How People ruin their Car Insurance? Having a car is one of the dreams of every household. Well, having a vehicle is not just a status symbol. Owning a car also has tremendous benefits for you and your family. Commuting is mostly a hassle for most people because of the lines that you have to fall every day. The number of transport options is also limited in the Philippines.

If a medical emergency occurs at your home, you can immediately rush the person to a hospital, unlike when you do not have a vehicle. If a medical emergency occurs, you need to wait for an ambulance or have others take the patient to the hospital. In some instances, having a car can save the lives of people.

If you are fond of traveling, then having a vehicle is the right option for you. Most cars have a trunk where you can keep your travel bags and other belongings. It won’t be easy to travel in a distant place if you rely on public transportation, especially if you have children with you.

Another benefit of having your private vehicle is the shorter time that you will spend traveling to your desired location.

Commuting may have stopped and gone in only one direction. If you have a vehicle, you can go anywhere and take shortcuts for shorter travel time. You can also increase your speed under the law.

Whether you are commuting or traveling via private vehicles, all people inevitably will experience traffic jams. At least, if you have your car, you can listen to the radio station of your choosing while maintaining a stable temperature because of the AC system that is present inside the vehicle.

Vehicles have a safety system if ever there an accident occurs.

Inside the car, there are seatbelts in the front and back to protect you from flying over the vehicle after it collapses. Airbags are also present in all vehicles, so you would not crash your head once an accident happens.

Speaking of accidents, the downside of having a private vehicle is having a higher chance of having an accident. Unless the driver is faulty or the car is defective, public transport is safer than using private cars. If you travel using a public vehicle, the driver and the company will take the blame and not you.

The statistic says that every person will at least experience one accident in its lifetime. The only difference from person to person is the severity of the accident. Other people only experience a dent on their vehicle while others face a horrible fatality because of recklessness or vehicle error. This is the reason why you should have car insurance.

The law mandates car insurance to all private vehicles. In some counties, driving without car insurance is considered a crime. Insurance is not only useful if you ever crashed your vehicle on the road. There is comprehensive car insurance that you can use if your car is stolen or gets destroyed by natural calamities.

Cars are not easy to buy and are considered to have a high value. Millions of people have their vehicles stolen every year. Luckily, people who choose to have comprehensive car insurance can get their cars replaced if the vehicle was stolen. The coverage does not give you a brand new vehicle but reimburses you for the value that was taken.

Animals can also get your vehicle destroyed.

Most of the time, random animals jump off to your car, which causes them to crash. In countries like the United States, deers can cause damage to the vehicle. If you ever hit a live animal, the insurance company got you covered by their comprehensive insurance policy.

If you experience hailstorms in your location, it is also an excellent reason to have car insurance. Powerful hurricanes are also a threat to your vehicle because they can get your car flying. Insurance can get your car repaired in case a meteorological event happens. Your insurer can reimburse the value of your vehicle if it is completely wrecked.

Another natural calamity that can damage your car is flooded.

Unlike other natural disasters, the flood can destroy your vehicle from the inside. Water can ruin your car’s mechanical parts and upholstery. You may think that this is a far-fetched problem, but once a flood has entered your engine, your vehicle can be considered totaled.

Most importantly, comprehensive car insurance is useful if you were involved in a car accident. If you were the at-fault party, full car insurance makes sure that you do not have to pay for the damages during the settlement claim. And if you are the victim, car insurance makes sure that you get your car repaired or fixed.

When getting car insurance, it is essential to know the insurance bundles offered by your insurance company. Once you see the offer, you should always read the terms of the insurance and how much you have to pay every night. Before getting car insurance, you should contact a lawyer and see if the conditions are in your favor.

Despite the efforts of people in paying for car insurance, there are moments where the insurance claims are not recognized because their coverage is lost. This situation is heartbreaking because the moment you need to use your insurance claim; you suddenly have no power over your insurance.

This infographic from tells you how and why people lose their car insurance.