One of the brilliant strategies employed by many successful lawyers to consistently get referrals from their clients is the display of compassion when they deal with their clients. It is a tremendous advantage if lawyers can show clients that they care for them.

Showing that you care for your clients is another way of client management. You can do many things to impress or attract potential clients, but you must not forget to care for your existing clients. This will be your ticket to gain and keep their trust.

Every lawyer possesses different abilities when dealing with legal cases. Experienced lawyers can likely manage themselves and handle the pressure brought by the job and especially difficult clients.

However, if you are a junior lawyer, there are many ways you can improve your client management skills.

Now, if you are struggling to find more clients, maybe there is something wrong with the way you handle your clients. Suppose you are a junior lawyer who is new in the job and you are just starting the search to find more clients. The secret is to show that you genuinely care for your clients to get more clients eventually.

There are some things that you can do to show your clients that you care for them:

Be On-Time

As a professional, you should always be time-conscious. Perhaps, this is another way to show that every case or individual is important. It would mean a lot to your clients if you arrive on time for consultations and meetings.

Remember to prioritize your clients’ needs. Do not develop a culture where time is no longer important, and you show up whenever you want.

Here are several practices to be time-conscious

• Always arrive on or before the time scheduled.

• Do not let your clients arrive first at court.

• If you are late due to unforeseen circumstances, apologize quickly and explain.

This is not a hard thing to do. This should be considered as a norm among lawyers. This will give your clients the feeling that you care for them.

Time is indeed precious, and no one can take it back. However, it is also true for them the same as you. As a lawyer, be a professional who values time.

Always Be Compassionate

This is another way of expressing kindness to your clients. Of course, you should be kind to them all the time. They are your bread and butter.

There are many ways to show courtesy among your clients. For example:

• Saying “Good Morning/Afternoon” or “Good Day”

• Welcome them with a smile

You cannot expect them to build trust in you and be comfortable with you if you cannot perform a simple welcome address. Thus, showing courtesy is also necessary to prove yourself worthy of their trust and that you care for them.

While some lawyers think of it as least significant, this practice should not be forgotten. After you welcome them properly, it will be a great transition to easily talk about essential matters.

Talk To Your Clients Politely

Always make it a habit talking to your clients politely. Do not talk to them in a loud and shouty voice. That will scare your clients or, worse; they will dislike you.

Following the rule of courtesy, you welcome them, talk to them about something while maintaining a soft and calm voice. For example:

• Ask how their day went.

• Ask if ever they need something.

Talking to them about less essential stuff is a great opening before talking about essential matters. However, if you have more clients waiting to be accommodated, you can talk directly about the case while making still making them feel welcome. Preferably, go the extra mile, talk to them and laugh with them if possible.

Aside from that, talking to your clients politely gives them a premium experience of your professional service. Afterward, they will feel comfortable talking to you throughout the whole conversation. Hence, they will think of you as a decent professional who cares for clients by merely talking politely.

Always Ask What They Feel

Asking what they know about the case or even from the start of consultation up to court proceedings is essential. This will help you know how to console them by knowing how they feel. It goes to show that you genuinely care for your clients.

Most cases are sensitive to the clients; you must be wary when talking to them. Remember, it is their case, not yours, so it is crucial to ask them what they feel.

It would be unprofessional and apathetic to look at every case without knowing the relevance of it to the client. Therefore, if you want to show that you care for your clients, always ask them what they feel.

Take It Personal

After knowing what they feel about the case, sympathize with them to let them feel that you care for them. This will blur the lines between lawyer and client, thus making for a healthy relationship.

Taking every case personally will improve your services because you think of it as important the same way as clients look at it. But this does not mean that you will act unethical to win their case. It is merely showing that the case is important, and you care for your clients.

Additionally, as you take every case personally, it will give them the impression that you are not just after their money, but that you are trying to resolve their case successfully. They will feel more comfortable entrusting their case to you. Once they do, they will think of you as a lawyer who has compassion over your clients rather than someone who is overwhelmed by profit.

