How To Make Sticks In Minecraft In 2023

How To Make Sticks In Minecraft will be described in this article. Tools and armor are a big part of Minecraft. In fact, without tools, you really can’t mine much. Most blocks in Minecraft require, at a minimum, a wooden pickaxe to mine. You may be able to break down stone with just your hand but it won’t drop anything meaning you cannot use it.

How To Make Sticks In Minecraft In 2023

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Sticks in Minecraft

Sticks are one of the most commonly used primary crafting materials in Minecraft. They’re used to craft an axe, a hoe, a pickaxe, a sword, a fishing rod, arrows, torches, fences, and more. There are two ways to get sticks in Minecraft; mining or by making them yourself.

You can obtain sticks by breaking tree leaves but the probability of a stick dropping is low. It is far easier to craft them since you’ll need to use them so much. Also check Revivehost Alternatives

Make sticks in Minecraft

To make sticks in Minecraft, you need wood. Any type of wood will do. All wood types yield the same number and same color sticks.

  1. Find a tree, any tree.
  2. ‘Punch’ the tree or break it with your hand.
  3. Once the block breaks, collect the wood block that is dropped.
  4. Open your checklist & you will see a 2×2 crafting grid.
  5. Place the wood block in any cell.

Place the wood block in any cell

  1. Collect four wood planks.
  2. Place a wood plank in the center cell and another wood plank in the cell above or below it.
  3. Collect four sticks.

Collect four sticks

A single block of wood can yield 8 sticks in total. You can also craft a stick from bamboo but it’s a bit difficult to find. If you happen to have two bamboo sticks, place them the same way you placed planks and you’ll get one stick.

Other ways to naturally obtain sticks is to find them when you’re fishing or if a witch were to drop them. They can also be found in chests in temples and caves. Also check games like Minecraft


A stick is easy to make and it doesn’t even require the use of a crafting table. It’s such a basic crafting element that you should carry a sizeable stack of them with you or have them in storage. If you craft ladders and fences in Minecraft, you’ll quickly learn how quickly they’re used up. Try to have at least one stack of 64 sticks on hand. A single stick can give you four torches (you’ll need to add coal) but if you’re digging, a torch is essential to have. If you’ve set up your base, you will need torches to keep it well lit and to keep mobs from spawning inside your home.