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Complete Guide And Pallyy Review In 2023

Pallyy Review

Guide And Pallyy Review  will be explained in this article. Recently, Pallyy has gained a lot of popularity, but how good is it? We experimented with it to learn more, and then we wrote this review to share what we discovered (spoiler alert: we were impressed).

Complete Guide And Pallyy Review In 2023

In this article, you can know about Complete Guide And Pallyy Review In 2023 here are the details below;

You will realize all there is to know about Pallyy in this page. And how influencers, small businesses, and agencies may leverage it.

You’ll learn about Pallyy’s main features, their usage, cost, and other information.

What is Pallyy

A social media management platform called Pallyy is made to make publishing simple.

It allows you to pre-schedule posts for social networking platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Additionally, it has a ton of other features like integrated analytics, planning tools, a bio link solution, and others that can help you better manage your social media activities. This is another aspect regarding Pallyy Review.

There are many other social media scheduling applications available that provide comparable capabilities, however Pallyy differs in a few ways.

It’s more targeted toward visual stuff, to start. Particularly for graphic content, the workflow for posting and scheduling is exceptionally fast. Planning your entire feed visually and seeing post previews in real time are also possible.

Furthermore, it’s perfect for someone who prioritizes Instagram marketing. It contains many cutting-edge features that are only available on Instagram, such as comment management, a first comment scheduler, an IG bio link tool, and thorough analytics.

What features does Pallyy offer?

You will be prompted to link all of your social media accounts for your first customer, company, or brand as soon as you join up for Pallyy.

01 Link your social media accounts to Pally.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, and TikTok are just a few of the social media platforms you can link.

Once all of your profiles are connected for your first brand, this is referred to as a complete social set. From the Settings menu, you can manage, add, and delete social sets. This is another aspect regarding Pallyy Review.

You should be able to handle your own accounts with just one social media set, but if you manage social media for several clients, you’ll probably need more. Additional sets can be added by premium users for $15 per month each. This is another aspect regarding Pallyy Review.

You will then be in the Pallyy Dashboard.

Dashboard from year 2002

To access all of Pallyy’s features, use the left sidebar. Five “tools” comprise these features, namely:

Scheduling Analytics (exclusive to Instagram)

(Only on Instagram)

(Only available on Instagram)

Next, we’ll look at what each tool can accomplish for you. Let’s start in the Scheduling tool since that is where you will probably spend the majority of your time.

Scheduling (Content calendar)

The Scheduling tab has a link to the content calendar. For all of your social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook carousels, this is where you create and schedule images and videos. Additionally, TikTok videos and Instagram Reels and Stories are supported.

03 Calendar tab to see your schedule

You won’t need to manually post them once you’ve scheduled them in the calendar; they will go live at the time and date you choose. This does not apply to Instagram Stories at all. This is another aspect regarding Pallyy Review.

Although you can’t plan Stories for automatic publication, you may still do so and use your phone to get a push notice when it’s time to post. At that point, you can manually sign in to your Instagram account and post the Stories in a few simple steps. From the Settings menu, push notification settings can be modified. This is another aspect regarding Pallyy Review.

Select the social media accounts you want to schedule your first post to by highlighting the icons in the bar at the top of the screen.

04 to schedule, choose the account. in

After that, you may add a new media or text post to the calendar by clicking the plus icon in any cell. Simply drag and drop an image or video into the cell as an alternative.

From the Media Library, which is also reachable through the Scheduling page, you can upload media files to use in your calendar.

05 Send Pallyy media files.

In order to upload files from your device, simply click New > Upload. Alternately, you may make them in Pallyy using the built-in Canva editor.

You’ll notice a popup window after adding a new post to a cell in your calendar where you can enter captions and hashtags.

06 Update Pallyy with captions and hashtags

You can generate many variations of the caption or utilize the same one across all social media platforms.

You can also schedule the first comment for Instagram, which is a terrific method to add hashtags without cluttering up your caption, tag individuals, and add a location or bio link, among other things.

If you want to preview your Instagram feed, open the settings dropdown menu by selecting the cog icon in the top-right corner, then select Instagram Preview.

From the same dropdown menu, you can also access the Best Time To Post function. You can see a new popup window with a visual representation of the ideal posting times for the most engagement by simply clicking the link.

07 Instagram sneak peek

To see the optimal times to post for likes, comments, impressions, and reach, change the metric you’re aiming. This is another aspect regarding Pallyy Review.

In addition to scheduling material, you can make notes in the cells of your content calendar to aid with planning. Simply pick Note by clicking the plus button on the cell.

We also greatly loved the note-taking option called Import Holiday. You may access it from the settings drop-down menu and choose a nation to import notes that will instantly inform you of all national holidays.

Visual planning grid

The Grids tool is also accessible via the Scheduling tab. This Instagram visual planner is available.

You can see a visual depiction of your Instagram feed as it would look in the mobile Instagram app on the right side of your screen. You can rearrange the media you drag into the planner from the media library on the left to create the precise layout you want for your feed.

You can bulk sync it to your calendar and plan everything at once once you’ve perfected the aesthetic and have everything set up how you want it.

Instead of painstakingly typing out the same captions and hashtags every time, you may create reusable templates and hashtag lists that you can simply enter when generating a new post in a few clicks.

Reusable templates and hashtags

It’s an extremely clever time-saving tool, especially for companies who need to produce a lot of social media posts each day. This is another aspect regarding Pallyy Review.

Go to Scheduling > Templates > Create new template to create a reusable template. Go to Scheduling > Hashtags > Create New Hashtags List to create hashtag lists.


You can get fresh content concepts to employ in your social media marketing efforts from the Explore menu (only available on Instagram).

