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How To Increase Dental Patients With Active Marketing Strategy

The Popularity of Dental Marketing Campaigns 

All dental practices have come to realise the importance of dental marketing. In the age of the digital world, everyone can access information through smartphones and laptops, which becomes all the more important for dental clinics to reach a wider target audience base. Strengthen ties with website visitors and social media followers converting them successfully into patients. Build long-lasting relationships with former and existing patients by reaching out to their inbox if you want your practice to thrive for the long run. 

The best way to kick-start your marketing campaign is to have a dental marketing expert on board who has the expertise and experience to plan and deliver your campaign objectives. A marketing expert will save your time and money in the process and help convert potential prospects into patients by implementing a wide range of strategies. 

As we move ahead in 2021, the wide range of marketing strategies at one’s disposal is countless. One of the biggest benefits of today’s digital age is that you can tweak your campaigns when they are being run, giving you a lot of flexibility and freedom to reach your target base with an impact. 

Let’s look at the 4 popular marketing strategies that can be implemented by any dental practice to boost leads and conversion rates in a particular area. 

4 Ways To Increase Patients To Your Dental Practice Doorsteps 

#1 Build Followers on Social Media 

More and more people spend time on social media platforms interacting with the world. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are channelling their marketplaces which makes it easier for the users to opt for products or services with a simple tap of a button. 

The best way moving forward is to target a couple of social media platforms where you know you will get a response. Create an account of your dental practice and let the ball rolling. The key to retain followers is to post content regularly that will prove to be informative and useful to your followers. Build an online community by interacting with your followers about oral hygiene, best dental practices, Q&A and much more. Convey a patient journey through images and videos. Talk to them about the importance of routine dental checkups and much more. 

Your followers who will most likely turn out to be your patients will rely on the positive first impressions you will make with them on social media platforms. They would be more than happy to acquire useful information from you which will help build trust and transparency in the long run. You can also set up interactive sessions with your dentists who’d be more than happy to take queries on such platforms. This will help you to analyse the response, positive or negative so that you build your marketing strategy better than it was before. 

#2 Prioritise Local SEO 

The best way to drive organic traffic locally is through dental SEO. Search engine optimisation for all the available dental terms can help your clinic gain rankings on the search engine, not to mention, local keywords which will be the driving force to bring new patients. 

Surely you do not want someone in Liverpool scrolling through your dental website when you are based in London. 

Local SEO should be an integral part of your dental marketing strategy that will help you find your audience. If you have practices in multiple locations, then the local SEO has to be tailored accordingly so the users by simply typing “local dentist near me” are directed to your practice. 

#3 Appointment Reminders 

Maintaining long-lasting relationships with your existing and old patients matters just as much. Sending your existing patient’s appointment reminders to schedule their appointment for dental checkups is an effective re-engagement method. You can also tweak the appointments based on patients preferences, who will always be grateful for any assistance they can get from your end. 

Scheduling Appointment reminders can be in many forms such as: 

Many dental practices use a combination of physical and digital reminders to reach their patients. This will shed a positive light on your practice letting the patients know that you care about them and want to build on where you last left. 

#4 Newsletter 

Newsletters are more like content marketing when informative blogs are delivered right to your subscribers’ inboxes. It is about reaching out and letting them know that you will be guiding and assisting them with whatever information they need. Newsletters should have snippets of valuable information that your patients would like to see.  

Always ask a patient whether they would be interested in gaining more information after successful treatment or diagnosis. Surely you do not want to spam them with whatever you think will work. It is all about making your patients a valuable offer who will reciprocate and would be happy to know what else you have got in store. 

Wrapping Up 

Great dental websites are intuitive, responsive, and compatible across all devices. An immersive dental website design that is easy to navigate and tells the website visitors about all the information they need is the first step to embark on a successful marketing campaign.

Connecting with your local community and building followers through social media platforms will definitely work if you follow the right principles. Use a combination of multiple strategies that work best for your dental practice and the audience you want to attract. In no time, you will start seeing an increase in appointments before you know it.

It is important to take guidance from an experienced dental marketing agency that provides holistic solutions to all your pressing needs of the time. Whether revamping a dental website or starting from scratch, many facets such as paid and promotional campaigns need to be taken care of for the best returns. Maximise your dental practice earnings with a careful blend of digital marketing and traditional marketing strategy to make your dental clinic a household name with the tips mentioned above.

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