It’s convenient for small companies to depend on one platform for all of their online marketing, especially when they can manage to mold the deals in their favor.

However, what goes wrong here? That company will depend on a single platform for their online marketing, and that is not quite right. Yet, primarily only huge companies like Pepsi, Target, and Dunkin’ Donuts have participated in the recent Facebook marketing boycott over the platform’s defeat to censor hate speech & misinformation, the action should ring an alert bell for small or big companies.

If it comes down to a problem of morals, or an unexpected calculative change that generates less business your way, you never realize when you will need to pause your go-to outlet. Connie Matisse, CMO and Cofounder of pottery brand East Fork is confused about this issue. She said that initially, they had about 80% of their website traffic directly from Instagram, that she sometimes has nightmares of the platform collapsing.

Suppose you are running a fashion design store online, getting most of the clientele online, or managing an e-commerce fashion brand that markets on social media. In that case, this may be an excellent time to expand your marketing strategy. You can do so in three different ways, as stated below.

Target your Email List

Email marketing is one of the best ways to influence your audience into buying your products or services. As per the Harvard Business Review, experts check their email an average of 15 times a day or 37 mins. Moreover, anyone who signs up for your email list must have had an interest in your brand when they did; this is a lead. Also, systematically emailing them and being there in their inbox ensures that they won’t forget that you exist, even when they don’t check your email.

Dexter and Byron, siblings and co founders of the design marketplace Goodee, count on emails to share interactive content and exclusive offers with their audience. They recently said that email marketing is an effective approach to connect with highly engaged customers with first access to the latest product launches. Moreover, gift ideas for every vacation, recommendations for decorating a new place, or upgrading an abode, stories highlighting the creators and artisans features throughout the Goodee marketplace.

It takes a lot of brainstorming and strategic thinking when it comes to growing your email list. Those days are not gone when businesses used to ask people to subscribe to their newsletters. Consider offering the audience something valuable for giving them their email, like discounts on their next purchase, checklist, or workbook. After you manage to get them on board, involve them with valuable and relevant content. As tempting it is to send updates about your brand, you should not post them excessively. Always put yourself in their place and imagine how it will look. Think: Why would they be interested in checking your email, and what do they get in return? Your aim is to get subscribers who want you to get back to them and delight them with content that refreshes them.

Put your Content on your Webpage

If you have focused on Facebook marketing for some time, you have probably generated a vast number of posts. That material is yours. You did all the work to create it, and now’s the time to reuse it to choke up your webpage.

You can think of the posts you shared on social media platforms and rearranging them as articles on a blog of your web page. In this way, no matter what happens to those external platforms like Facebook or Instagram, your website will still be the main point of origin for everything that your brand wants to share.

Thus creating original content will, in turn, increase your Google search ranking in the long-term, making it simpler for prospective clients and existing customers to find you when they start searching what they are looking for online. Small companies will find it challenging to rank higher for general search keywords like “fashion designing studio.” Therefore, the best you can do is create content build on particular ideas and customized for a specific audience. Also, keep in mind your businesses’ USP, whether plus-sized clothing or handcrafted clothing. When you create a particular content, you will not only show higher search engines, but anyone who finds you when looking at the topic will likely be encouraged to doodle around your web page since it’s highly pertinent to them.

Affiliate with Like-minded Brands

The fastest and simplest way to boost your reach is to collaborate with the owner of a complimentary business and share your clientele with one another. For instance, you own a clothing boutique; you can work with a jeweler and share your products and client. It is fine to anticipate many of your fans will also be interested in your affiliates products and vice versa. You can promote one another via a collective event hosted online, and agree to highlight one another’s business in a post on Facebook or Instagram. You both can team up and create a collection jointly, or spotlight each other on your webpages.

The founder and creative director of Nest Studio, Jessica Davis, says that collaborations are always fascinating from a media standpoint. She recently affiliated with ceramic artist Jonathan Castro. They highlight each other’s products on their page. They used their social media followings, emails, and newsletters to designers, and organized an event at Colony to let everyone know.

When you collaborate, you can also try to get your partner’s followers on your email list to encourage them to purchase in the future. In case it’s an event, create a landing page for viewers to submit their email in the link to join, or provide them a discount in return for their email address.

Final Words

If you follow these strategies mentioned in this article, there is a high possibility of generating more leads than you had on your social media platforms to date. Moreover, irrespective of whatever happens in social media politics, you won’t be affected by the latest trends.

Author Bio:

Harnil Oza is CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, an app development company in New York and India, having a team of the best app developers who deliver the best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge on leading blogging sites like app development companies.