Millions of Americans are spending more time home because of lockdowns and social distancing measures. In an effort to keep busy and stay motivated, more Americans are picking up new hobbies or doing more the existing ones.

A new study reveals that interest in working out has increased five-mold and interest in Netflix has gone up by 124%. The study involved surveying 750 Americans about their hobbies and pastimes during the pandemic.

Learning the Guitar Has Become a Popular Pastime

Many people have discovered that they have always wanted to learn to play the guitar. The old excuse was always that there is no time because of a busy work schedule. That excuse cannot hold up during the pandemic because there is too much time with very little to do with the time. There is only so much TV you can watch and eventually you will get bored. As a result, people are picking up new creative hobbies such as learning the guitar.

The increased interest in music is a good thing since it will help the local arts scene. More people will discover their talent. There was the fear that increased time at home would lead to binge-watching.

Guitar Sales Are Increasing

A sales representative of Zager Guitars, Kim Scott, says that they are struggling to keep their shelves stocked because of increasing orders. The demand is high while supply chains are sluggish because of the coronavirus.

According to Kim Scott, the number of people who have taken up the guitar during this pandemic period is shocking. The guitar is still king and it remains the most demanded musical instrument probably because it is one of the easiest instruments to learn.

Zager Guitars Promises to Continue Providing Affordable Guitars to the Public

Despite the surge in demand, Zager Guitars has promised not to raise their prices. They are working with suppliers to replenish their stocks. A huge shipment is on the way and it will arrive in a week or two.

Guitarists All Over the World Are Choosing Zager Guitars over Other Brands

Zager Guitars are:

  • Hand Built with Top Rated Components

Zager guitars offer high-quality sounds because they are made using real solid woods that have been cured as they age, providing them a better sound year after year. Zager guitars resonate longer, they are highly durable, and they have a much more consistent sound. They handle normal scratches and dings better than other brands.

  • Lower Priced

With Zager Guitars, you stand to save over 50% since there are no middlemen involved. You will buy the guitar directly from the company’s website and it will be shipped to your address.

  • Fully Guaranteed

Zager Guitars is the only guitar company in the world with a true 100% money-back guarantee. This eliminates all risk on your side.

Why Should You Learn the Guitar?

According to the founder of Zager Guitars, Denny Zager, playing the guitar is good for your mental health. A study by the University of Zurich indicates that learning to read guitar tabs and create chord shapes can improve your memory and concentration. Playing the guitar will positively impact your mind, body, and emotions.