iOS App Before Launch

The app development cycle has always been a somewhat twisted maze. Once the developers are done with crafting the application to perfection, it feels like it’s ready to roll out. You’ve used the app on every device you could find, and it looks and feels ‘great,’ doesn’t it? But in reality, a mobile app isn’t ready to rumble unless it goes through a series to scrutinizing tests – ask any iOS application development company, and they’d say the same.

The enthusiasm of developers is on cloud 9 when they’ve got to test the designs, and they can’t wait to launch it in Apple’s glamorous App Store market. But before taking off, the pilot has got to taxi the plane on runway to check for errors that might need a fix. Pre-launch tests do just that to make the application free from small mistakes that might hurt at later stage.

This isn’t just for app hygiene that we are suggesting a thorough test. The Apple App Store has quite stern benchmarks when it comes to taking apps to live on the platform, and if there’s a buggy app found that didn’t comply with the Apple Quality Check, then it is taken off in no time at all. And on the off chance that it does make it to the market, then the bad ratings and uninstall rates will skyrocket.

If all is put in a nutshell, then testing the iOS apps is very crucial for them to survive. Now testing apps in multiple devices is the right approach but is extremely inefficient and often fails to highlight the problem. That is why it is incredibly crucial to go through a stern app test.

Three Fronts of Your Mobile App That You Cannot Afford to Miss While Testing

Design Testing

We all know that in the app stores, a book is sold due to its cover, and that is why your app’s aesthetic matters a lot. Check the look and feel of your application by scrutinizing every page, drop-down, pop up, and widget. Make sure the fonts are uniform and follow a consistent theme.

If you need some help, there are Human Interface Guidelines issued by Apple itself as to the ground rules that a developer must follow while working on an app’s UI and designing a user interface. Many developers use cross-platform app builders, and in that case, special care should be taken to check the application’s consistency.

Usability Testing

How are users navigating through your application? What is the flow of your app, and how’s the experience? Usability testing is a great way to ensure that your app flow is in sync with the user’s mentality or not. From the influx of sub-menus to internal navigation, do pay heed to what the user is looking for.


Don’t ignore the security factor. If you are making users install your app, then you have to vouch for the protection of their data.  Make sure your app is highly strong, versatile and never compromise its secure layers. Also make sure you embrace the most versatile data security strategies to improve the overall browsing experience of users.

Once your application has passed all these tests, it should be ready to rumble the App Store. Don’t forget to market the app properly, as that’s what brings the most downloads. A bug-free app goes a long way, and the best way to keep it bug-free is to test the application thoroughly. Good luck with the App Store.

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