With the Coronavirus outbreak, it has become essential to think about new ways to handle business processes as well as personal needs.

The uncertainty related to the Coronavirus outbreak has made the headlines recently. The situation is unpredictable today. In such a scenario, most of the businesses have taken unprecedented measures to keep their employees safer and keep the business continue from a distance

In such a scenario, it has become mandatory to be aware of the advanced technologies that are helping businesses to cope up with the existing challenges look manageable with human efforts.

To make things more result-oriented with the existing technologies, we also need to think of technologies that can assist each other. And we are using cloud and other technologies in their best possible way to cope up with the ongoing crisis.

Cloud is a Saviour

Ever since the cloud has come into existence, it has given the world a sustainable solution in terms of data storage and retrieval. If we talk about the current crisis where we need our technical processes to work without any infrastructure and help people collaborate, the cloud has come out as the real saviour.

In the current crisis, we are facing global panic all over the world. Cloud-based communication solutions have supported people to work from home. Big companies such as Twitter, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have asked their employees to work from home. And gradually everyone is following the suit.

People have already been used to such communication solutions. And this is one big reason that cloud has kept most of the companies running their businesses without much hassle.

Things That Need Attention

We need certain technical capabilities to ensure collaboration despite the distance. In this context, getting hardware such as laptops and computers is unavoidable. Another factor that plays an even more important role is internet bandwidth.

For an organization, 70% of the bandwidth requirement is outbound. And because of this reason, maintaining an Internet connection becomes all the more essential that can sustain this load.

Sharing information with everyone and keeping everyone in the loop is also very necessary so that any important information should not be missed out from anyone essential. The security of data is another concern because almost everyone is accessing the data on their private network. It becomes all the more necessary to take tough security measures to prevent any breaching of the sensitive data.

Risk management and ensuring business continuity are additional factors that play an important role to make a business up and running.

World is Collaborating

Public interactions are turning into virtual ones because social distancing is the need of the hour. Front-end applications like Skype, Zoom, Slack, and Aden have made it all the more simple to connect and collaborate.

Most of the vendors and service providers are trying to enhance the number of compute nodes to match the growing demands of work from home scenarios. Cloud has always supported remote working and it has given its users all the possible ways to make this experience seamless and real.

The current scenario has pushed many companies to think in terms of remote collaboration. And most of the companies have tried to implement it on short notice. The Corona crisis has worked as a catalyst to bring collaboration through the cloud into the mainstream. People are not traveling to attend an important meeting overseas but they are making it possible from the cozy corners of their home.

What We Can Expect

In the times ahead, we are going to see some major changes in terms of working as well as measuring productivity. We can also expect that the current scenario is leading us to automation and artificial intelligence.

However, most of the companies have already started relying on some powerful new technologies to support the customers with the help of remote agents. Chatbots are becoming common and they are becoming more intelligent with time.

The best thing with cloud technology is it has been evolving with time, and it can adapt to contemporary business needs. In this COVID-19 situation, cloud technology has responded with powerful results.

If we look at the contemporary scenario, most of the places are going under complete lockdown, the roads are deserted, and the daily activities have come to a halt. But people are still connected with each other over the internet. Cloud-based platforms are helping them work efficiently.

We don’t know how long it will take to settle things back to normal, but the good news is we have already developed a good sustainable infrastructure for communication that has enabled us to stay connected with each other and collaborate when the world needs it the most.