What is the one thing that a businessman desires the most? CLIENTS. A lot of clients. While this is the most fairytale situation for a business, it is most hard work too. A businessman puts in a lot of efforts to bring his business to a point where he is getting a foot fall. The entire team works together to deliver the best of services in order to achieve the ultimate goal of making recurring money.

While your products and services can be commendable, a client looks into a lot of factors before coming back. Are you aware about them? NO? Well then, here is a list for you to know what a client looks in your business-

  1. Client servicing
  2. Promptness in your replies
  3. Process neatness
  4. Data clarity
  5. Conversation records
  6. And, professionalism

Not that your team is incapable of handling all of these alone. But, an assistance from the AI of a software that can manage your entire cashflow and workflow is certainly a smart choice. Hosting a custom online invoicing software in your environment will help you in your business and communication management. But first, what is custom invoicing software?

What are Custom Invoicing Solutions?

Custom invoicing solutions are needed nowadays by various businesses for all sizes and types of invoicing activities and managing the custom workflow in an organization.

There are various online invoice generator software that helps in setup, execution, and monitoring of all the current invoices and workflow of an organization. It also helps organizations in controlling and managing workflow and billing of their clients. Invoice approval software makes sure that processes across manual tasks and automated-tasks are synced in one place.

In order to realize, what role the custom free online invoice software plays with all the functionalities like automation, synchronization, and collaboration of one or more than one business process. It offers a platform where users can view all the processes and performance of the organization. It can also help in assessing the improvements required in the current process.

Reasons Why Businesses Require Management of Custom Workflow?

Managing the workflow and payments of various clients is a very difficult task. However, if you use the invoice approval software or invoice approval system it will eliminate all the difficulties you are having. Businesses get a booster when they use the invoice approval software for managing all their payments and workflow. There are various activities performed by invoice approval workflow software to make the process, even more, simpler and user-friendly. The invoice approval workflow software works like a shield that covers all the features to help the organizations in simplifying their existing custom workflow management.

The invoicing approval workflow software or free invoice approval software makes your whole experience an easy one with just the click of a mouse. Giving companies enough time to invest in some other and more productive business activities.

With invoice software online, you can eliminate the manual business process and make a switch to an automated one. This makes the invoicing and payment process a lot simpler by putting all the previous data on the cloud and makes it accessible to everyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Managing Custom Workflow With

Electronic Invoice Approval Process

The electronic invoice approval process system is one of the most important features demanded with Invoicera. When this invoice approval software is enabled, it gives the admin the authority to add all the team members who are active members of an organization in a loop to create and send all types of invoices across the organization. Moreover, they have access to editing and reviewing an invoice. It will only add accuracy when communicating about the invoice with the entire organization.

Automating Invoice Workflow

When you automate your invoice workflow it converts all your invoices in a proper way and by using good estimations. Now you don’t have to deal with all the problems like noting down all the expenses, taking the various time or paper estimations, and then creating paper invoices based on the estimated data.

With manual invoicing you also forget to add late fee and forget all the late payment reminders. However, the invoice approval system makes all these processes a quick one.

With years of experience, it improves quick decision making, improves visibility, and increases the security of the application.

Managing Permissions of Staff

In order to control the permission of the staff and assigning them roles and responsibilities with features like staff management. Tracking the time of each employee and managing the productivity of their work is available in Invoicera’s invoice approval software. Moreover, you can also assign clients to the staff and manage their working hours. It will help you in invoicing in every minute you are going to spend on your project.

Management of Online Payments

There are more than 30 payment gateways available in invoicera invoicing software. It allows companies to add late fees and late reminders to receive all the payments which are to be sent to the clients once they have reached the deadlines.

Users can set the option for automatic payment for late payments which is to be sent to the clients after they have reached the deadlines.

Moreover, the manual payment option is also available as well.


The market today is filled with multiple custom invoice software online to choose from. Each of the software is able to suffice varied business needs. While some are particularly made for freelancers, others are completely suitable for consultants. With such wide options to choose from, the choice of picking up the most appropriate online invoice generator software becomes difficult. And that is the reason why we brought you the top reasons to pick up a custom invoice software for your business.

There is nothing more relevant today than assisting your business with aid of artificial intelligence. A software that can hold all possibilities to host your current business activities and scale up with it in future is nothing less than a miraculous support/supplement for it.

One of the finest software that we consider today is Invoicera. Leading in the line of most feature-rich yet budgeted software, Invoicera becomes our #1 choice to go for. It is scalable, customizable, feature-rich, and guided.

The reason e love it is because Invoicera is one of the leading invoice approval software which is completely cloud-based. Empowering so many businesses for the last 16 years.

Invoicera helps in simplifying and automating the existing business processes and communicating with various clients using features like:

  • Instant payments with multiple payment gateways
  • Estimates
  • Staff permissions
  • Invoice scheduling
  • Credit note management
  • Customized invoice templates
  • Subcontractor billing and time management
  • Support for 25+ payment gateways
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • API access for 3rd party integration
  • Online invoicing & payments
  • Invoice Approval Process
  • Expense tracking
  • Auto Recurring billing/subscription billing
  • Client/Vendor panels
  • Time tracking
  • Custom workflow management
  • Multi-language & currency support
  • Financial reporting & analysis
  • Purchase orders
  • Late Payment Reminders