How To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo

How To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo will be described in this article. The Kindle Fire Stick is a fantastic gadget. However, it can have a few problems, much like most devices. The Fire Stick, which displays a black screen after the logo, is one of the most popular. What then prompts this? How do you fix it?

Your Fire Stick might display a black screen after the logo for a variety of reasons. It may occasionally be the result of outdated software on your device. In some cases, it can be a problem with your internet connection. Fortunately, most problems ought to be simple to fix.

How To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo

In this article, you can know about How To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo here are the details below;

On your Amazon Fire Stick, a black screen may appear after the logo for a number of reasons. This is another way How To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo.

The following is included in this:

Amazon Fire Stick is Slow to Boot Up

Amazon Fire Stick is Slow to Boot Up

Your Fire Stick occasionally experiences a little bit of a bad day.

Most individuals won’t mind waiting a few more minutes. Also check Windows Store Crashes

This is most likely to occur soon after the Amazon Fire Stick’s firmware has been updated.

Amazon Fire Stick Software needs Updating

Amazon Fire Stick Software needs Updating

Since the Fire Stick can work on outdated firmware, this is quite uncommon.

However, if it has been a while since your Fire Stick had an update, there can be problems when it boots up.

Fix in mind that these and other bugs are fixed by software updates.

Again, this is quite uncommon.

The HDMI Slot on your TV is Broken (or Glitching Out)

If the Fire Stick logo is displayed on the screen, it is unlikely that this is the situation.

However, there is a slight possibility that your television’s HDMI port isn’t operating flawlessly. This is another way How To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo.

Internet is Not Working

Internet is Not Working

Your Fire Stick could not even start up if your internet connection isn’t functioning properly.

If the internet isn’t working, it should often send you an error message, however some users have observed that this doesn’t always happen.

The Amazon Fire Stick is Overheating

The Amazon Fire Stick may become too hot.

If it has been off for some time, this is unusual.

The device has, however, been known to overheat and start exhibiting a variety of issues on very hot days. Also check Fix Buffering on Amazon FireStick 

Cache Needs Clearing

Cache Needs Clearing

Small files are added to the cache each time you use your Fire Stick. This is another way How To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo.

These files enable the Fire Stick to start up more quickly in the future.

The issue is that the cache occasionally doesn’t properly clear.

The device may have problems operating when the cached files begin to accumulate.

How to Fix Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo?

In this part, we’ll show you how to fix your Fire Stick if the screen goes black after the logo.

The simplest steps will be taken first.

Those that should just take a few seconds or minutes at most.

You may troubleshoot in the most efficient manner possible in this approach.

Keep in mind that sometimes you might not be able to fix your Fire Stick.

It occasionally just breaks.

You’ll need to contact Amazon customer service in that situation.

We’ll presume that you’ve previously tested to make sure your Fire Stick hasn’t overheated. This is another way How To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo.

Reboot The Fire Stick

Take the remote from your Fire Stick if it has one.

Press and hold these two buttons simultaneously for approximately five seconds.

The Fire Stick will restart as a result:

Choose button (the circle button)

The button for play/pause.

Unplug The Fire Stick for a Few Minutes

The cache will be cleared as a result.

For two to three minutes, unplug the Fire Stick’s HDMI and power cords.

This should usually fix the issue.

This will’reset’ the Fire Stick if it is unplugged for a short period of time.

However, don’t worry.

Your entire information will be kept on file.

Check Your Internet Connection

It might be wise to verify your internet connection when the Fire Stick is unplugged.

The Fire Stick might not function if it’s not working.

Check the Power Supply

The Fire Stick may display a black screen after the logo if the power store is not providing enough power. This is another way How To Fix Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo.

Any power source must be supplying your Fire Stick with at least 1A of electricity.

Remember that over time, power supplies can “die,” so even though your present power supply is suitable for the Fire Stick, it is always worthwhile replacing it to see if that is the cause of the problem.

Change HDMI Slot

Change the HDMI slot that the Fire Stick is hooked into if it didn’t work.

Update Fire Stick Software

Unfortunately, updating the Fire Stick firmware is impossible if the device won’t load past the logo.

To obtain a replacement in this situation, you might need to speak with Amazon customer service; alternatively, they might be able to give you additional guidance on how to update the software.

Fortunately, it’s doubtful that this is the cause of your Fire Stick’s malfunction.

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Final Thoughts

A black screen following the logo is among the Fire Stick’s most frequent problems.

The vast majority of problems will probably be resolved by restarting the Fire Stick.

To accomplish this, unplug the Fire Stick from the HDMI port and the power source for a while.