Sales are a very important factor to run any business. It is the blood of business if it is not in the business your business will become dry but no problem.

If you want more sales then you are in the right place. Today, I will tell you tips on how to get more sales and how to do marketing correctly.

You need to make a problem-solving product(PSP). Today I will tell you the 4 reasons why you are not getting sales. If you correct them then your business will be touching the sky. first of all


what are sales and marketing in business?

what are sales?

sales mean giving goods or services in exchange of money.


The term Business to consumer refers to the process of selling products and services directly between business and consumers who are end-users of the product

Direct sales

Direct selling refers to selling products directly to the consumer in a non-retail business. Instead, sales occur at home, work or non-store locations.

Multi-level sales

multilevel sellers recruit independent contractors who use friends and relatives as personal contacts and also public meetings to sell goods and services to build their salesforce.

Digital sales

Digital selling means selling through digital media. Through e-commerce websites.

I will tell you the reasons. Which should be avoided. While doing sales

4 steps to increase sales

People don’t like to be sold

“people dont like to be sold they like to be helped”

This is the bitter truth of business. Let me explain to you whenever someone tries to sell something or whenever a boy tries to touch a girl. They never get successful in their plan because they will become desperate in the buyer’s eyes or girl’s eyes.

First of all, ask this question to yourself ” why should a customer trust you? ”

Put the above line in your employee’s mind and your mind, Don’t sell them your product.

Instead of selling help them. solve customers previous problem or help them by achieving his goal by

giving your product.

Let’s assume that you stop selling your product forcefully. You stopped becoming a selly person(person who sells his things forcefully). After that what? what will you do? The second point is very important for you.

How to do sales & marketing in business to get 5x more profit(instantly).

when you don’t dig deep enough

You cant help people forcefully without knowing what type of help they want. Let me explain to you by a short story :

one day jack and jill went late to school  then their teacher asked them why did you come late they told we were helping an old lady to cross the road the teacher then why so late it takes a minute or two minutes they said the old lady was not ready to cross the road

Moral: you can’t help them without knowing the problem

If you want to help the customer first asks him what help does he want. Before:

  •  prospecting 
  •  presenting 
  • positioning

You need to know about their need. And convert their need into help. The product comes after their need. The product never comes before the need. Then you have to think about how to solve their problem and give your product as a solution. This is known as consultative selling. In the second step, you come to know about your customers need, want, goal, problem. Now, when you try to give the product. This happens :

How to do sales & marketing in business to get 5x more profit(instantly).

Identify you kdm

You might have questions like what is KDM? well, it means key decision-makers.

I will tell you what it is? sometimes when you sell your product to the wrong person. He is not a decision-maker to buy your product. You just blindly push the wall but it means nothing. don’t push the wall push the door. There are five types of people who will buy your product.

  • Initiator
  • Influencer
  • Decider
  • Buyer
  • Consumer

From these five types of people who are you targeting? let’s assume your target is a kid.

Then don’t target the kid. Target the decider or buyer means the parents of the kid. In B2B  Purchases manager is your buyer. But he is not an influencer or decider. The decider is his boss. He is just blindly following the rules.

Like this only you have to find your key decision-maker. You must know your organizational structure. You have to go through the organizational structure of your company.

For example, If you go shopping with your parents. you are not the decider or buyer you are the only consumer. The buyers are your parents. Now, the final step is:

Unclear about the budget bracket

What is it, If you know comment down your answer below. If you don’t know then read this it will be useful to you. For example, If you want to sell Harley-Davidson then you need to show the bike to many people in less time. If you go to Dharavi (Asia’s biggest slum area)  and try to sell them then you will be disappointed. why you will be disappointed? Do you know if yes then comment down?

They are not the right customers you have to find customers who can afford the bike.

There are four types of customer:-

  • They don’t have money and don’t want to buy (Ignore him)
  • They have money and want to buy (perfect customer)
  • They have money but don’t want to buy (It means you didn’t dig deep enough)
  • They want to buy but don’t have enough money (Help him by giving some EMI schemes)

these all were about sales now from sales and marketing. sales are done now on how to do marketing in the right way.

8 steps to marketing your business

conduct market research

Market research is a crucial part of developing your market strategy. it’s about collecting information that gives information about your customers thinking, buying patterns, and site. additionally, marketing research also can assist you to make early sales forecasts, monitor market trends, and monitor your competition.

Profile Your Target Markets

Trying to market your product or service to all or any are often costly and ineffective. Grouping or segmenting your potential customers supported certain characteristics that will help to focus your marketing efforts.

Partition is typically supported factors such as:

  • Geography – Location
  • Demographics – age, gender, education level, income, occupation
  • Behavior – loyalty, attitude, readiness to shop for, usage rates
  • Lifestyle – class, personality, personal values.
  • Your target market should require your product or service and be willing to buy your offer.

Identify Your Unique Sales Proposal (USP)

A USP is that the unique reason your customers buy from you and not your competitors – this is often what sets your business aside from the gang. it’s important to define what you are doing differently and be ready to tell potential customers. Usually, it reflects your special knowledge or skills.

How to do sales & marketing in business to get 5x more profit(instantly).

Your USP could also be a replacement or unique offering or an exceptional service provider. Start developing your USP by answering the subsequent questions:

What does one love most about your products and services?

What special skills or knowledge does one have?

What do your customers do rather than your competitors?

What aspects does one usually highlight once you describe your business to strangers?

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Develop your business brand

Every business, no matter size, needs a brand. A brand is quite a logo, color, or tagline. A well-expressed brand emotionally connects together with your target customers and divulges who you’re, what you represent and what you’ll do.

Choose Your Marketing Pathway

While many are available, consider your audience once you are determining which one to use.

Set your goals and budget

Marketing goals will assist you to determine what you would like to realize through your marketing activities. You should have smart goals.

You will also get to allocate a allow your marketing activities. Elements must be included in your marketing budget:

  • Website development and maintenance
  • Search engine optimization strategy
  • Branding design
  • Printing of promotional materials (business cards, brochures, signage, etc.)
  • advertisement
  • Donation and Sponsorship
  • Appointing staff to start out marketing activities.

TIP: As a general rule of thumb, you ought to spend between three and five percent of your actual or expected annual turnover on marketing. If your business is new, you’ll get to allocate extra money initially to create your business profile.

How to do sales & marketing in business to get 5x more profit(instantly).

Nurture your loyal customers

Your customers are the key to your success, so caring for them and inspiring loyalty is vital. Providing exceptional customer service can make people come and set you aside from your competitors.

Strategies to create customer loyalty include:

  • You should communicate with your customers through social media, blogs or e-news daily.
  • Provide after-sales follow up
  • Deliver on your words
  • Going the ‘extra mile’ and providing benefits beyond initial expectations
  • Using feedback and complaints as a chance to enhance services
  • Listening to customers
  • Training staff in customer service and basic sales processes.

Monitor and review

It is important to regularly monitor and review their marketing activities to work out if they’re achieving the specified results, like increased sales. Initially, you ought to review your marketing plan every three months to support your strategy. once you start a replacement product or service, your business becomes skilled if a replacement competitor enters the market or if a drag affects your industry.

Monitoring activities may include reviewing your sales data daily (monthly) or monitoring customer activity during an ad campaign. you’ll access and review free analytical tools to work out the effectiveness of your social media or website campaigns.


In this  post, I told you about how to sales and marketing to get more profit in less time. This was the first part of the sales and marketing series. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog for upcoming posts.

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