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Novlr Review and guide will be discussed in this article. This Novlr review is the most recent stop on my mission to give you access to the resources you’ll need to accomplish your writing objectives more quickly. If you regularly read Kindlepreneur, you probably already know how much I like researching and evaluating technologies that purport to make authors’ lives a little simpler. I recently discovered Novlr.

Novlr Review The Best Book Writing App For You

In this article, you can know about Novlr Review here are the details below;

One example of specialized writing software is Novlr. In a nutshell, it tries to give a more feature-rich experience tailored toward professional writers by going above and beyond the fundamental functionality provided by programs like Docs and Word. Also check Alternatives 

But does it succeed in its goal? Is it worthwhile for you to visit Novlr?

Just so you know, this piece contains affiliate links, which is great news for you. Due to my participation in the Novlr affiliate network, I can provide you a 25% off discount code later in the post. Is it time to change your next book to Novlr? Let’s investigate!

What is Novlr?

What is Novlr

Novlr is an attractive, cloud-based writing tool, and if I had to sum it up in one line, I’d probably say that. You must establish an account and sign into the service on your desktop or mobile device in order to use Novlr. After that, you can use the following significant functions:

The Novlr app’s primary feature is its author-friendly writing environment, as one might anticipate. The user interface is simple and attractive. Depending on what time of day you’re writing, it offers multiple color options and a distraction-free mode. This lessens the risk of eye fatigue.

Helps Make a Writing Plan: By dividing your writing into chapters and allowing you to make notes about certain elements like characters and storyline in their own distinct parts, Novlr makes it simple and quick to arrange your writing.

Follow Your Writing Statistics. The way Novlr tracks your numbers is one of its finest features. Your writing streak, average word count, and even the days and hours when you are most prolific may all be clearly seen.

Motivating Objectives. Novlr is here for you if you need a little extra support to stay inspired. You can decide on a writing goal and track your development toward it. The software also includes subtly motivating cues, such as reminders to keep on track and words of appreciation when you reach milestones.

Style Advice. A grammar checker, style advice, and even the opportunity to contact partners like proofreaders and book editors directly from the app are all included in Novlr.

Your book exports easily. Within the Novlr environment, you can easily publish to a variety of ebook formats and sync your content with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

In my opinion, those are a very great set of characteristics (no pun intended!). I especially appreciate how they offer some exciting and cutting-edge features, like the capability to communicate with specialists within Novlr itself, in addition to the fundamentals, like the writing environment.

As part of Novlr, you may also access free training materials including short courses and other tutorials. All of this added value demonstrates Novlr’s commitment to creating the greatest product and genuinely assisting writers.

But having a set of features is one thing; effectively putting them into use is quite another. Expectations and reality probably didn’t match up for all of us a few times—let’s be honest, perhaps lot more than a few.

So, does Novlr deliver on its promises, or is it just a bunch of hot air?

Novlr Review – A look Inside

I’m going to show you various screenshots from inside Novlr and discuss what I like and don’t like about each to really give you a sense of what it’s like to use the service.

Let’s explore Novlr’s universe!

Using Novlr – The Writing Environment

Using Novlr

According to the developers, they wanted to offer a basic, aesthetically pleasant writing experience. This was created with the intention of being attractive to the eye, functional on both mobile and desktop, and reduced procrastination temptation.

Did Novlr succeed in achieving these goals? Let’s look at it.

The interface for Novlr’s writing functionality is simple and easy to use, as seen in the above image. It’s simple to comprehend and get around on.

The aforementioned pictures depict various looks during various periods of the day. The health of your eyes depends on this, and it also looks very good!

The illustration above shows how effective Novlr is at keeping a writing assignment organized. It is more than sufficient for the majority of authors, while lacking the depth of certain other writing tools.

The design of Novlr’s writing environment is highly appealing to me. Both desktop and mobile versions have excellent visual appeal.

Using Novlr – The Stats

Does the product conduct statistics tracking properly, which is a key component of Novlr?

Stats for novlr app reviews

The statistics that Novlr displays are seen in the image above. It is, as you can see, just as tidy and uncluttered as the rest of the program.

Look at the way Novlr shows your goals above. It has a bit more color than a lot of the other parts of the service, but this doesn’t make it less effective.

Overall, I believe Novlr achieves a decent mix between providing you with the statistics you require and maintaining a clean, uncluttered design.

Using Novlr – The support

Aside from writing and statistics, the third component of Novlr is the help and direction provided by the service. This includes both conventional features like grammar help and more avant-garde ones like contacting expert colleagues directly through Novlr.

