How much will it cost to clear my house? That is often one of the first question people ask before hiring house clearance professionals. House clearance charges are dependent on various factors, including the size of your house and the number of items to be cleared.

There are several companies in London offering house clearance services. Best choice for you will be Junk Bunk. Note that different companies charge different costs for the task. Some charge by volume, others by weight, while others give you a flat rate for the whole job. In most cases, the charges are inclusive of loading, sweep-up, and recycling costs.

This article looks at how much it will cost you to hire a house clearance company. You should avoid companies that charge meager prices.

How Does House Clearance Work?

Before hiring a professional house clearance company, it is crucial to understand how house clearance works;

  1. Choosing the Right Company

Always compare different clearance companies. Look out for those offering competitive prices, compare their reviews and ratings from previous clients. Ensure that the company is duly registered with the Environment Agency, has a registered VAT number and genuine contact details.

  1. Preparing the Clearance

Separate all the items you want to dispose of from things you want to retain. You need to box all the items you wish to and clearly label them not to be removed.

  1. During the Clearance

Ensure that all the items labeled for removal are removed. All the waste, rubbish, and furniture you no longer need. You can ask the professionals to quote their resell value for items you want to resell before taking them away.

  1. After Clearance

You will be asked to give your review about the quality of service after completing house clearance.

Factors Affecting Cost of House Clearance

House clearance cost is dependent on the following factors:

  • Types of items
  • Site accessibility
  • Items quantity
  • Residential area

Useful House Clearance Tips

Before settling for professional house clearance services, do the following;

  • Research about different house clearance companies near you. Check their profile for contact details and customer feedback.
  • Get professional advice from various local specialists for accurate job quotations.
  • Ask for a breakdown of costs incurred and also for any additional fees for the extra items.
  • You can hire an experienced client to help you in choosing the best company.

What are The Different Costs You Incur when Hiring House Clearance Services?

  • Staff Wages

By hiring such a company, you are sent professionals to help you with the house clearance. In most cases, you will be assigned, three professionals. This is for safety, health, and insurance reasons. Different companies charge differently for this, but the minimum cost is £216.

  • Waste Recycling Costs

House clearance companies are required to be registered with Environment Agency. It is impossible for these companies to use council waste sites. As such, they ought to pay at Licensed Commercial Waste Stations for legal waste disposal and compliance with government legislation.

Recycling cost varies between companies. They are charged by weight, where one ton is the base rate. Most companies prefer to use Luton vans which carry approximately 1.5 tons. The charges are between £180-£200 for each van load. Different household items attract additional recycling costs. Mattresses are recycled in groups of three, with each going for £20, fridges and freezers attract a minimum of £40 each.

Electrical goods including iron, toasters, kettles, and radios are charged a minimum of £5 for each item. This price is for every ten household items and will vary depending on their sizes. Things such as chemicals, tires, asbestos, and gas cylinders are charged individually. As such, most house clearance companies will not take them due to the costs incurred by disposing them.

  • Vehicle Costs

To ensure reliability, most house clearance companies renew their vehicles after every two to three years. Purchasing a new Luton van will cost you £26,000. However, you can hire it for £60 a day. They also quote a minimum of £20 for fuel costs.

  • Licenses and Insurances

It is vital that you hire a reputable company with valid licenses and insurances. Professionals from these companies will be registered with the Environment Agency and will be carrying a card displaying their registration details. The insurance will help cover your property against any accidental damage or staff injury. This attracts a minimum of £3.85.

  • Company Operating Costs

For effective running of the company, companies incur maintenance costs such as telephone lines, websites, marketing, advertising, and rental fees. This attracts a minimum charge of £25.

The total average house clearance cost comes to around £759.85.

In Summary;

Companies charge different amounts depending on various factors listed above. However, companies that charge unbelievably low amounts should be avoided. They may clear your house and dispose of the items inappropriately. Waste wrongly disposed of will attract a £5000 if skip traced back to you.