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Managing Paid Media and Proactive During COVID-19: Practical Approaches for B2B Companies.

2020 is a year that presents a different set of challenges to marketers and everyone at large. It is time to change strategies and adopt new ways of doing things.

Marketers are specifically having a hard time as businesses strive to adjust their budgets. Everyone is working with very low budgets and there seems no end in sight for this alarming state of affairs.

A big question and causing headache are how B2B companies can manage paid media proactively and gain optimally amidst this pandemic. No doubt, several changes must come to play. In the discussion that follows, we evaluate necessary changes that will keep B2B companies afloat even as this crisis ranges on.

Keep a close eye to analytics

The world is waking up to numbers each passing day and the numbers are important because they mean a lot to businesses. For B2B companies, keeping an eye on analytics is essential and will make a lot of business. This will help you to closely monitor how various companies are performing and therefore device an appropriate approach to pitching.

Website analytics will also help you to evaluate various digital marketing strategies. Keep an eye on important announcements, key events and changes in businesses approach around the world. At the same time, closely monitor visitor behavior, content demand: the kind of content and any other important changes taking place online.

If need be, work with an established Brisbane SEO Consultant like Joel House Search Media to achieve the right objective.

New niche and new audiences

With COVID-19 ravaging, media consumption has changed drastically and the kind of audience you reached previously is not necessarily the same today. This means that B2B companies must redefine their audiences significantly and even venture into a new niche.

For instance, companies working in distribution are now focused on finding new markets and there is also an urge to seek new suppliers. Where will such information come from? It will be offered by B2B companies through conventional and digital media. Such changes in approaches will place businesses in a better position to overcome this pandemic.

Try to Play on safe grounds.

B2B companies may also opt to play it safe amidst COVID-19, but this also requires a thoughtful and sober approach, but it can be done in a number of ways.

Up until this point in time, information sharing on COVID-19 is mainly left to government agencies and experts. Companies can only share verified, reliable and truthful information. You can opt to steer clear of this path but support these efforts from the background.

Keep up some PR Work: Keep hope alive

This is a time when communication must be highly regarded and will play an essential role in B2B companies can step up their PR approach this season. One of the ways to do this is to get engaged in all possible ways in the fight against COVID-19. This involves offering donations, engaging in public campaigns and participating proactively in all possible ways.

Getting in touch with everything happening on the ground at this time is a good way to show concern and contribute positively in lifting humanity. Important endeavor to provide solutions that will positively impact the greater population. Such humanitarian activities place you in good books and prepare you for the future when everything will be normal again.

Promote through Paid Searches

Changes that people have made include working from home and budgeting only for essentials. This means that this is a time to adjust budgets, scheduling and how you go about ad copy. For this reason, it’s paramount to ensure that you ensure you reap optimally from paid searches including PPC, Facebook Ads, Google Adsense among others. Joel House Adwords can give more insight on how to go about it. Important steps to help you reap from paid search include:

Work with demand generation with the long term in mind

You have to work with the post-COVID-19 forecast in mind. This calls for adjustments that will ensure your brand remains on top now and in days to come. Look for content that you can promote now and seek for ways to remain relevant way after this pandemic has passed. It’s also a time when empathy will play an essential role as you appeal to their changing needs.


The world is going through turbulent times but there is still hope. Businesses must change tact and work with long term strategies in mind. The world needs an emotional appeal at this moment and that how B2B companies appeal to the masses now will a major factor in their future prospects. The idea is to be creative in going about. Implement strategies that work for the short term and in the long run.

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