A typical grammar checker is used. I had no issues at all and thought it was fine. I appreciate that it provides justifications for the recommendations it offers.

Although Novlr’s learning and training features are pretty minimal, they are nonetheless cool to have. It is actually a part of Novlr and doesn’t seem to be an afterthought.

Overall, I think Novlr’s support is appropriate for the application. It won’t offer the same amount of assistance as ProWritingAid or knowledge as a course, but you wouldn’t anticipate it to. The depth offered feels about right given that Novlr is all about cutting the fat.

Novlr Price – How Much does Novlr Cost?

Using Novlr – The support

With its simple interface and incredible functionality, your book can be swiftly transformed into a polished publication.

  • Visit Novlr Price to Find Out How Much Novlr Costs.
  • It’s all about the Benjamins, baby, to use a scholar’s phrase.
  • So how much of your money will Novlr actually take? And is the cost justified?
  • Novlr will cost you $10 a month if you choose to pay for it in installments.
  • You receive a discount if you pay for an entire year in front. The entire cost is $99.96, which is $8.33 a month. This saves you $1.67 every month, or slightly over $20 per year. Nice!

A two-week free trial of Novlr is also available. You don’t need to enter any payment information to sign up, unlike many free trials. They are not attempting to con you into unintentionally renewing a membership by making you forget to cancel. This appeals to me much.

Overall, I believe Novlr offers good value for the money. Additionally, as a savvy book marketer, you ought to view this as an investment rather than an expense!

I advise go for it if you enjoy what Novlr has to offer and think that $8.33 a month fits inside your budget.

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You only need to type “Kindlepreneur” into the box to get a year of Novlr for $80. It would cost $120 a month if you paid for it that way.

Novlr Pros and Cons

Now that you are aware of Novlr’s capabilities and user experience, I want to provide you a summary of its advantages and disadvantages. You can use this to decide if Novlr is the best option for you.

Novlr Review: Pros

  • Aesthetic appeal and a simple, clear interface
  • The great majority of writers will find all they need in this feature-rich package.
  • I really like how it syncs across PC and mobile.
  • Being cloud-based is fantastic since you never lose your work.
  • I believe Novlr when they say they’ll keep enhancing the software.

Novlr Review: Cons

  • The cost. Even while Novlr is a small monthly sum, it eventually adds up. Because of this, I wish they provided a lifetime pricing option.
  • less feature-rich than some other products. Novlr obviously provides adequate features for the majority of writers, but it can’t accomplish everything that other tools can. Therefore, before making a purchase, make sure to carefully assess whether all of its characteristics meet your needs.

Novlr Alternative – Novlr Vs Scrivener

The second option you’re probably thinking about is Scrivener if you’re interested in purchasing a specialized writing program. It ought to be, at least. I’m not shy about how much I adore Scrivener and use it for all of my personal writing endeavors.

However, how does Novlr compare to Scrivener? Before choosing, I would advise you to read the entire Scrivener review, however if you only need some immediate advice:

  • Compared to Scrivener, Novlr is simpler to learn. Although Scrivener has a ton of depth, it isn’t always the simplest thing to understand.
  • Although less so since Scrivener released the 3.0 version, Novlr still likely edges Scrivener in terms of looks.
  • Compared to Novlr, Scrivener provides many more features. Even though Novlr does a lot, Scrivener really handles everything. For instance, its formatting and exporting features are significantly more sophisticated.
  • When compared to Scrivener, Novlr offers a more seamless mobile experience while Scrivener needs to be downloaded separately. Keep in mind that buying Scrivener will still be much less expensive than using Novlr for more than a year. This applies to both the desktop & mobile versions.
  • In the end, Scrivener is more cost-effective. You buy it for a one-time fee, making it genuinely yours. Up until a major version is launched, which typically happens around twice every ten years, the version you receive will be free to upgrade. Even then, current Scrivener users are given a discount.

If I had to summarize it, I’d recommend the following:

In general, Scrivener is superior. It accomplishes a lot more and is better value. But if you really enjoy Novlr’s design and cloud-based working style, not to mention how well it works on both desktop and mobile, I’d say go for it. Many people can afford the $8.33 a month, and if you like Novlr’s service, it’s worthwhile.

Your best chance is to take advantage of Novlr and Scrivener’s fantastic free trials to give them a try. Pick the option that is best for you. Consider the financial aspect. Make a choice based on that.