QuickBooks Error -6000, -83

QuickBooks Error -6000, -83 is a tool to manage finances and accounts more effectively. With the help of technology, this software has been able to bring a revolution in the accounts industry. It is a highly preferred software used by millions of users. As we all know that perfection is a myth. Being famous doesn’t mean one is free from any flaws. Especially, when one is working in the field of IT and technology, bugs are very likely to occur. QuickBooks, one of the best accounting software, is also not out of this. It contains certain errors or bugs that sometimes create hurdle in the work. Yes, they can hamper the productivity of the users of the tool leading to huge time consumption. Nothing to worry about, there is a solution to everything in this information era. One can just simply get answers to all sorts of queries within a few clicks.

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Sometimes one wants to try solving a particular issue on their own, and if you are among those in the case of QuickBooks 6000, -83 error code, then stay tuned. Before that, let us also take a look at the reasons for the occurring of Error Code 6000, 83.

  1. Incorrect file extension
  2. Incomplete QB Installation process
  3. In case a non-Canadian or a non-US version of Windows is used.
  4. Regional language settings are done apart from English
  5. QB Company File hosted by multiple systems
  6. Occurs while converting QB company file over a network
  7. File extension in the format of .qbw.adr or .qbm

If you are using Linux Servers then the possible reasons that give rise to error code 6000, 83.

  1. Disability of the machine to inform the server name
  2. Absence of qbdir.dat file

In the article below, we would be discussing how you can try accessing the company file.

Troubleshooting Ways You Can Try

Let us now see which troubleshooting ways you can practice to solve error code 6000, -83.

Condition 1: Use Windows Server to Open The Company File

Sometimes we store the company file on the network and try accessing it and face issues. For that, the first condition to fix the error code is to store the QB company file and open it. It is a more efficient way. Once the problem is fixed, the next step is to copy the file back to the original network location.

Solution 1: Using QB File Doctor

Here, you can use QuickBooks File Doctor to get rid of the error code 6000,-83. Follow the below troubleshooting steps-

  1. Download and install QB File Doctor
  2. Run the tool; it would automatically scan the server and resolve them
  3. Restart the computer

Solution 2: Turning Off The Hosting

If you are using the software on more than one computer, you have to turn the hosting off on all the workstations on which the file can be accessed.

  1. QB Desktop> File> Utilities
  2. There are two options you would be viewing-

-Host Multi-user Access: In this case, the computer is not hosting the company file; you can switch to the next system.

-Stop Hosting Multi-User Access: Click on Yes after selecting that option. Then access ‘Company File Must Be Closed,’ click Yes. Go to the next computer.

Solution 3: Taking Manual Steps

This method is mostly valid when QuickBooks File Doctor doesn’t respond as required. If you are still struggling with the problem, then you can

  1. Configure QB files for anti-virus and firewalls.

For this, you need to-

-Check Internet security settings and Configure of Firewall to view the exceptions.

-Follow the steps to configure the firewall to allow the Internet to access QB files on all machines.

  1. Verifying The Permissions

-View the Setup files and folders to check if the permissions are arranged correctly.

-Go to Set Windows access permissions to share QB company files to place the permissions.

iii. Scanning QB Company Files

Performing a check for any type of malware is one of the ways to resolve the error. For that, you need to scan the entire folder with Network Descriptor containing .nd extension. Follow the steps-


-QuickBooks>QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDSM)>Add Folder

-Search for the folders containing QB company files

-Add all the related folders and click on Scan

-You would find the data files under ‘QB Company Files’

-Browse each of them and make sure that .qbw, .nd file.

  1. Checking Hosting On Computers

Using QBDSM on the server in the network environment, then the server computer would be the only system with the facility of hosting turned on. You can switch on the hosting facility like this-

  1. QB>File>Utilities
  2. Host Multi-User Access: The machine on which you are checking this is not hosting the company file of the accounting software. Go to the next machine.
  3. Stop Hosting Multi-User Access:

Select the preference>Stop hosting multi-user Access>Yes

-Turn off the Company File Window and click on Yes; move to the next computer


  1. Taskbar>Task Manager> Image Name>QBDBMgrN.exe (Struggling to find the file; make sure that QuickBooks is working on your machine.)
  2. log in as a Full Administrator>Start>Run>Open
  3. Type in services.msc and click on OK.
  4. (Find the services as per your Desktop version) and choose Automatic startup type; the service should start

What if the service doesn’t stop? Right-click on it and click on Start.

What if the startup type is not Automatic? Double-click on the service; choose the option of Automatic in the Startup type drop-down menu.

  1. Reach the QBDBMgrN.exe file and make sure the User Name entry is correct. For example, if you use QB 2018, then the entry in the column should be QBDataServiceUser28, etc.

Solution 4: Editing The Hosts File

Edit the host files on your computer with the right Windows server name and IP address. Configure the windows server to maintain the same address for the network everywhere.

  1. Close QB Desktop>Start>Computer
  2. Visit C:\ Windows\ System32\ Drivers\ Etc

c C:\ Windows\ System64\ Drivers\ Etc

  1. Double-click the hosts’ file
  2. Enter the Computer name server and IP address

Condition 2: Restore QB Company File

Method 1: Changing the QB file extensionA backup of a company file is formed with a .qbw extension. If you see that the extension of the file is either .qbm or a .adr extension; then rename it to .qbw. Then the next procedure is to access the renamed QuickBooks file.

-Open the QB Company file and click on F2 to access the Product Information Screen.

-Location>File Information. Highlight and copy the location of the file and paste it on the system notepad.

-Using a multi-user environment? Shut down the software on all computers.

-Windows>Explore>QB Company File>File Name>Rename option

-Type new file name. Click on Yes after saving the new name.

Method 2: Detect the problem with Company File Name and Path

Here, you have to avoid using very long paths to reach your file. Use short paths to make accessing the file feasible.

  1. File>Open or Restore Company>Restore a backup copy>Next
  2. Local backup>Next. Browse to backup QB file with extension .qbb and click on Open tab.
  3. Open and Restore A Company> Next>Save Company File. Make sure you remove the special characters from the name of the file and then click on Save.

A pro tip for those who use a mapped network Drive for QB. They need to try accessing the file by using the UNC path.

These were somewhat lengthy troubleshooting ways that you can try by yourself to continue your work on the best accounting software, QuickBooks. Possibly you might face challenges in implementing these effectively. But if you are still unable to cope with these errors, then you always have the chance to reach pro advisors. Our team of experts is there to give a hassle-free experience. Phone us on our toll-free number and resolve QuickBooks Error 6000 83.