With improper mobility and restricted movement can cause multiple issues. Pressure sores are one of the unrest that put people in danger who have a mobility problem. Those who use wheelchairs to move from one place to another at high risk. It happens when the muscles experience certain pressure between skin and bones. It causes a lack of blood circulation and starts damaging that particular area. The skin on the affected area starts drying and causes unrest.

To avoid this certain issue in the wheelchair user’s multiple things are advised. They are referred to as certain precautions as well as the material that is used to fix the wheelchairs. The trend of using medical sheepskin products is getting higher. It happens because they are perfectly designed to provide ease to wheelchair users. Pads and sit rest are designed with the sheepskins and highly comfortable for the users.

Prevent sores in wheelchair users

If you are looking for the solution for wheelchair users to avoid sores, then have a soft, durable and sheepskin made pads to fix the wheelchair. They offer comfortable sitting and reduce the chances of increasing pressure on the hip bone or back. Usually, people consider that the prevention of pressure sores is highly expensive. But in reality that is not so much. You can avoid the chances by adopting the reasonable solutions that offer ease and comfort together.

Special kind of padding, wool made seat filling or extra support for the back and hip joint can help a lot to avoid the chances of pressure sores. It helps to regulate the blood flow and reduce the chances of skin cell damage.

Moreover, it is important to keep the surface clean and dry, so, choose the material which is a good absorbent of moisture. As well you can put the extra cushion near the tailbone. Or put the legs on a footrest or on the floor to keep the posture right. It will help a lot to release extra pressures from the hips, tail bone or back. With the wool cushions and pads, the chances of friction are reducing and you can easily avoid the scratches, skin damage and sores.

Fight against pressure sores

Are you a wheelchair user? Looking for a solution to avoid pressure sores? There are ways through which you can avoid the chances of infection or the sores. In the market, multiple wheelchair user-friendly products are available that help to prevent sores in wheelchair users. Here are some of them:

Seat Cushions for wheelchair

First of all, the cushions for wheelchair seats. It is the main area that carries almost the whole body weight. If the person has to sit in a wheelchair for a longer period, then the cushions setting is a feasible option. It helps to manage the weight over the wheelchair and reduce the impact over pressure points. With the right material and size, it is a great add-on for wheelchair users.

Back cushions for wheelchair

You can have back cushions for wheelchair users. It helps to offer extra support on the back and hip bone. As well as reduce the pressure over the shoulders, arms, and neck. You can choose the back cushion as per the wheelchair size and shape.

Footrest or armrest

Moreover, you can add a durable and comfortable footrest or armrest for wheelchair users. It helps to save the soft tissues from damage due to continuous pressure on arms or feet. As well as helps in blood circulation too.


Sheepskin offers great medical benefits to users. It helps to regulate blood flow, keep the skin dry and control moisture. As well as with sheepskin it is better to have a comfortable sitting.

Things to consider while sitting on a wheelchair

Other than the wheelchair stuff and products to use to avoid the pressures sores, a person has to consider some other aspects. Some precautions and routine activity changes help to reduce the chances of sores.

  • Right every 2 hours it is important to change the position by yourself or with the help of someone. Through this, it is easy to get ease and reduce pressure.
  • For wheelchair users, it is appropriate to use the skin-friendly add-ons. It includes wool made cushions, sheets or pads. That helps to keep the moisture control and avoid the chances of friction, redness or rashes. Use the small cushion to add more support for the buttocks or back.
  • Moreover, it is good to use the armrest and footrest to maintain the posture and avoid pressure over a certain body part. Occasionally change the position of the feet, like some time on the floor and some time on the footrest. It helps with good blood flow in the lower body part.
  • Most importantly, if you experienced any swear complication then do consult with the specialist at first. By doing the small changes in the routine you can better avoid the chances of pressure sores.


Author Bio:

Dereka Adam is a medical researcher, consultant, and blogger. Who help readers to get information about medical treatments, precautions and address their questions with appropriate answers.