Microsoft Edge WebView 2 Runtime

How To Fix Microsoft Edge WebView 2 Runtime will be described in this article. What is WebView2 Runtime for Microsoft Edge? It’s worth reading this MiniTool post if you’re trying to figure it out. It provides comprehensive information on WebView2 and aids in resolving problems with WebView2 using a lot of CPU or RAM.

How To Fix Microsoft Edge WebView 2 Runtime

In this article, you can know about Microsoft Edge WebView 2 Runtime here are the details below;

How to Resolve Runtime Problems with Microsoft Edge WebView2 on Windows 10/11

Many users discover that the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime process is constantly active. Their loading time is slowed down by the WebView2 application, which also results in excessive CPU/RAM utilization. Consequently, a lot of individuals desire to uninstall Microsoft Edge WebView 2 from Windows but are unsure how to do it. Here is a genuine Reddit forum example:

A major issue is Microsoft Edge Webview2 Runtime. I have no idea what this will be used for in the future, but it continues getting installed, and I have to remove it because it makes Edge, stable, dev, and canary, inoperable. My CPU begins to churn as pages load slowly and hang. Edge Chromium is great. Please stop this from installing automatically until it is fixed, as it is currently not required for anything. Also check MyIPTV Player

What is Microsoft Edge WebV iew2 Runtime

What is WebView2 Runtime for Microsoft Edge? For embedding web content, WebView2 offers the foundational web platform and developer control. It enables programmers to incorporate web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS into native applications.

Microsoft Edge is fully utilized by the WebView2 software as its render engine to display web information inside native apps. With this tool, you may add web code to various native app components or design your entire native app inside of a single WebView2 instance.

Thousands of applications, including Microsoft Office products, are also powered by WebView 2. Additionally, Microsoft makes advantage of WebView2 to give Outlook users capabilities that are the same on all supported systems. Users can therefore get the same experience whether they use Office apps online or on a desktop.

Is Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime a Virus

WebView2 Runtime for Microsoft Edge is it infected? It’s safe to install WebView2 as a genuine program on your computer. The typical location of the MSEdgeWebView2.exe file is C:ProgramFiles(x86)MicrosoftEdgeWebViewApplication path. whether this file is missing from the directory, we advise doing a virus check to see whether it contains any malware.

Can I Delete Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

Naturally, it’s not advised to remove WebView2 unless the component is seriously causing you problems. This is due to the fact that numerous apps and Office add-ins, like File Explorer’s PDF preview, New Media Player, the Photos app, and others, depend on this component. These apps won’t work properly if you uninstall it.

Additionally, from Windows 11, Microsoft Edge WebView 2 comes pre-installed as part of the OS. It is advised that programmers use the WebView2 runtime when creating applications for Windows 10.

How to fix Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Issues on Windows 10/11

Although the Microsoft Edge WebView 2 Runtime offers customers a lot of ease, it can also lead to problems like MSEdgeWebView2.exe’s excessive CPU, RAM, and disk utilization. Following a thorough analysis of user reports, we investigate a number of command-line fixes for the problems. Also check USB WiFi AdapterĀ 

#1. Disable the WebView2 from Task Manager

Disabling the MSEdgeWebView2.exe progress in Task Manager is the first and easiest fix. It might momentarily free up some CPU, RAM, or storage space. This is how:

Step 1: To launch Task Manager, press Ctrl, Shift, and Esc simultaneously.

Step 2: Select End task from the context menu when you right-click the MSEdgeWebView2.exe process on the Details page.

#2. Uninstall Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime in Silent Mode

The excessive CPU, RAM, and disk use problem is only momentarily resolved by terminating the MSEdgeWebView2.exe process. You could think about uninstalling the program if the issue persists and interferes with the operation of your machine. WebView2 must be forcibly uninstalled in Silent Mode because it is pre-installed with Windows 11 and 10.

Reminder: After uninstalling Edge WebView2 from your computer, you won’t be able to use Microsoft 365 app features, particularly those pertaining to Outlook.

Step 1: In the pursuit box, type cmd. Next, right-click the Command Prompt & choose Run as administrator. then select Yes to approve it.

Step 2: Enter cmd in the search field. To find the path where WebView2 is installed, enter the subsequent command in the elevated Command Prompt window. Make careful to substitute your exact path here.

Program Files (x86), C:MicrosoftEdgeWebViewApplication107.0.1418.42Installer

Step 3: Find the Microsoft Edge WebView 2. To uninstall the program in silent mode, enter the command below and press Enter.

setup.exe -force-uninstall -system-level -verbose-logging -msedgewebview

Step 4: Visit the official Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime download page and select x64/x86/ARM64 based on your requirements if you ever need to download or reinstall WebView2 Runtime on Windows 10 or 11. Verify that the executable file is saved in the Downloads folder here.

Step 5: Download WebView2. To reinstall WebView2, open the elevated Command Prompt window once more, execute the following commands in succession, and hit Enter after each one. You must substitute the downloaded version for MicrosoftEdgeWebView2RuntimeInstallerX64.exe.

#3. Use MiniTool Partition Wizard to fix the High Disk Usage Issue

If the MSEdgeWebView2.exe excessive disk utilization problem continues, you might think about utilizing a specialized disk cleanup program to make space on your disk. Such a tool exists in the form of MiniTool Partition Wizard, which can inform you of the files using up space on your computer and remove them permanently.

Additionally, it enables you to extend/move/resize partitions, recover deleted data, back partitions, and more without having to reinstall your operating system. You can use it to resolve the high disk utilization issue in this case.