With a global network, countless maritime partners, and a fleet of customers depending on Inchcape Shipping Services’ commitment to their success, the global shipping agent leverages various tools to ensure prosperity. Since inception, the company has employed a vast global network to provide unparalleled customer service. Recognizing the value and need for transparency, Inchcape has worked to develop trusting relationships with customers, partners, and all involved parties. Now, as the maritime industry navigates changes as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Inchcape continues to focus on customer satisfaction, safety and wellness, and long-term successes beyond the pandemic.

Navigating Restrictions

On a global scale, the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered various industry operations, including much needed crew changes on vessels. As a result, countless seafarers found themselves stuck at sea for much longer than anticipated. Committed to the wellness of these exhausted vessel crews, dedicated shipping agents are working around the clock to provide a reprieve for crew members. Recently, a St. Croix based Inchcape Marine Services Manager, Joanna Walker, outlined her experiences creatively navigating a successful crew change by launch.

Expertly navigating various steps needed for approval for this non-traditional crew change, Walker remained committed to achieving this goal on behalf of the customer. She ensured that all outgoing team members received timely COVID-19 antibody testing needed to board their outgoing flights, tested incoming team members, and procured approval from various government entities. Her tireless devotion to customer service is a singular example of Inchcape’s overall mantra.

Providing Up-To-Date Information

To successfully navigate changing global restrictions, maritime conditions, and other considerations, Inchcape Shipping Services believes that up-to-date information must be easily accessible to all customers. Thus, the shipping agent recently revamped their bespoke World of Ports portal, a one-stop hub for meaningful information. Through the portal, users can garner insights collected directly from Inchcape’s worldwide network. This information is verified by centrally located data analysts, all of whom have relevant industry experience. Pertinent information is leveraged by these professionals to maximize efficiencies, streamline operations, and present data in the most useful manner possible.

Constantly working to evolve services and transparency, Inchcape Shipping Services recently revamped the World Of Ports portal, releasing version 2.0. The updated version of this comprehensive portal highlights expanded port data, and ship-to-berth compatibility. This increase in data champions customer insight, awareness, and the ability to make informed decisions at a moments’ notice. By providing all needed data to customers in a centralized location, the shipping agent makes it possible for customers to navigate changing conditions swiftly, accurately, and with ease.

What’s Next?

As the maritime industry collectively navigates changing conditions and restrictions, Inchcape looks to the future. Recognizing the importance of transparency, the company remains dedicated to arming customers with an increasing variety of near real-time data. With multiple updates to the World Of Ports portal already in motion, Inchcape will undoubtedly continue to increase customer awareness through information, technology, and transparency, making any future changes easier to navigate. Committed to ensuring unparalleled customer experience, Inchcape Shipping Services will undoubtedly continue to lead the industry.