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How to Spot a Reputable Company and Mistakes You Should Avoid

As your business grows, you want to ensure the other businesses you’re working with (the ones who are providing their services to you) are reputable and also just generally good/ethical businesses. It’s often the case that behind closed doors, companies are scamming other businesses out of money and time. Therefore, it’s essential to see the early warning signs, take it from someone who has made the mistakes that you should avoid! Instead, use the tips below to spot a reputable company and start working with businesses that a line with your morals and values.

When companies market themselves as being reputable, it can be difficult to see through the lies and often enough it means you will work with people that will let you down and become a company you wouldn’t recommend. To avoid this, ensure you do your research beforehand and always be clear and transparent with the company you’re working with. It may be an external agency that is helping you out with work, or a delivery firm that is helping get your products to customers. Whatever you use other companies for, it is always best to be clued up on their history and what real consumers think of them and their services!

 Spotting a reputable company

The most important aspect of hiring a company to help your business is knowing they’re going to deliver on the promises you ask of them. Sometimes it’s about more than fake reviews, it’s about showing that they’re able to provide a service they say they will. Perhaps you’re currently working with a company right now who aren’t living up to your expectations and you’re unsure of the warning signs? Take a look below…

  1. Mainly positive Trustpilot reviews

Trustpilot is a great way to see how good or bad a company is. Most brands and businesses who offer a service or product will have one which typically means they’re good people to work with. It may be that the company you’re planning on working with doesn’t have Trustpilot then they will have their own reviews either on their website or on Google reviews.

A great aspect of Trustpilot is it gives verified orders and their reviews so there can’t be any faking. Truckcraft Bodies are a great of example of a reputable with positive reviews – their site shows they’re good to work with, reliable and always keep within deadlines (something that is essential for a company you’re working with!).

  1. A genuine website

Companies who focus on their online efforts are modern and most likely to be trusted. If you can clearly see a social media presence and regular updates on their website, it most likely means they’re going to be trusted. Afterall, they wouldn’t want to risk their company’s reputation by treating you badly as one of their customers. Keep in mind, a genuine website doesn’t necessarily mean a beautifully designed one. If a company is hiring you for your web development skills, they may not have the best website to begin with. In this case (or one similar) it might be best to call up the potential partner and have a chat just to get to know the company and their values a little more.

  1. A willingness to give some money upfront

It’s only fair that you ask for a deposit upfront before doing anything with the new client, if you’re working with them and creating something that’s going to take time then they should be willing to give you some money before the process starts. Doing so gives you a safety net in case they disappear, and you’re left with work you haven’t been place for. However, if you’re using a company for a service they provide, keep in mind they may ask for money upfront too. This process works for many companies as it ensures everyone gets the best out of the situation.

  1. Avoid working with companies who seem off

Sometimes when you speak to people on the phone or meet them in person, you will get a strange feeling in your gut. This may sound superstitious but most of the time, that gut instinct is right, and it means you shouldn’t work with a certain company. While you may not have had any direct bad experience with the company, the feeling could be a gut instinct that something isn’t right, and you shouldn’t work with them on whatever project you’re wanting to do. Instead, revaluate your options and think about what else you can do instead.

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