Sexual harassment training educates everyone on the steps to take if they witness an incident or become a victim of one. Injury attorneys at Console & Associates lists several abuse symptoms that coworkers can recognize including regressing to developmentally inappropriate acts, changes in hygiene, and discomfort with touch.

Even if your state or country doesn’t require your business to provide sexual harassment training for employees, you should still consider it. It can benefit your business in many ways.

Why Is Sexual Harassment Training Important?

The most apparent benefit of sexual harassment training is creating a safe environment for all your employees.

No one should feel uncomfortable in your workplace, or even frightened to come to work. This type of training teaches employees proper behavior and help them know the actions they can take if a sexual harassment incident occurs.

If your business does nothing to prevent it, and an incident occurs, your company could be liable in case the harassed employee files a claim. The same goes if you’re aware of the harassment and fail to protect the victim.

Sexual harassment training educates everyone on the steps to take if they witness an incident or become a victim of one.

You should enforce a strict sexual harassment policy that prohibits unwelcome behavior, clearly states what accounts for such behavior, details the reporting process, and encourages everyone to speak up if an incident happens.

Without such a policy and proper training, it could seem like your company supports inappropriate behavior. And it may well happen before your eyes without you even realizing it.

Apart from the physical and mental trauma that comes with it, harassed employees wouldn’t be productive. They’d be stressed, anxious, scared, and perhaps even quit the job.

In addition to your moral obligation to protect your workers, consider potential productivity loss and employee turnover.

With all that in mind, let’s now take a look at some of the best sexual harassment training courses that you will find helpful.

1.ProProfs Sexual Harassment Training

ProProfs Sexual Harassment Training meets all federal and state compliance requirements regarding sexual harassment training.

It’s a sexual harassment course that you can customize to meet the needs of your business. You can also add interactive quizzes, surveys, and tests to assess your employees.

You can track compliance and completion, seeing who’s started the course, who has already completed it and how well, and who’s yet to enroll. Insightful analytics and reports show you all the critical performance stats and scores.

What’s great about this sexual harassment course is that it supports self-paced learning, so that it won’t interfere with your employees’ work schedules. It also features virtual classroom and real-life case studies, which are ideal for understanding the impact of training.

2.Clear Law Institute

Clear Law Institute offers a sexual harassment course that’s also compliant with all the federal and state laws across all the U.S. states.

The course focuses on engaging trainees through interactive games and instructional design. It also focuses on story-based learning, which includes providing trainees with real-life scenarios.

This course also addresses the “grey areas” of sexual harassment very well. The best part about the course is its no-fail approach. No employee can complete the training without answering all the questions correctly. Also, the training is different every year, so that there are no reruns of the same content.

3.Compliance Training Group

Compliance Training Group provides state-specific and nationwide sexual harassment courses compliant with federal and state laws. They offer different delivery methods, so you can choose the one that best fits your business needs and preferences.

You can choose from interactive online training, on-site training, webinar training, SCORM training, and the “Train the Trainer” program, which is basically one-on-one instructor-led training.

With SCORM training, you can bring all the Compliance Training Group’s training courses to your own LMS. You can buy them and host them on your LMS to provide regular sexual harassment training.

4.Inspired eLearning

Inspired eLearning offers an array of sexual harassment courses for supervisors and employees. All of them are customized for each of the U.S. states since sexual harassment training laws vary from state to state. 

Fisher Phillips, one of the most renowned U.S. employment law firms, regularly reviews all the courses to ensure they meet the necessary compliance requirements. So, you can be sure your workforce will get top-notch training, no matter which Inspired eLearning programs you choose.

5.NAVEX Global

NAVEX Global offers an array of risk and compliance management programs for businesses of all sizes. Their Workplace Harassment Course for managers and employees provides superb content regarding sexual harassment fundamentals and best practices for preventing unwelcome behaviors in the workplace.

It also discusses all the responsibilities of managers on preventing and responding to inappropriate behaviors, handling complaints, and creating a safe work environment. The employee-specific course version also tackles the reporting process.

Depending on your state requirements and training needs, you can choose from many different course versions.

6.Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training is an excellent source of training courses for organizations and individuals. It offers sexual harassment courses for supervisors, managers, employees, contractors, and volunteers.

The courses are compliant with all the U.S. states, and you pay them as you go. There are also group discounts, free retakes, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There’s no administration hassle, no expiration date, and you automatically get a training log in an Excel format. Your trainees also automatically get a PDF training certificate.


Findcourses features thousands of professional courses for businesses, including nearly 50 sexual harassment training courses.

All of them are compliant with the laws, and they’re designed and approved by legal experts. Most of them focus on online training, some of them are designed for on-site training, while a few others are created for the classroom setting. Some are state-specific, while others are delivered nationwide.

You have lots of different options, so you’re bound to find something that fits your business needs.


Traliant offers a great sexual harassment course with bite-sized sessions perfect for quickly mastering the training. Each session includes interactive videos featuring real-world scenarios and illustrating various types of unwelcome behavior in the workplace.

Those interactive elements and the storytelling training approach make this Traliant course very engaging and effective. It’s definitely worth checking out.

You may give all of these sexual harassment training courses a try, but the final decision will depend on your unique business needs and preferences. Still, you can’t go wrong with any of them, because all are designed, approved, and updated by legal experts.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a matter that you need to take seriously. All your employees, managers, and supervisors must fully understand what inappropriate behavior is, what to do to prevent or stop it, and how to report it.

Proper training, coupled with a strict sexual harassment policy, will help them and your business. It will help create an ethical, safe, happy, and productive work environment where everyone feels like home.