Complete guide to use GogoPDF will be described in this article. The natural “stiffness” of PDFs is undeniably challenging for most electronic file users. Especially in this digital age where PDFs are maximized for daily operations, it continues to become a neverending dilemma. What people need is a fast-operating, reliable, free, and versatile online PDF tool. What people need is GoGoPDF!

Rotate, Edit, And Repair PDFs Using GogoPDF For Free

In this article, you can know about Rotate, Edit, And Repair PDFs Using GogoPDF For Free here are the details below;

GoGoPDF Editing Tools

GoGoPDF Editing Tools

So what is GoGoPDF? GoGoPDF is your one-stop free online tool for editing, converting, and powering your PDFs! The home page itself brings you to a more delightful and festive shade for you to manage your PDFs more efficiently. Are you bothered by upside down and damaged PDFs? Worry not since you can do PDF rotate and fix corrupted ones with GoGoPDF! Also check AI Social Media Text Generator 

Rotate PDF Pages

If you are going to rotate an image file, the task will be pretty easy; if you are going to rotate a Word document, you need to learn about adjusting its indentation. But if you’re going to rotate a PDF, you will not be competent to do so without buying the Adobe tools. Fortunately, you now have your new PDF best friend, GoGoPDF, to overcome these problems for free!

There are unavoidable circumstances wherein we encounter PDFs that are sideways or upside down. Although they might not be designed that way initially, PDFs sometimes encounter minor to major glitches when frequently transmitted from one user to another. To maximize GoGoPDF, follow these steps and learn how to rotate your PDFs:

  • Go to GoGoPDF’s home page and choose the Rotate PDF option.
  • Locate your dispositioned PDF and drag it to the GoGoPDF dropbox.
  • Wait for a few seconds as the PDF file uploads, and then you will be brought to the rotate page.
  • You can add more pages in the rotate PDF area. Then you can start rotating your PDFs either left or right.
  • Apply the changes and save your newly rotated PDF! If you plan to share it via social media, you can copy the URL instead.

Minor Editing To Your PDFs

Minor Editing To Your PDFs

PDFs are usually stiffer than other existing file formats. These PDFs’ sole purpose is to print and share; they are not the ideal file construct for editing content. Similar to rotating PDF pages, you cannot make even small alterations to your PDF’s content if you do not acquire the necessary tools. GoGoPDF saves your day again and makes editing PDF available and free!

If you want to view your file, you can maximize the PDF reader and see more of its features. To make additional texts, figures, and drawings to your PDF, you can also use their “Edit PDF” function. You can also delete unnecessary pages from your base document. Also, you can add personalized watermarks and page numbers to signify ownership of your PDFs.

Recovering Corrupted or Damaged PDFs

Recovering Corrupted or Damaged PDFs

Now, this part is somewhat tricky, especially for PDF beginners. There are various reasons why PDFs end up damaged or corrupted. Most cases involve interruptions during the PDF file download. Again, without the appropriate tool, this task is almost impossible. It would take highly-technical professionals to recover damaged PDFs. Also check Nearpod vs Pear Deck

But with these modern technological advancements such as GoGoPDF, fixing damaged PDFs becomes a lot easier. Although they may only be partial recovery for severely damaged PDFs, you can always expect a good repair with GoGoPDF. Another thing is for sure, GoGoPDF will never add up to any of the previous damages to your PDFs.


With these helpful tools of GoGoPDF, your usual PDF problems will be solved in just a few taps or clicks. You need not spend another dollar, all you need is your updated device and internet connection, and then you are good to go!