When you go out to buy the best treadmill, you feel excitement or a frustrating experience. The excitement of imagining a new treadmill in your house. The frustrating part is that when you find that there are lots of treadmills available in the market. And you have to select one of them. There are many popular treadmill brands from Powermax to Fitkit available in the market.

In this post, we are going to share some important aspects that you have to consider while picking the best treadmill for home and these are

1) Brand

Brands describe any product quality, services that they give to their customers, and last your satisfaction. Brand plays an important role in buying anything. Choosing the wrong brand can waste your money or savings. So, when you go out to buy the new treadmill for your home make sure you will choose the right brand. Some of the famous treadmill brands in India are Powermax, Fitkit, Healthgenie, Lifeline, etc.

2) Type

Treadmills are of two types one ismanual or automatic treadmill and another one is an electronic treadmill. The only difference between both treadmills is that electronic treadmills require electricity to start the treadmill whereas manual treadmills do not require electricity.
In terms of price electronic treadmills are more costly than manual treadmills. Electronic treadmills give you more features than manual treadmills. If your budget allows you then go with an electronic treadmill otherwise choose a manual treadmill.

3) Running Area

Before buying a treadmill you should check the running area available to use on the treadmill. If you are buying treadmills from Amazon or Flipkart, then you will find that treadmills come into non-returnable categories. So, do your research properly before buying a big thing like a treadmill. Always go with that treadmill which has a large running area. In other words, the larger is the running area, the better is the treadmill.

4) Manual Incline or Auto Incline Treadmill

On the basis of the inclination angle, you will find that there are two types of treadmill one is a manual incline treadmill and another one is an auto incline treadmill. In a manual incline treadmill, you have to adjust the inclination angle manually whereas in an auto incline treadmill you just need to push a button to adjust the inclination angle. Manual incline treadmills are cheaper than auto incline treadmills. Choose one of them according to your budget.

5) Track Health Issues

With the help of a modern treadmill, you can track health issues. On an electronic treadmill, you will find the sensor for heart rate, BMI, and calories burnt. From our personal experience do not believe in the stats given by these treadmills. If you are serious about your health then you should have to check all your health issues manually.

6) Maximum User Weight

Different Treadmills come with different user weight holding capabilities. Some treadmills can lift user weight up to 90kg and some can lift weight up to 120 kg or more. If you’re underweight and overweight then it is important to know how much weight your treadmill can lift. Always choose that treadmill which can lift your weight and your family members too.

7) Speed

One of the most important factors that you have to consider before buying a treadmill is the speed. Maximum is the speed of the treadmill, better is the performance. The maximum speed at which a treadmill can operate may vary from 10 to 18 km per hour. Always choose a maximum speed treadmill for your home.

8) Budget 

Budget is the important factor that you have to consider before buying a big thing like a treadmill. Budget is the first thing that strikes your mind when you go out to buy new things. The price of the treadmill varies from 5000 to 70000. Always go with that treadmill brand that will give a large number of features at less price. The budget also depends on the size of the family. If the number of members in your family is 4 or more then you can choose a treadmill between 20000 to 30000.


If you are planning or looking for the best treadmills in India, then before buying you should have to check out the following factors that are mentioned above. These factors will definitely help you to find the best treadmill.