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Marketing Is Important. But What About the Customer Experience?

Marketing Is Important. But What About the Customer Experience?

As marketers, and every business owner needs to be a marketer in some way, we focus on getting more leads and increasing sales. However, what about focusing on the customer experience as well, which is MORE than just “advertising” or “marketing”

The Wall Street Journal writes that there’s a trend wherein large companies are lessening the use of the title chief marketing officer in favor of chief growth officer or other larger roles that encompass so much more.

Smaller businesses can learn from this shift by larger companies.

We should not just focus on traditional marketing or advertising but should also focus on delivering a great experience for our customers.

Customers who have a great experience, will buy more and will tell others – customer ambassadors.

It’s much cheaper to market to and get recurring revenue from an existing customer than always struggling to get a new customer to buy from us.

Customer experience encompasses much more than just leads and sales but is also about ensuring every touch point that the customer has with your company is a good experience.

What are the Talk Triggers you have? How easy is your return process? What can we learn from companies like Zappos?

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