GoDaddy Websites + Marketing: Look Great Everywhere

GoDaddy InSight, A First-of-its-kind Smart Recommendation Tool, Guides Entrepreneurs toward Achieving Their Goals

If you’ve ever tried to build a website and then find ways to get prospects to see it and take action, you know first-hand this is a time consuming and difficult undertaking. As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities, so finding smart and efficient ways to manage your website and marketing are like gifts from the small business gods (and we pray to them often).

GoDaddy recently launched its new product, Websites + Marketing, which pairs its easy-to-use website builder with a suite of marketing tools that are designed to assist small businesses with their marketing and improve their business growth. This new product allows for integrations with Amazon, Google, and Facebook, so users can employ the broadest online reach.

Also launched was GoDaddy InSight, which helps entrepreneurs answer the question “what should I do next” when working to hit their business goals (because sometimes the path ahead is a little foggy). Small business owners beta testing the new product reported, on average, an 18% revenue increase and a 23% increase in new customers.

The new product was announced at GoDaddy’s Entrepreneur Summit 2019 event held in San Francisco this past September.

Websites + Marketing Product

Designed to be the only tool needed to manage an online presence, GoDaddy Websites + Marketing combines the power of a professional website with the marketing reach of the world’s largest search, social, and commerce platforms to empower businesses to be successful.

“We spend a lot of time talking to entrepreneurs, and they share how much anxiety they have figuring out how to show up online. Even once they build a site, they struggle to know if it’s working for them and what else they need to do to get found,” said Lauren Antonoff, Head of Apps and Experiences. “We want to take the guessing and unnecessary work out of the process so that customers can focus on running their business. We built GoDaddy InSight to guide our customers with personalized action plans that provide real results without a huge time investment.”

Entrepreneurs + small businesses (in the U.S.) that have been utilizing Websites + Marketing have reported strong results. Below are some of the average statistics they are seeing:

  • Revenue increasing by 18%
  • New customers increasing by 23%
  • Saving about an hour each day in having to deal with their website and marketing
  • Doubling website traffic with SEO tools

GoDaddy InSight also provides a score, showing small businesses how their online performance compares to similar businesses in their industry. The score adjusts over time as they complete different items from their action plan, providing consistent visibility on how they are benchmarking with others like them.

Building Elegant and Powerful Websites, Without the Fuss

Website creation can be fast, simple, and personalized, no matter if you’re working on a desktop or mobile device. Site Makeover, a new visualization tool in Websites + Marketing, makes

it easy to see your website in 20+ different styles. Unlike many other website builders, switching the design doesn’t require starting from scratch; site owners can change the look of their entire site while keeping their content intact.

Showing Up Wherever Customers Are

Having your business show up for your prospects + customers is critical. Websites + Marketing includes integrations with some of the world’s largest and most well-known platforms to

make it easy for small businesses to connect with the people looking for them.

It syncs with Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, and Google My Business, enabling small business owners to respond to customer reviews from within Websites + Marketing. As any business owner knows, keeping social media platforms updated with current information can take a lot of work, but utilizing Websites + Marketing allows you to do so within one platform.

Intuitive SEO and email marketing tools ensure small businesses are visible everywhere, and connected with customers, from Google search results to customers’ inboxes, without a huge time investment.

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