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Top 6 Official Instagram Story Viewer In 2024

Instagram story viewer

Best And Official Instagram Story Viewer will be described in this post. On Instagram, do you want to view a story without the page owner knowing? The answer you’re looking for might perhaps be an Instagram Story Viewer.

You can watch Instagram stories anonymously using the free web programme known as Instagram story viewer. From any Instagram account with public settings, you may view Instagram stories.

Top 6 Official Instagram Story Viewer In 2024

In this article, you can know about Top 6 Official Instagram Story Viewer In 2024 here are the details below;

Not only are stories very popular with users, but brands also love using them as a marketing strategy. Amazing stories are created by well-known companies like Nike to motivate consumers and raise their profile globally.

Additionally, Instagram has helped numerous tiny e-commerce companies grow significantly. Last but not least, many solopreneurs profit from Instagram stories’ wide audience. For social media marketers, Instagram stories have become a popular marketing strategy. It’s an excellent tool for attracting new followers based on hashtags and geolocation.

Especially if they are in the retail industry, business owners should seriously think about investing in Instagram stories. In addition, if you want to make an extra $1,000 each month, Instagram might be a terrific side business.

How can I watch Instagram stories privately?

You cannot view Instagram stories anonymously using Instagram.

For this reason, you require a third-party software supplier who can extract the desired story without leaving a trail that can be used to identify you.

Many developers give you this service without charge.

You may check the story by just typing the username into the search field.

Please take note that the Instagram account you wish to view must be public.

Viewing private profiles is not possible.

Instagram story viewer benefits and drawbacks

I’ll give you a thorough summary of the benefits and drawbacks of using an Instagram story viewer in this chapter.

Like any tool, there are benefits and drawbacks, and you should be aware of them before using a tool.

You’ll first see a list of all the advantages and disadvantages.

Second, let me go over the many advantages and disadvantages.


A story viewer is a fantastic resource for controlling your own material as well as browsing profiles in the privacy of others.

Stories, highlights, and images can be saved so that you can share them on other social media websites.

Additionally, you can create backups of your content with premium tools in case you are getting hacked.

A decent story viewer can be used for more than just spying.

It can assist you in distributing and safeguarding your own content.

In any event, thorough investigation is essential because some tools are less morally constrained.

Top 6 Best And Official Instagram Story Viewer In 2023

Top 6 Best And Official Instagram Story Viewer are explained here.

We’ve evaluated five of the most well-known and well-liked Instagram story viewing apps to give you a few to try out.

The tools are chosen based on their intuitive design, quick loading times, and extra functionality.

Additionally, choosing trustworthy and safe story viewers was crucial.

As a result, we exclusively utilise free technologies that don’t demand data collecting or account registration.

1. Qoob Stories – The Best Story viewer of 2021!

As an all-purpose, bulk Instagram downloader, Qoob first appeared.

Despite their passion for Instagram, the creators were saddened by the loss of your priceless Instagram moments.

As a result, they developed Qoob Stories, a tool for viewing & downloading Instagram stories in bulk.

Qoob was created to be user-friendly but capable of handling complex tasks when necessary.

Qoob Stories developed its intelligence over time and became a market leader in Instagram story downloading and viewing.

It’s the most extensive and cutting-edge Instagram story viewer and downloader available for a reasonable price.

Purchase Qoob Stories

This is an affiliate link, so take note.

Despite the fact that I have a percentage of the product’s profits, I only suggest it because I am certain of its worth.

You can use a lot of wonderful, cost-free alternatives to Qoob.

The automation and sophisticated features of Qoob are what make it valuable.

Qoob Stories’ premium features are beneficial to both users and content developers.

  1. Instagram Story viewing & downloading: The primary feature of Qoob Stories is the ability to watch and download Instagram stories.

Just type the username in the app’s search field to begin reading tales.

You will be offered the opportunity to download the files after it displays the stories you requested to see.

  1. 2. Instagram photo and video download: In addition to stories, Qoob also enables high-quality downloads of regular posts.

Through hashtags like #photography and geolocations, you may save both photographs and videos from Instagram profiles with their associated metadata.

  1. Instagram post captions saving: This latter but more intriguing function allows you to save the captions of your Instagram posts.

If you like to reuse a caption (or a section of it) without having to manually recreate the entire thing, this functionality is fantastic.

  1. Instagram saved collection download: The availability of your saved post collections is the key advantage of this feature.

Normally you can just access them online, but now you may as well as distribute them through other social media sites and access them offline.

  1. Automatic new content download: You have the option to automate the download of fresh content from your favourite Instagram profiles.
  2. Selected Instagram content download: In addition, you can filter the material kinds, such as stories, highlights, tags, etc., that you wish to download.
  3. Full Instagram account backup: Deleting a post due to an Instagram glitch is the most annoying thing that can happen.

You can make a complete backup of your articles and captions with this function.

  1. Instagram tagged posts download: Download Instagram posts in which you were tagged to protect the content in case the author decides to delete it.

Upcoming future – IGTV video download

The IGVTV video download option will shortly go live, according to Qoob Stories. You are able to download IGTV videos using this function. The ability to view the content offline is one advantage, but it’s hardly the largest one. The amount of range that IGTV video download has to offer, instead, is the biggest opportunity.

For instance, you may download interviews and compile them.

Since it’s a collection, you’ll produce original work and avoid plagiarism.

Be careful not to simply duplicate other people’s content and pass it off as your own using Qoob Stories.

The information might be used as a source or in compilations.

Always notify the author and request their permission before using their work in your new format.

Qoob Stories Pricing

2. Instastories – Potentially the best free instagram story viewer

Because Instastories is built with the same colours as IG, users will recognise them. They provide a straightforward and useful tool without charging anything. Yes, you heard correctly. Instagram Stories is totally cost-free. You can access the tool right away without registering. Additionally, since no data is being stored, it is completely anonymous. Last but not least, you can download the clips from Instastories to your computer, smartphone, or laptop and play them with your favourite media player.

