Summer houses for people are associated not only with weeding gardens, huge greenhouses and the abundance of potted flowers. It is also a place for rest, which allows you to stop for a short time, take a break, escape from the people, who constantly turn through the city streets and at least spend a little time in nature. Therefore, you are mistaken in thinking that garden summer houses do not have to be specially equipped. To feel complete harmony, a cute, cozy interior is also necessary. So, question is how to install them to feel the tranquil atmosphere?

If you have a tiny summer house, such as gazebo, you can use it as a personal space. This small room would be a great source of inspiration for writers, artists or just a place for you to relax. In such a summer house, soft, pastel colors, classic, wooden windows will be very suitable. Make sure that every item in this summer house has its own function and is easy to move: use folding chairs, folding cabinets, light, wicker chairs. To protect yourself from the sun, classic, flowery or colorful curtains will go along perfectly, which will give the cottage coziness and originality.

Who said outdoor furniture has to be boring? An old wooden sofa will also be suitable for creating a space for long evening seating’s outside. You can enliven it by combining modern and country styles, using contrasting colors and decorating the sofa with bright cushions.

If summer houses associate you with a real summer, but you want the interior to be modern and tidy, the seasonality will be provided by a beautiful chair with thick, dark wood frames. It allows you to swing on rainy evenings, and when you move your chair outside, it will allow you to enjoy the first rays of the sun too.

If you like a style reminiscent of a village, you will definitely decorate summer house space with various flowers and exotic plants. By the way, the green color of the leaves will enliven the predominant pastel shades and will go well with a light carpet.

Summer houses are a great space to try new, innovative design ideas too. Don’t be afraid to experiment and resurrect old furniture. For example, this chair is made of denim and the cushions are made using ink. So, before you throw away your old fabric, think about how it might be perfect for renovating your summer house or garden interior.

It is no secret that summer houses are perfect for gatherings of relatives and friends. In such cases, a place where everyone can sit at the table is necessary. If you want the festive table to be decorated properly, don’t try to serve it too pompously or flawlessly. Simple furniture, a tablecloth donated by my grandmother, flowers from the garden and colorful, bright dishes will be suitable. After all, it is a summer house, not a luxury restaurant – it is even more fun when it is filled with the spirit of the countryside and allows you to escape from everyday life.