Modern technology has been impacted by digital transformation to a great extent. The impact of digital transformation is measured on various technologies starting from data-driven technology to cloud adoption to decision-making. The explosion of internet-of-things (IoT) and mobility solutions has gone beyond deploying new solutions. Thus it became essential for the businesses to re-examine and re-established their business strategy to better business outcomes.

Digital transformation simply combines modern days apps of data processes and digital technologies to rebuild their business strategy so that they can easily reap the fruit of success in no time. According to a recent Tech Pro Research, in 2018 more than 70% of businesses either pursued a digital transformation strategy for their brand or crafted the new one as per the requirement of their business.

Ways to Balance Security of Digital Transformation

The growth of digital transformation has also boosted cybercrimes to some extent. Numerous security solutions available in the market are exploding because the cybersecurity industry is increasing. In one of the recent studies, it was noted that most of the IT professionals are struggling hard to stay updated with the latest technologies which are driving digital transformation.

Despite new opportunities to enhance customer experiences and supply chain, digital transformation has also given rise to new security challenges which any one of us can experience in the form of an expanded attack surface. Balancing security has become a double-edged sword and one of the burning issues for businesses all over the world.

Digital Transformation: Explore Security Challenges to Prevent It

Digital transformation no doubt opened wide opportunities for the businesses, but at the same time, it has also increased security challenges for them. According to IDG research, around 90% of organizations are planning to adopt a digital strategy for their business, but only 44% of them have succeeded in achieving the targeted goal. And most of them who choose a digital strategy are very much fussed about the impact of digital initiatives on cybersecurity.

Modern technologies have transformed the business world completely. Numerous companies are stepping ahead and adopting IoT devices and transferring their data to cloud environments. They are embracing the best ways to reach more customers worldwide to increase their profit margin, they are seeking support from the PPC agency and app development companies to help them to go digital on a platform like netflix or any other matching your business and reach a number of customers worldwide.

Know Everything About Digital Transformation Challenges

The advent of modern technology is enforcing businesses to quit the traditional method of doing business and shift to innovate ways. This digital shift can help them leverage data to achieve business growth and many other opportunities at the same time. Businesses cannot have to know that various challenges come along with the digital transformation.

According to a Fortinet recent survey, around 85% of security chief information officers responded that security problems related to digitalization have a significant effect on the organization. Security issues are increased when businesses focus on growing digital presence for their business, but they can prevent each issue if they focus on each of them while going digital.

Expanded Attack Surface

As the businesses are moving to the digital realm and transferring more data on the web, there are wide opportunities for hackers. It is quite difficult for cybersecurity professionals to catch all the loopholes and track all threats in real-time.

Hackers can easily get access to all the sensitive data of the organization if they get access to just one system. Businesses have to take special care while servicing on the network as it can prove to be the weakest point of breaking the security. Thus make sure that you create solid security products that can easily face all the security challenges on the network.

Potential for Data Damage

The potential of a data breach or data damage or hack has increased to a great extent these days. Data is most valuable for all businesses these days, and access to different types of devices and internet-connected simply means increasing the risk of data being hacked.

Today’s vehicles, energy grid, and hospital equipment all have become digital components, and even organizations are dependent more on digital technologies, this might increase the chance of data attack. Businesses even involve many devices and the latest technologies in their critical activities. Thus they must make sure that they use only those devices and technology, which provides more security to them.

Constant Improvement

Technological improvements have enhanced the accuracy of developers to craft and update existing software available in the market. As technology is changing rapidly, it becomes quite difficult to maintain security, Cybercriminals are following new methods to break the security and steal sensitive data of the business. This simply means that security professionals have to continually put their efforts to come up with new methods to ensure the protection of sensitive data.

Sophisticated Attacks

Everyone knows that the techniques of hackers are constantly changing, even they are becoming more sophisticated with the passage of time. Cybercriminals or hackers are also using the latest technology like IoT, artificial intelligence, or any other just like security professionals to break the security and steal sensitive data of careless users. Polymorphic attacks can be considered a significant challenge for businesses as its quite hard to avoid or detect such kinds of attacks through traditional security solutions.

Few Taglines

Digital transformation is transforming the way of performing business operations. It has a significant effect on every area, and one such area is cybersecurity. Today numerous cyber threats are present on the network than before ever, and attacks were evolving and becoming more sophisticated. They are learning new ways to break data breach and enter the security zone of the businesses.

Even though around 40% of IT security professionals ignore crucial security issues. To protect these threats, businesses need to continuously automate, proactive, and integrative approaches to cybersecurity. Thus businesses need to adjust their strategies keeping in mind the evolving threat landscape.

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