Often we see that there are many children who, despite doing hard work, are not able to pass with good marks in the exam. There are some who score very well even after studying very little. Have you ever thought, what is the reason?

Actually, there is only one reason behind it. Concentration power is very high in some children. So that the more they read, the more they remember. There are some people who do not remember anything even after hours of reading. Because they are studying but their mind is not able to concentrate. Because of which they do not remember the read.

How To Improve Mind Concentration

If you are also among those whose concentration power is not good. So today we will tell you how to make your concentration strong. India has been a country of sages and sages since the beginning. The discovery of man in the world has not happened in India as much as in any other country. Swami Vivekanand says that his memory was so fast that “he used to read 10-10 books in a day and kept remembering what page he wrote”. Now it is a matter of thinking how we can make our memory good.

Swami Vivekanand has said that meditation is a process through which a person can increase his concentration as much as he wants. Whichever person meditates, surely his power of concentration will increase.

Now the question will arise in the minds of some people that those who pass by good numbers. Where do those people meditate? So I would like to say to them that certainly not everyone will meditate, but in some people, the power to concentrate quickly is naturally. If those people meditate, then they will be able to concentrate easily and their power will increase even more.

How to Meditate?

One of the many ways to meditate is to concentrate on your breath. You have to do this process twice a day. If you do first after bathing in the morning, then it is even better, otherwise you can do it without bathing. Before sleeping on the second night.

You have to do this process for 2 hours. That means one hour in the morning and one hour in the night. Initially it can be a bit troublesome. But when practiced, it will become even easier. Joining a yoga school in Rishikesh can help you learn and get deeper insights about meditation.

First of all, place a clean posture on the ground in a quiet room (better if there is a posture of wool posture or blanket). Sukhasana or any posture in which you can sit for a long time. Sit in a comfortable position and keep your waist straight. Remember to close his eyes. Do not put too much pressure on the eyes, close lightly.

Focusing on breathing:

Then try to see the breath that is going on smoothly, remember not to take the breath consciously or leave it. Taking and leaving the breath comes under Pranayama. There is a lot of difference between Meditation and Pranayama. One only has to feel the breathing that is going on smoothly, watching each breath carefully. You have to keep an eye on the smooth breathing when and when it comes. When the breath collided on the upper part of the nose, only the information about where, what happened felt. You just have to watch consciously, not take any decision whether it is right or wrong. After a while, you will find that you have easily become Concentrat.

Mind Control:

Initially, you will be able to do this for hardly 10 seconds, as soon as you start meditating, the mind will immediately go astray. But remember that as soon as you know that the mind has gone astray then the mind will automatically come back to breath. Do not be discouraged, do not get angry and do not get bored when your mind wanders. Here, you have to be very patient. Many people lack patience. Therefore, the process like meditation seems boring to them, if you keep patience then you will find that you started enjoying it.

Remember, the basic nature of the mind is to wander, or to say that the name of wandering is the mind where the wandering stopped, the mind also ended there. Here you are training the mind. You are changing his long-standing original habit. Therefore the mind will wander. But without any problem and happiness, the happiness will get in the process of seeing the breath again. As soon as the mind wanders and you come to know that the mind is lost.


After a few days of practice you will find that meditation became easier. You won’t even know when an hour has passed. Also you will see that your Concentration Power automatically Will start to read and you will not even have to work hard to remember anything.

Whatever I have told you above. He is completely right. I am saying this from my experience. I also meditate continuously so I know it well.

I hope you have liked this post “How to increase your concentration power and power of mind”, apart from these Surya Namaskar steps are also a great way to reduce anxiety and improve concentration.