Payments Gateways are an essential tool for the e-commerce business. A payment gateway like Moneris Direct Payment Gateway WooCommerce enables merchants to accept payments effortlessly. It acts as a door between an e-commerce website and payment processors. There can be huge losses if you don’t have the right payment gateway to accept online payments. 

A payment gateway should have a secure platform to handle the sensitive information of customers. The payment processor gets information from the customers to validate the details for successful transactions. The main benefit of using a payment gateway is that merchants have the freedom to use other services available with it. This can include fraud protection, data analytics, generating reports, and other information about the transactions. 

What are the important sections of the Online Payment transaction?

  • Merchant: This party accepts credit card payments and it requires them to partner with Merchant bank. This account is used to accept payments and deposit the money into merchant accounts. 
  • Customer: They initiate the transactions for the services taken from the e-commerce store using their credit or debit cards.
  • Technology: This includes the payment processor and payment gateway.  

There are some additional things to know about WordPress payment processing:  

  • As online business deals with money, it is essential to provide customer support
  • Choose a payment gateway that processes the payments faster
  • Check if the payment gateway has as hidden charges to process transactions as it may be costly in some cases for small-scale business
  •  People use different devices to access your platform so ensure that the payment process works across different devices smoothly. 

Features of Moneris Direct Payment Gateway are:

Hosted Payment Page 

This indicates that customers will be redirected to the Moneris payment page to enter their card details. Payments will be processed on the Moneris server to make sure that the customer’s sensitive information is secure. Merchants need to validate that their platform is PCI compliant. 

API Integration 

Moneris supports API card detail collecting method which creates a form on the merchant server. The card information will be filled in the customer’s browser and sent to the payment gateway server for further process. The result of this will be sent to the merchant’s server to complete the final transaction. 


This is the best security method to protect customer data and money. Moneris Payment Gateway will encrypt the sensitive information of customers and convert them into a single token code. This token code is unique for every merchant and can be used during authorization. 

Saved Card Information

Moneris Direct Payment Gateway WooCommerce allows the customer to save their card information for future purchases. This information is securely stored in the Moneris Hosted vault which fastens the checkout process.


Moneris Direct payment gateway will check the customer’s account to check the availability of funds. It will still keep the money in a customer bank account until there is a request to transfer money from the merchants. 


Merchants can offer the option to refund money to the customers using Magento backend services without leaving the online store. This helps in providing better customer satisfaction and improves the refund process.

Advantages of Using Moneris Payment Gateway

Moneris has the solution to accept payments online from their customers. Some of the best reasons to select this payment method are: 

Accepting the transactions easily 

It lets merchants accept payment through card or contactless payment devices. Moneris payment gateway can help in tracking the transactions and record customers’ purchases on your e-commerce store. You get helpful features like develop reports, send receipts, customization of the tax rate, and more. 

Allowing Customers to Complete Payment in Multiple ways

This factor is important as customers can complete their purchases using debit and credit cards, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. This gives them the freedom to choose the method that is suitable for them. 

Better Customer Support

Moneris gives high-quality customer support which assists the customers all the time. They help in understanding the customer requirements and resolve their issues whenever required.  

How are online transactions processed?

Authorize the Sale 

A customer takes your services from an e-commerce store using a debit or credit card, this information is passed through a payment gateway. Once the data is encrypted it is sent to a payment processor that sends the request to the bank for money. The bank will grant or deny the payment request which depends on the availability of funds in the customer’s account.

Getting Payments in Merchant Accounts

After the approval from the bank, the customer can send money to the merchant. There are options to complete the transactions in installments or settle them later. 


The payment process is very important for e-commerce businesses and can affect conversion rates. So, Merchants should focus on integrating payment gateways like Moneris Direct Payment Gateway WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, and more into their online store. They should ensure that it is secure, responsive, faster-processing speed, compatible, cost-effective, and user-friendly. This can help in improving customer experience and give them a seamless process of completing online transactions. 

Don’t miss a chance to get the best payment gateway integrated into your e-commerce store as it will boost your sales.