Be Transparent

Do not pretend that you can win or even handle every case. Inform your clients about the complexities and risks with regards to their case. This is another way to show that you care for them by being transparent.

If you cannot handle the case, do not accept the case. Besides, whatever the outcome of the case, they will have to pay you for professional work done. Do not let it be just about the money.

After reading their case and hearing their sentiments, always tell them about the things you can and not do. Inform them about your capacity to handle the case to let them know whether you can or cannot settle the case for them.

Always remember that cases are sensitive to the clients. The best thing you can do is refer them to another lawyer who can provide the appropriate legal work for them if you cannot do so.

Do not make false promises just to impress your clients, when, in reality, it does not happen and will just result in further frustrations. It will cause damage to your reputation.

Therefore, to show that you care for them, be transparent. Do not fall for the temptations and pleasures of making a profit. Being honest with your clients’ is a clear act of compassion.

Do Not Ask Their Social Status

When treating clients, do not ask about their social status, except if it relates to their case. Do not think less of other clients when compared to those rich ones. They are humans too, with certain rights, who needed the same legal assistance.

Besides, they would not come asking help from you if they cannot afford your service. Do not judge them based on their appearance or social status.

Interestingly, if you are a lawyer who does pro bono activities, clients will likely think of you as a helpful lawyer. This will lead them into thinking that you care for the public welfare.

In other words, if you can do a legal task and show that you care to other people without being paid, all the more that clients will commend you because you truly care for everyone that needs your help despite their social status.

Respect Them

The driving factor of why you should care for your clients is the respect you give them. In short, you care for them because you respect them, their respective cases, and what they feel about it.

Most of your clients do not know how the legal system works or how to solve their cases legally. That is why lawyers are very important in guiding the public during legal proceedings and by educating them about their legal privileges.

There are numerous ways to show respect for your clients. You can either follow every step stated in here or create your own. After all, it all boils down to the same purpose, and that is caring for your clients.

Talk To Them after Case Hearings

Legal proceedings are a tedious process. You must have the patience to carry out the legal tasks before getting the results. It is tiresome on the part of lawyers and clients.

However, as a lawyer, who guides the case, you must communicate with clients before and after case hearings. Talk to them about what they feel, how the hearing went, the case’s status, and the next steps to do about the case.

In doing so, clients will be at ease because they know that you care for them. They know that the case is also important to you as to them. They know that they are well taken care of.

Proper communication will help clients to mentally and emotionally adjust to the situation. It is also beneficial on your part as a lawyer because if you show that you care for them, you can improve the relationship between you and them.

Consult With Clients after The Case Is Done

Lastly, among the previous steps, another way how lawyers can show they care to their clients is by consulting with them even after the case. It goes to show that the relationship you have between your clients is not only for legal purposes. But far beyond that.

Imagine spending time with them, like eating in a restaurant or drinking coffee, and talking about how their life went after the case. This way, you proved yourself as someone who cares for their interests and not your own.

Although you cannot win every case entrusted upon you, it is expected in the legal field. But you can extend your arms by redeeming yourself through keeping in touch with your clients after the case is finalized.

Final Thoughts

The importance of showing that you care for your clients is undeniable. It is not enough to be an expert in the field; you must also develop relationships with your clients. The best way to do that is to show that you care for them.

Senior and junior lawyers alike must practice compassion towards their clients. It will help you attract more clients and help establish your dream reputation. Just be consistent, and you will become a successful lawyer before you know it.

You have the advantage of knowing the public affairs and settling conflicts if problems will arise because you are a lawyer. Many people need your help, and it is your job to make their lives better, not miserable. Be a lawyer who puts your clients first before your personal interests.

Therefore, showing care for your clients is vital to every lawyer, and you can do so by simply following the steps written in here.