In a world where technology is constantly evolving, LinkedIn — the professional social networking site — may be the future of hiring. The easy-to-use platform isn’t just for professionals in corporate positions, however. With millions of individual members, there’s a network, post or discussion for almost anyone.

The platform is a place where you can document work experience, education, accomplishments, skills, company culture and more. However, it’s no easy task to distinguish yourself from the millions of active users. Whether you’re creating a company or personal page, here are some tips to help your LinkedIn profile get noticed by the right people.

Have Consistent Visuals

A business profile on LinkedIn is a great way to build an online presence. Optimizing this page can help prospective job seekers and clients find and connect with your organization more often. The profile image and banner are the first items people searching for the company will see, so it’s imperative to make a good impression. Consider using the company logo as the profile image. Maintain consistency by using the same logo that is featured on your other social media channels.

Create a Showcase Page

Creating LinkedIn “Showcase pages” allows you to easily highlight your brand and accomplishments. These customizable pages are extensions of the core LinkedIn profile. Although this feature is optional, they can be used to draw attention to specific products, services, initiatives and more. You also can add a logo, banner and description for each page.

Post a Professional Headshot

When optimizing a personal LinkedIn profile, make sure that it’s visible to the public. This allows the page to appear in recruiting searches. Next, get a current, professional headshot taken that presents your best self. Avoid taking a selfie or using filters, as these are unprofessional.

Customize Your URL

After you’ve updated the picture, customize the URL. When a user creates a LinkedIn profile, the platform automatically assigns a combination of numbers in the web address. To help businesses find you more easily, personalize the URL using your name.

Spice Up Your Bio

Write a killer, professional bio that tells your story. Include relevant experience, qualifications and keywords. Focus on a few compelling traits that would make the visitor want to connect with you. Make sure to proofread the summary for spelling and grammatical errors before posting it.

Leveraging this professional social networking site can be a great way to appeal to businesses and recruiters, as well as top talent. For more tips on how to optimize your company page or a personal profile on LinkedIn, see the accompanying resource created by Mendelsohn Legal.