How To Scale Content Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that content marketing costs 62% less and generates up to three times more leads than outbound sales? That means you can be saving money and acquiring more customers at the same time.

However, one of the biggest obstacles marketers face is scaling their campaigns. They hit a bottleneck and don’t know how to get past it. And if you can’t scale your campaigns, you won’t see any further results.

That’s why today we’ll be teaching you some effective strategies for scaling content campaigns you can start executing today.

Increase your publishing schedule.

One of the easiest ways to scale any content campaign is by simply producing more content. This will increase your reach, traffic, and performance as it creates a snowball effect.

Let’s say that you publish content three times per week on your blog. You could ramp this up to five times per week and suddenly you’ll be getting more traffic and keyword rankings than before.

Obviously a more active publishing schedule implies that you’ll be working harder which brings us to our next point.

Outsource content.

Imagine being able to kick your feet up while the content for your business is created for you. You can tend to other tasks and suddenly content marketing becomes a breeze. That can be a reality with outsourcing.

Using the different techniques we’re going to be laying out today will scale any campaign, but that also means more work, research, and execution is involved. You’re only one person. You need to build a team of content creators if you’re serious about scaling up.

We recommend using a platform like Upwork to begin outsourcing content within your business. You can find freelancers to produce blog posts, videos, or any other form of content

Offer freelancers thorough guidelines and templates so they do a great every time. This means you will have to edit less and the content curation process becomes much easier.

Take an omnichannel approach.

It’s not enough to publish content on a single platform anymore. You need to be on as many platforms as possible to expand your reach and how many readers view your content.

Ensure that you’ve developed your website into a content hub to begin. This means that there are heaps of free resources to attract users, build trust with them, and offer value.

Look at a company like Salesforce, for example. They publish blog posts, whitepapers, e-books, webinars, and more completely for free. You simply have to consume the content or exchange your information for it n the download page.

Furthermore, content marketers need to be on all of the major social networks. This means Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, presuming that’s where your customer base is.

Don’t underestimate email marketing, either. Build up a list over time and tap them every time you publish new content. You can use a free tool like Mailchimp to create optin forms, send campaigns, and more.

Learn to repurpose content.

One of the most efficient content marketing strategies to take any campaign to the next level is repurposing. This is the process of taking an existing piece of content and turning it into other formats.

Let’s say that you write a blog post. You can then turn this article into a video, podcast episode, webinar, and infographic. 90% of the work is already done since the original piece of content is published and you simply have to reformat it.

This is a quick technique every marketer can use when they publish content to cover more platforms and drive more traffic back to their website.


Content marketing can help any business drive more traffic and leads. It’s easy to begin and the results can be extremely motivating. However, you’re bound to hit a ceiling where performance slows down. This means you need to scale.

Scaling your content strategy can be done by increasing your publishing schedule, hiring freelancers, expanding onto new platforms, and repurposing existing content.

So, what are you waiting for? All of these strategies will help your campaign soar to new heights.