After many sleepless nights and brainstorming sessions, finally, you have developed a perfect app. You have high expectations and you believe your audience is going to love what you created. However, here’s a thing! Your audience will not care about your application just because you have put a lot of effort into building it.

To make them install these apps, you will have to manipulate them, convince them through marketing tactics. You will have to prove how this app can be something they are looking for. To do that, you will need a perfect and effective marketing strategy.

Now Social media can play a crucial role in that. Social media marketing can reach a large audience if done right. In this blog, I will talk about some strategies that can be used to maximize your Social Media Marketing efforts and you can convince your target audience in installing your application.

Some of these tactics might cost you and some could be free. Accordingly, you have to make sure that apart from the cost you will spend on mobile app maintenance, you have enough investment to spend on promotional activities too.

Benefits Of Mobile App Marketing With Social Media

I think before we proceed to the main part, this is something we should talk about as well. Some of you might have the idea, but some may not know how Social media marketing can be effective? Well, those of you who do not have the answer to it, I am going to explain further.

  • Huge Target Reach– Social media provides a platform with a huge audience. You can use the right keywords, hashtags, alt keywords, etc to target specific but large numbers of audiences. 
  • Less Costly– Even though paid promotions are available on Social media, you might find the cost lesser compared to traditional marketing ways. Mostly, you will be spending money on promoting your pages and posts, or you will have to pay influencers to recommend your application to their followers.
  • High Conversion– If your application has already achieved some fame, you will find conversion rates from Social media are higher. It also depends upon your marketing strategy and presentation. However, if done right, Social media marketing can be the leading element of your business strategy to increase installation numbers and make your app reach heights through mobile app marketing techniques.
  • Boost in Brand Image– Well, search engines or Play Store are not the only places you need to build an image on. Social media is the most important as it can give your application a real reputation. There are brands like Apple, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc, that do not need introductions anymore. Their creative ways of advertising are capable enough to manipulate their target into buying their subscriptions, watching shows, etc.

Tips To Maximize Your Mobile App Marketing with Social Media

Now, when you have a slight idea of benefits, let’s talk about the real deal here. I am mentioning a few tips that can be used to develop a perfect marketing pattern. You will find that the best mobile application development companies are using these strategies to promote their apps already.

  1. Choose The right platform

Choosing the right platform is also important. For example, if your app can be useful for working professionals or business owners, you might want to focus on Linkedin marketing more than Instagram. And if we take the example of youngsters, most of them are using Facebook and Instagram as their favorite social media marketing platform. Moreoverever, according to statistics of 2017, Facebook had 2 billion monthly users which were the highest.

2. Start Early Promotions

While your mobile app is being developed, make sure your audience already knows about it before it gets released. Start giving them signs through your social media. Or, do clear marketing, try to influence your audience, and make them curious. Curiosity might come in very handy for downloads of your apps.

3. Generate Creative Content

Creativity is a must on any Social Media Platform. You have to keep rules and regulations in the mind and generate texts, graphical, or both forms of the content to inform your audience. Figure out trending events that can be related to your application; use them, create context-based on those events, and use hashtags in your content copy.

4. Use Social Media Influencers

Influencers can be really helpful when it comes to marketing. There are many ways influencers use to promote your application. They can make a video including the promotion of your app by showing a demo, or they can just post an ad on their page for a limited time slot to make the audience aware of your application.

5. Promote With Paid Ads

Social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin give you an option of paid promotions. You can promote pages or specific posts for time slots of your preferred choice. However, promotion costs will vary according to the duration of your ad and the number of audiences you want to attract to these ads. Using paid ads can influence your traffic insights within less time.

6. Quora Can Do Wonders

Quora is a QA based platform. Millions of users are posting their queries on Quora about many topics. Each question posted on Quora can be followed by those who are looking for the answer as well. Moreover, you can find those questions, especially the ones related to your app with a good number of followers, and answer them. Make sure to include a link to your page or application to lead readers on your portal. 

7. Utilize YouTube 

YouTube has a huge number of audiences looking for so many videos of different genres every day. You can create creative videos, animations, tutorials, and target YouTube audiences to promote your app. With the right YouTube SEO, it can be effective to generate traffic for your application.

These tactics which we have included can be really useful. The best thing about Social media marketing is that you do not have to spend a huge amount on them always. Mostly new developers have a limited app development budget. Hence, spending too much on Social Media Marketing is not possible. However, it doesn’t matter if you are using paid promotions or non-paid promotions, you have to keep the consistency. In the world of social media, consistency and quality are the most important elements.

Author Bio:

Jason Camaya loves carrying his camera wherever he goes. When he doesn’t click pictures, Jason loves to write, play video games, and procrastinate. He has been writing for the technology vertical for quite some time now, and as talented as he gets, he is giving tough competition to his fellow writers. He has been featured in many websites and blogs.