There are so, so many careers in the world, and yet somehow the same small handful of careers seem to take the spotlight all the time, meaning some of the most interesting and engaging careers around never get known or considered. This article aims to highlight a handful of interesting careers that you’ve possibly never even heard of.

Why It’s Useful to Know About Other Careers

By learning about other careers, you equip yourself to make better choices regarding your own, and to possibly even change fields into one you might enjoy more. Nothing is lost by learning about the other careers of the world, but there is so much to possibly gain.

Ophthalmic Surgeon

This is a very specialized medical field in which you are certified in the medicine and surgery of eyes. This is, obviously, a very important field, especially since the health of someone’s eyes has such a drastic effect on their quality of health.

How To Become One. Ophthalmic surgeons, sometimes called cataract surgeons, have to study for an incredibly long time to become certified – around 13 years of medical training plus additional specialist training to become certified in surgery of the eyes.

Information Security Analyst

So much of the technological field is shrouded in mystery, for no apparent reason.  The information security analyst position is no different. This is a career in which the analyst designs, implements, and works with security measures for computer systems and networks.

How To Become One. Information security analysts hold bachelor’s degrees in computer science or a similar field, but often companies prefer to hire those with a master’s degree. Not to mention the fact that professionals further show their unique abilities with optional certifications.

Netflix “Tagger”

Netflix has become one of the most recognizable brands the world around, and that means that jobs with the company are some of the most coveted in the world. One of the most interesting and desirable is that of the “Tagger”. These are individuals who are hired, specifically, to watch upcoming content to ensure that it is properly tagged for the site. That’s right, they are paid to binge watch TV and designate which category those shows, and movies should be put into.

How To Become One. Getting a shot at this position seems to be as much about luck as it is anything else, Netflix rarely hires Taggers and when they do, the positions get a lot of applicants.

eSports Athlete

Finally, if you are incredibly good at video games and want to show your abilities, then you might want to consider becoming an eSports athlete. These individuals are the best of the best and are so far removed from the average player that it isn’t even a contest.

How To Become One. Practice, pure and simple. The only way to become that good at video games is to spend an unconscionable number of hours practicing. Plus, you then need to be lucky enough to get drafted to an eSports team.