the employees on behalf of the company.

A single person can manage the payroll, human resourcing as well as financing of the business organization using the software. It is the power of payroll integrating with human resourcing and thus provides a perfect solution intersecting with each other.

Do I Need To Update The Software?

The companies who adapt to traditional ways or don’t want to resort to a new age payroll software are prone to outdated or obsolete software.

The new-age software offered by payroll services in Sweden doesn’t need frequent software updates to run. No matter whatever machine you open the program, you get the best and updated UI. It is because the software is a web-based dashboard and doesn’t require any restriction on which computer, PC, or laptop you should run it.

Wrap It Up

It is a simple fact that in small to medium-sized companies, the Payroll and HR departments are handled by the same person or staff members. The second option is to hire an agency and get the software on board, which one can find by getting in touch with payroll services in Sweden.

However, the prime fact is that regardless of the size of the company, the Payroll, HR department, and financing department should work together to keep the information intact and available when it is needed.

It helps in lowering the costs to run any business and also efficiently manage the working staff. Rest, the roles will change and lead to an increase in workload when more employees join the organization. Using an easy to use accounting programs or employee time tracking software will always be beneficial for the company in the long run. It offers relief to the organization, which can solve several roadblocks, and thus the business will run smoothly and more productive for the future.