A full-size mattress is one choice of selecting a mattress size for your bedroom.  There are many different sizes of mattresses and this is only one size.  A full-size bed is great for a single sleeper or can be a bit crowded for a couple.  Sometimes pet owners have to share their bed with a pet that is rather larger in size and that can also make a full-size bed a bit small.   There are many times that a bedroom may not be exceptionally large, and people will opt to select this smaller bed so that they have room in their bedroom for their television and a dresser.  There are many quality mattresses that may be purchased for a full-size bed.

Standard Size

The standard size for a full-size mattress measures 54” x 75”.  This will work also in a teenagers room normally giving them enough space for a comfortable night’s sleep.  Some people may opt to put this size of bed in a smaller child’s room, giving them room to snuggle up with the child so they can read them a bed time story and spend quality time with them as they fall off to sleep.  A mattress of this size may work well for your college student that may have decided to rent a room with their friends and has to furnish their own bed.  This will give them additional room in their bedroom for a desk so that they can have a place to do their homework without having to sit on their bed.  Of course, most college students will also want room for their television and their game system.

The room size for a comfortable fit for a full-size bed, allowing additional furniture would be recommended as a 9 foot by a 9.6 minimum.  This could be a bit small so the bigger the room the more additional room that there would be for furnishings.   When you have a couple, the width of the bed only gives each sleeper 27 inches of space to sleep comfortably.  Most of us toss and turn during the night and with such a small space, many sleepers will not have a good night’s rest and will wake up in the morning feeling tired and sometimes achy.

Importance of A Good Night’s Sleep

  • Recharges your energy
  • Helps to increase your memory
  • Helps to avoid depression
  • Gives your body more power to fight off germs
  • Helps to give you a more positive attitude

Selecting the Full-Size Bed for A Good Night’s Sleep

There are many amazing and wonderful full-size beds on the market.  Let us cover a few to see if it makes this decision easier for you.



This mattress is available in a variety of sizes.  It is one of the top of the line Memory Foam designs that offer a variety of quality benefits for many different styles of sleepers.

Cover – The cover of this bed is designed with a quilted style that is mixed with some memory foam that offers a soft and plushy feeling to make your first impression of this bed very comforting as you first get onto this mattress.

Comfort – The comfort level of this mattress has been made from memory foam that has been infused with gel.  This has helped with the cooling properties of this mattress.  It offers a slow response to pressure allowing you to sink a little but supports and offers pressure relief to the shoulder and hip areas where it seems to be needed the most to keep you in proper alignment.

Transition – This layer has been designed with memory foam that offers a quicker response than the layer above it.  This gently lowers the sleeper down on the base below and helps them with the support and comfort that their body needs.

Base – This base has been made from a high-density poly foam.  The density of this memory foam offers the support and the shape of this mattress.  This base offers the support and the comfort of this mattress.

This mattress has shown its abilities to rank a little on the softer side of medium.  It offers quality pressure relief as you gently sink.  This mattress would be great for side sleepers because of the pressure relief to the shoulders and the hip area that it offers.  This mattress would be great when sleeping with a partner or even a pet because it offers a subtle motion transfer so not to disturb the other sleeper as you turn or get out of bed.


This DreamCloud bed has been designed with various foams and coils to offer the support and comfort to the sleeper.  It allows the sink of the softness, but the coils give you the lift to be able to move comfortably around.

Cover – The cover for this mattress has been designed from cashmere and polyester.  Its creation has been quilted with memory foam added to give the soft sinking feeling as you first get on your new mattress.

Eurotop – This layer is made from two separate layers of foam.  The first layer is memory foam that is infused with gel and the second layer is of a polyfoam that is denser and offers support to the sleeper.  This combination also offers quality pressure relief to the sleeper as they are supported on this mattress.

Support Layer – This layer is made from pocketed coils that are designed to move independently of each other.  This offers the sleeper a lift up so that they do not sink deeply into the mattress.  This design also gives more control to the motion action of this mattress.

Base – This base layer is made from heavy density poly foam.  It offers the support and shape to the mattress.  It also is a base to the coils giving them the support and foundation for them to react.

This top of the line mattress is deemed to be in the medium firmness for a mattress.  It offers a quality comfort and would be a nice mattress for a back or side sleeper.  This design offers quality pressure relief to the hips and shoulders helping to keep your alignment where it needs to be.  The transfer motion allows for movement that is minimal and should not disturb your partner when you are repositioning or getting up from the bed.


The Casper is another top of the line quality mattress.  It is known by it popular brand to many consumers.  It is 12 inches thick and made up of layers of different foams.

Cover – The cover is designed from a soft polyester blend.  It offers softness and smoothness to the bed as your first touch your new mattress.  It is removable and enclosed with a zipper so that you can remove for cleaning or replacement as it starts to wear.

Comfort – This layer has been made from an open cell foam that helps to create airflow throughout the layer to help with temperature regulations for a more comfortable nights sleep.  This foam is similar to a latex and offers bouncy and responsive qualities.  Helps to support the sleeper from sinking too deeply so they have the mobility to move around in their sleep.

Contour – This layer is designed from memory foam.  This offers the sleeper a slower response to pressure so that they can sink slightly and feel the body contour that offers pressure relief as they sleep.  This layer also helps with temperature regulation for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Transitional – The transitional layer has been created from two separate layers of different types of poly foam.  The softer layer is placed at the top to offer a quality pressure relief to the shoulder area.  The second layer is placed towards the center and lower part and is firmer offering a supportive pressure relief to the hip area.  The hip area is heavier than the shoulder area, so the firmer support helps to keep your body in proper alignment.

Base – The base of this mattress is made from a heavy-duty poly foam and offers the support for the entire mattress.  It also gives and holds the shape of the mattress for a quality design.

This mattress appears to be close to a medium firmness.  If you sleep closer to the head of the bed it could be closer to the softer range.  This mattress offers a quality support and pressure relief to most sleepers.  It would make a great choice for a side and back combo sleeper, with the ease of movement on the mattress there should be no struggling to reposition.


Selecting the perfect full-size mattress for you and your sleeping and comfort needs, must first be answered by will it give you enough room to sleep comfortably.  That will depend if you are sleeping with a partner or alone.  Comfort and a good night’s rest means more than most people realize to your overall health.  If a full size is not enough room for your comfort, most of these mattresses come in different sizes as long as your room can handle the bigger sizes you have many top of the line quality choices that will make your nights more comfortable and restful.