how to know if someone blocked you on snapchat

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat will be described in this article. Suspecting someone has blocked you on Snapchat is a bad sensation. We may therefore want to confirm whether we have indeed been blocked. We’ll look at the indicators that can help you spot this in this article.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat

In this article, you can know about How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat here are the details below;

Have they blocked you or cancelled their Snapchat account?

  • Additionally, it’s possible that the person either added or removed you from their list.
  • Being deleted doesn’t automatically cut off all connections, however being blocked does.
  • Check your conversation list to see whether the person has blocked or removed you.
  • You are not blocked if you can still see the user’s ID on your list.
  • It’s possible that they deleted you but that you didn’t delete them.

However, this only functions if you’ve recently used the function to communicate with them. Have they deleted their snapchat account or blocked you? You may determine if your contact has blocked you using the following easy methods:

1. You cannot view the conversation

You cannot view the conversation

This process is really easy to use. Check to see if you recently spoke with the person you believe may have blocked you. Also check How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac

If you are unable to locate the conversation, it may have taken place too long ago or you have been blocked.

2. You cannot search them on the bar

You cannot search them on the snapchat bar

You can use the quest bar to examine up further proof by entering the suspect user’s username or full name. Your profile will be visible at the top left of the screen and may show your most recent story from the previous day.

Select the magnifying glass icon next to this and look for the contact you believe has blocked you by clicking on it. Also check Jarvee alternatives 

3. Other people can find the user on their app

Other people can find the user on their app

Does it follow that if you can’t discover a particular contact on Snapchat, others can’t either? Try talking to a third party and asking them to check for the suspicious ID, or you can set up a new Snapchat account and a second one.

If a third party or your backup account is unable to locate the individual, it is likely that the user has deleted their account.

How  to know if Someone blocked You on snapchat

How to Determine if You Have Been Blocked on Snapchat Here are some procedures you should take to determine whether you have been blocked:

1. Check out their username or full name

Check out their username or full name

You won’t be capable to find someone by searching their username if they have blocked you. You won’t be able to talk to them or send them pictures. You might be removed from people’s friend lists. You must understand the distinction between blocking and being erased.

Unless they’ve adjusted their privacy choices so that only their friends may contact them, you can still send someone a snap after they remove you from their contact list. If you search it, you will also be able to find their username. Because of this, getting blocked essentially makes the person disappear from Snapchat.

You are unable to see them or speak to them. You’ve been blocked if the username does not appear at all. The situation changes, though, when their names are listed under the labels “add friends” and “my friends.” The first one indicates that you have been deleted and are not on their friend list. However, the latter indicates that everything is okay and that you are still on their list.

2. Check out your last convesation with them

Check out your last convesation with them

As we previously noted, when someone blocks you, it appears as though they have completely disappeared from Snapchat. This includes the chat history you previously had with them, which you can no longer access.

You can utilise the search bar at the top of your chat list if you can recall the person’s username.

3. Check out their username from a different account

You have two options: either create a new account yourself or ask a friend, member of your family, a work colleague, a close relative, or someone else who is not already friends with the person you are attempting to contact to search for them using their account. The second one is simpler because you won’t need to complete all the requirements to register for a new account. Also check Benefits of Trading Rust Skins

Keep in mind that for any of these strategies to be effective, you must finally remember your target’s login. You must tap “sign up” to start a new Snapchat account. Your username, mobile phone number, password, and birthdate will then be required.


To believe that you have been blocked is a bitter feeling. It might not always be simple to accomplish this. We have given you some steps and remedies in this article that can help you identify this issue.


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