Hacks for Enterprise SEO Outsourcing? Search engine optimization is well considered as one of the top digital marketing strategies for growing a business regardless of its nature and size. However, how it is executed will ultimately depend on the organization’s scale or particularly, their website.

For the big companies that have a ton of webpages for each of their products and services, being successful through Search engine optimization means investing a lot of your time and in-house resources, which could last for months or even up to years depending on the project goals.

To save time and money but at the same time stay competitive and relevant in the organic search, it has become a trend for companies to outsource their SEO to agencies located in countries like the Philippines- therefore the rise of Enterprise SEO Outsourcing.

Not only does Enterprise SEO Outsourcing save you time, but it also saves you money but lets your company have an actionable and scalable SEO strategy. Being successful in this approach, however, will depend on how strategic you structure the outsourcing program and how capable the agency you have chosen is.

Here are some tips and tricks that will make sure that your enterprise SEO outsourcing program will work for your business.

1. Assign a Manager from In-House Staff

Just like other outsourcing projects, enterprise SEO outsourcing will require you to have someone from your own team to make sure that everything is in place and done right. They will also have to make decisions as the project goes on.

What many enterprises fail to realize, is that not having in-house personnel to check your progress can lead to timely mistakes on the agency’s part and unmet objectives for the company.

Choose someone who is knowledgeable about SEO and the functions of the business that will be outsourced so they can provide the outsourced SEO employees with the most accurate and relevant information required to kick-off all the SEO legwork.

2. Clarify the Roles with the Agency

It is essential that you know the agent who will work on your project. Their team should be able to fulfill these roles:

  • Project Leader- The critical member of the team that will put an SEO strategy in place, keep track of all initiatives, and will relay technical concepts and implementation to the client’s manager and outsourced team.
  • Outreach and Link Building Staff- These are the ones assigned to communicate and build relationships with bloggers and influencers that are relevant and will help create opportunities for content distribution and promotion.
  • Content Writers- These people must-have content marketing and SEO acumen to create good content such as blogs, whitepapers, infographics, web copies, etc.
  • Graphic Designers- Having a couple or more creative graphic designers is essential to upgrading text copies, designing nice web pages, and creating visual assets.
  • Account Management- The agency should have a dependable staff that can manage issues as they come, and present potential opportunities that can help maximize your investment.

3. Check if the Agency Has a Capable Enterprise SEO Platform

Enterprise SEO platforms are subscription-based tools used to track the performance of an enterprise’s website and pages. These are capable of giving out accurate performance reports for the company.

4. Ensure that the Agency Uses a Project Management System

A well-organized project is less likely to fail and have problems than others.  If you want your enterprise SEO outsourcing program done right, it is important that your chosen agency uses project management that is accessible for the employees even if they are not in the office. There are a lot of project management system options out in the market right now, but what matters is that the agency you choose takes time to guide your personnel in using the platform.

 5. Request for a Sample Report

Make sure that your expectations match what your chosen agency can actually do, especially in SEO performance reports. Try to request a sample SEO performance report to gain a better insight into the agency and see if it has the data that will actually matter to your campaign.

6. Run the Outsourcing Partnership One Action at a Time

If you think that enterprise SEO outsourcing will instantly cover up your website’s flaws, then you are totally wrong. Rushing things in an SEO enterprise can lead to some basic aspects being overlooked and a lot of opportunities being missed.

To ensure success, make sure that you are patient. Patience is the key because a website that wants to stay relevant and competitive for the future will ultimately need an investment of not only money but also your time. Speeding up the process will hurt you more than it can help your enterprise.

For more information and details on these hacks, here is an infographic made by Digital Marketing Philippines.