To uncover popular material in your niche, search for popular hashtags. Alternatively, you can see the post or posts that you were tagged in by a certain user.

You may quickly add a post to your library if you wish to share it on your own Instagram account. Just keep in mind that it’s best to ask the original poster for their OK before sharing it and to tag them in the caption when you do so.

You can paste the owner’s username by clicking the Add owner’s username for reposting? link after adding the post to your library. Once you’ve done that, each time you post it, Pallyy will automatically add it to the caption.

Social Inbox

Reply to messages and comments left by your followers by going to the Social Inbox tab.

Initially, Pallyy just supported Instagram and had a simple comment management mechanism.

The new social inbox is a huge upgrade in terms of user experience and supported social networks even though that capability is still available.

In addition, it supports well-known social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, TikTok comments and Google My Business are supported.

It should be very familiar to use this inbox. This is so that it can simulate an email inbox.


You can monitor the effectiveness of your Instagram campaigns and posts from the Analytics page.

Some of the most crucial indicators, such as your likes, comments, engagement rate, follower growth, follower demographics, and most/least popular hashtags, are displayed in an instant on the Overview page. From the dropdown menu in the top-right corner, you may modify the data’s date range.

If you want to delve a slightly deeper, you may construct your own unique reporting dashboard under the unique Dashboard tab, complete with all of your own charts and data points. This is another aspect regarding Pallyy Review.

Here, you may be really specific and learn a lot of things. Make geographic maps, keep tabs on the hashtag performance and follower growth of your rivals, view your reach and impressions—you name it!

By selecting Share Report on the Overview page, you may distribute the data to your clients or team. As an alternative, you can use the Settings menu to set up recurring email reports.

Note that Instagram metrics were the only ones available at first. But Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are now also enabled for analytics.

You may use Smily.Bio to build your own unique landing page for your links and then add the short link to your Instagram profile from the Bio Link menu.

Bio link

There are two different layout choices: standard and grid. Standard merely displays a list of your important links in chronological order as buttons, whereas grid makes the landing page resemble your Instagram feed.

For link thumbnails, you may either add your own photos or use Instagram posts as a source. YouTube videos can also be included.

You can change the design by selecting the Appearance option. Make a theme selection or manually alter the background, button, and text colors next.

You may add each of your social media accounts to the landing page for your bio link by selecting the Settings tab. You can copy and paste your own short link from this page into the description of your Instagram profile.

The Insights tab in the side menu allows you to keep track of clicks and impressions on your bio link.

Team cooperation

To better fit agencies, Pallyy just unveiled a ton of team collaboration features. Now, you may contact/collaborate with your team using the Feedback tool and invite them via the Settings tab.

The Calendar tab’s settings dropdown menu contains a link to the Feedback tool. You may manage approvals, comment on postings, tag other team members to send them emails and push notifications, and more from this page. This is another aspect regarding Pallyy Review.

Pally Review: Pros and cons

Pallyy has a lot of good qualities, yet it isn’t faultless. Here are what we believe to be its main advantages and disadvantages.

Pallyy Pros

Powerful social scheduling with excellent workflow. Pallyy’s publishing workflow makes producing and scheduling new social media articles quite simple. Additionally, you may quickly make social media photos with its Canva connection.

Sophisticated Instagram feature set. Rich feature set for Instagram – Pallyy is among the greatest social media scheduling tools available for Instagram. Some of the highlights are the visual planning grid, Replies feature, Explore tool, and Bio-Link feature.

Easy to use. Pallyy offers one of the most user-friendly, intuitive user interfaces we’ve ever seen. Anyone can learn how to use it quickly because it is so simple.

Powerful social inbox. The inbox’s user interface and workflow are some of the best I’ve seen, and it works with platforms that few other tools do. For instance, in addition to Facebook, Instagram, etc., TikTok comments and Google My Business are also enabled.

Built-in analytics for popular networks — Initially, Pallyy exclusively provided analytics for Instagram. Since then, they have released analytics for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Unlimited Scheduled posts on premium plans — Unless you’re using the free plan, Pallyy doesn’t place a monthly limit on the amount of posts you can schedule on social media.

Great value for money– Pallyy provides better value for money than many of its rivals because to its generous free plan and incredibly reasonable premium plan.

AI caption generator – This paid add-on is great if you want to create social media content quickly. This is another aspect regarding Pallyy Review.

Pally cons

limitations on other social networks’ features Only Instagram supports comment management.

Additional social sets are extra; one is included with the premium package. Each additional set has a price. If you’re in charge of several brands, expenses may rise quickly.

Pallyy price

Pallyy has a simple price structure. Only the Free and Premium plans are offered.

The Free plan limits you to one social set and up to 15 scheduled posts per month but includes all the essential features (including the Visual Planner and Analytics tools).

Usage caps are removed when you upgrade to a Premium plan for $15/month, allowing you to schedule an unlimited number of articles each month. Additionally, it grants access to premium tools like the bio link tool and bulk scheduling. On their price page, Pallyy provides a detailed comparison of their free and paid services.

For an additional $15 per month per social set, premium customers can additionally add more social sets.

Pallyy review: Final thoughts

One of the greatest social media management tools available is Pallyy, especially if Instagram is your primary focus.

With a very user-friendly layout and lots of built-in team communication tools, it’s perfect for novices, freelancers, and agencies alike.

It also has a ton of high-end features that its rivals lack, such as a strong comment management solution, a visual feed planner (with bulk calendar synchronization), and the Explore content curating tool.

Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself by relating the button below.

There is really no excuse not to try Pallyy because of the generous free plan that is available, which allows you to do so without spending a dime and determine whether it is a good fit for your needs. Enjoy!

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