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Packaging Essentials For Your E-Commerce Startup

Starting an e-commerce business this year is an exceptional idea. Not only are e-commerce sales growing rapidly, but there’s also plenty of room for new online retailers in the market.

Nevertheless, if you’re starting an online store, you must stock up on packaging supplies. It’s no longer the best idea to opt for the cheapest packaging solutions because consumer preferences show that eco-conscious packaging is more appealing, even if it costs the customer more.

To help you round up all the right supplies, we’ve listed the essential packaging supplies e-commerce startups need.

Custom-Size Corrugated Boxes

Buying bulk boxes the same size is not the best solution. Instead, be sure to order stock of different-sized boxes to accommodate different-sized orders. You’ll save on costs, and there will be less chance of orders enduring damage while en route to the customer’s doorstep.

Beyond custom box sizes, you must also choose a courier service like Florida Couriers that can uphold a reputable reputation. The best courier will also reduce the risks of damaged orders and late deliveries.

Cushioning Products

In addition to corrugated boxes, you will also need a cushioning product to properly package items. Cushioning products will also prevent damage to orders.

However, it’s essential to avoid bubble wrap and other materials that are harmful to the environment. Instead, choose eco-friendly alternatives like biodegradable packaging chips, shredded paper, mushroom packaging, and other creative solutions.

Shipping Paper

For products that are already in a box, you might not need to use regular filler or bubble mailers. Instead, you can use shipping paper to reduce your costs.

Shipping paper can cut packaging costs when products don’t need extra protection or an additional shipping box.

Bubble Mailers

For small orders, it’s best to avoid using boxes and more cushioning products and instead use bubble mailers. These mailers are designed to protect content and consume the least space.

There are also creative mailers like brightly colored or even vibrant metallic that complement your brand.

Packaging Tape

No matter how sturdy a box seems, it’s always vital to use packaging tape to seal orders. If you don’t, the boxes may open, and items may be damaged while in transit with your delivery partner.

Look for high-quality packaging tape that’s thick enough to keep boxes adequately sealed.

Shipping Labels

Each order will also need a shipping label that directs your courier service in the right direction. You can order bulk shipping labels from your courier or reprint them yourself. Either way, shipping labels are hardly a cost to worry about.


Beyond corrugated boxes, cushioning products, shipping paper, and tape, you’ll also need to brand each order. It’s best to use stickers to showcase your brand logo on each customer’s order.

Once you have rounded up the right packaging supplies, you can look into unboxing ideas that create a memorable experience for each customer. A creative unboxing tactic can help convert one-time buyers into brand-loyal customers. Moreover, you’ll also increase sales through referrals.

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