How to Create a Pleasant and Attractive Office Environment

Savvy business owners know that the working environment of their employees can have a huge impact on productivity and efficiency. No matter how big or small your business is, it’s essential that your office building is designed and maintained in a way that supports its staff and clients effectively. It is well known that a happy and healthy workforce gets more done and can be retained for longer, so why not start making positive changes to ensure that this occurs for your business?

The Outside of Your Office Building

In order to project a professional appearance to clients and trading partners, the outside of your office building should be pleasant and well-maintained. Tidy shrubs, gravel borders and a litter-free car park are all necessities. A commercial property that appears to be properly cared for will be a less attractive target for vandals and thieves. Natural wood effect cladding can make the outside of an office building look both professional and inviting, and is available from a range of retailers including Dura Cladding. The pale, natural color of the waterproof cladding will both brighten the outside of the building and give it a smart, contemporary appearance.

Office Furniture and Equipment

Every employee should have their own tools, in order to complete tasks simply and effectively. This may seem obvious, but many offices require staff to walk to other sections to achieve day-to-day duties. Make sure that each person has their own computer, desk, chair and reading lamp. Printers can be shared, particularly if you’re keen to reduce paper and ink usage in the office. Ergonomic furniture should be offered to those who suffer from joint and back pain. There should be plenty of different seating options in the office in accordance with the kind of tasks that employees are carrying out.

Food and Drink

Hunger and dehydration can be major barriers to productivity, so you should ensure that employees are able to eat and drink throughout the day. There should be plenty of office water coolers and a kitchen where staff can make their own tea and coffee. You could establish a ‘bring your own mug’ policy to cut down on the use of paper cups. Also, for those who are tired of changing the bottle on the water cooler, you can also try a bottleless water cooler for your office. Instead of offering biscuits, sweets or chocolate bars, it’s better to have a selection of healthy snacks in the office. Employees will perform better if the eat slow-release foods such as nuts, dried fruit or granola bars, as these snacks won’t cause a spike in blood sugar.