What can you then do?

Download the latest news, highlights, live shows, and hashtags.

It works on a PC, tablet, or phone because Instagram Stories is responsive.

Photos are jpeg and videos can be downloaded in high resolution (mp4)

3. Dumpor – Analyze Instagram content

Which analyses Instagram material. Dumpor is a straightforward Instagram viewing tool.

There aren’t many distractions for you besides the gorgeous website. Also check PikaShow Alternatives

All you have to do is type the IG username into the search window and press “search.”

Use of Dumpor is totally free.

If you’re having problem coming up with ideas, scroll down to see some popular Instagram accounts and hashtags.

Dumpor, though, stands out from other Instagram story viewers in one crucial way…

Instagram story viewer and downloader dumpor

What sets Dumpor apart?

You can download content, view profiles anonymously, and look up hashtags and geolocations just like with any other tool.

You are not need to create an account either.

There is one unique capability, though, that Dumpor provides that is not present in the other programmes.

We’re discussing analysis of Instagram.

Analysis of Instagram profiles, likes, comments, follows, and more will be possible.

You might be able to enhance your Instagram approach with this degree of insight.

Not too shabby for a free tool, huh?

4. Instalkr – Watch deleted content

With the help of the website Storistalker (formerly Instalkr), you may view other IG users’ likes, comments, posts, subscriptions, and more in an anonymous manner. Also check FBOX Alternatives

When we look at the dashboard, it has a modern, approachable appearance.

The voice of tone isn’t really my thing, and there are numerous errors.

Although we tested the tool, it works fine despite having a dodgy vibe.

You also don’t need to create an account or leave any other important information behind.

How can you help?

Use of it is free.

Storistalker is greatly enhanced by the ability to examine deleted postings.

I would have placed Storistalker between spots 6-7 without this functionality.

Primarily due to the site’s abundance of errors and spammy voice.

However, the tool’s abundance of features and accessibility for free convinced me otherwise.

How reliable is Instalkr (storistalker)?

I don’t like their tone of voice or the numerous errors they use.

It doesn’t foster trust and gives me a shady vibe.

Instalkr, sometimes known as Storistalker, has existed for a while.

If the site was damaging, I assume Google would have taken action.

They receive more than 80,000 visitors per month and are thus being watched.

Additionally, I don’t need to register or leave any data behind, and the tools are highly effective.

So I’m going to assume the best and think that Storistalker is legitimate.

5. StoriesDown – offers great beginner’s guides

The Instagram story viewer and mass downloader StoriesDown.

Although it contains all the features you’ll need, StoriesDown also provides instructions for beginners on how to utilise Instagram.

Given that most tools are basically, “Here’s the tool, good luck!” it’s a pleasant surprise.

Simply put, you are missing out on more knowledge and instruction regarding the tools.

Beginning as a mass downloader, StoriesDown later added story viewing to their list of functions.

To appear more reliable, it took on the IG colours. In addition, they make an effort to appear a little more approachable to their audience with their blog, contact page, and removing content menus.

It’s a good yet straightforward Instagram story viewer and downloader overall.

Nothing too elaborate, though I do miss the sophisticated tools for analysing Instagram material.

As a result, it doesn’t feel special and doesn’t stand out from their blog posts.

Even so, the articles are few, and despite this, the name remains anonymous.

StoriesDown is a great option if you’re looking for a straightforward and useful tool.

I would advise going into Qoob or Storistalker for more sophisticated tools.

6. Anonigviewer – New, anonymous, user-friendly

Anonigviewer is a new, anonymous, user-friendly Instagram stories viewer that ranks sixth on storiesdown. Anon IG viewer has been appointed as the town’s new sheriff. I get that Instagram story watchers rate highly now, but let’s keep things in context. Only since March has Anon IG viewer started to rank in Google.

That demonstrates how new this website is and what an amazing rate of growth it has had over the past several months.

It’s really quite amazing! The tool has a simple design and operates remarkably quickly. To maximise its speed, it is made to be lightweight and simple. The business plan for Anon IG viewer is almost as straightforward. To generate income, they are attempting to attract as much traffic as they can to their website and display adverts. And to be completely honest, I have no problem with this because the commercials aren’t a bother.

They are positioned in an unobtrusive area and are small. Additionally, they have a blog page where they post updates on their work or provide knowledge about the Instagram community. Although it isn’t particularly elaborate or thorough, it does display personality and increases my faith in the developers.

How does the Anon IG viewer function?

7. StoriesIG – Arguably the most basic Instagram story viewer

The image below surely has you asking, “What the… is that Mark?!” I also concur that StoriesIG isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing or even remotely finished website. Please bear with me, though, as the app is the most widely used IG story viewer out there and works flawlessly.

It is true that a significant percentage of its popularity stems from the fact that it has existed for the longest.

Nevertheless, despite the endless waves of new tools, it still exists.

What can therefore be done with StoriesIG?

Anyone looking to test out a well-known story viewer that is effective should start with StoriesIG.

You can start using the tool right now without creating an account because it is free to use.

It is a bit disappointing that there are no sophisticated features as Qoob provides.

Even though StoriesIG has long held the top spot, they refuse to innovate their offering.

StoriesIG may be the best option for you if you don’t want fancy design but still require a tool that gets the job done.

FAQ for Instagram story viewers

The most frequently asked questions about Instagram story viewer have been compiled here, and I’ve attempted to address as many of them as I can to help you understand it a little better.

You’ll learn more about Instagram story viewers in general.

If your inquiry isn’t addressed, kindly comment below the article.

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