If your eCommerce website has a poor or less than satisfactory conversion rate, it may be time to stop and assess things. Your website should not just attract visitors. It should also convert them into customers who purchase the products or services you are offering. However, getting customers to convert is no easy task. There are several methods you can apply to improve your conversion rate. But ultimately, offering a great customer experience is what gets you conversions. That means your entire website should have a focus on making conversions as easy as possible. This blog explores a few methods you can try.

Basic Tips Optimizing Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Offering good customer experience means understanding what your customers want. In the eCommerce world, this translates into an intuitive interface that makes locating products and navigating the website easier. It should also make purchasing these products a simple process. Here are a few tips to follow that can help you with eCommerce CRO or conversion rate optimization:

  1. Profile Your Audience
  2. Simplify Navigation
  3. Use High-Res Images
  4. Write Better Product Copies
  5. Make The Shopping Cart Visible
  6. Display Product Videos
  7. Offer Free Shipping
  8. Invest in Digital Marketing

Let’s take a closer look at these below.

Profile Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is as important for a recruiter in manufacturing staffing as it is for an e-retailer. Create a profile on the customers you expect to visit your website and make purchases. Remember, a purchasing decision is often emotional, so understanding these underlying emotions is important. Research on online shopping behavioral patterns is also necessary. This will help you understand specific qualities that online shoppers look for in an eCommerce website. It all boils down to offering your customers what they need.

Simplify Navigation

How easy your website is to navigate has a direct impact on your website conversions. Online shoppers expect an understandable and simple navigation layout. This allows them to reach their objective without any unnecessary clicks. Having a good navigation layout on your website will also allow them to quickly go through your catalog.

Use High-Res Images

Visual elements on any website are critical. Product images are even more so on an eCommerce website. These images should be in high resolution since they showcase your products and services to your visitors. You can either choose to go with a professional product photographer or experiment yourself with a decent camera. High-resolution images also add a crisp and professional feel to your product lineup. This can encourage even more conversions.

Write Better Product Copies

Visuals are indeed a compelling element of eCommerce, but so are product copies. Ideally, your product copy should contain more information than you would give in a newspaper ad. At the same time, it needs to be engaging and capture the attention of a visitor.

Make The Shopping Cart Visible

Customers should have access to their shopping cart at all times, regardless of what page they are on. A good practice to follow is to place the shopping cart icon at the top right of the screen. Consumers like to keep checking on the items they have in their cart, so it helps to give them convenient access.

Display Product Videos

Product videos are as close as a digital consumer can get to actually touch your product. That is why you should try to make use of them on your website. Videos also allow you to explain the benefits and features of your product in a more persuasive manner. This simple change can help you increase conversions substantially.

Offer Free Shipping

Offering free shipping can be just the catalyst you need to encourage buying decisions. Many shoppers abandon their shopping carts if they think the shipping costs are too high. Free shipping can be a key differentiating factor between you and your competition.

Invest In Digital Marketing

Investing in digital marketing is an important part of doing business online. You will need to work on search engine optimization as well as search engine marketing. These are technical skills, so don’t hesitate to reach out to a marketing recruitment agency if you have the budget to hire a professional. In any case, you will need to educate yourself on ad spend, how to optimize it, and so forth.