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GetResponse is a well-known all-in-one ESP that offers companies cutting-edge automation, reporting, and landing page functionality. For small and medium-sized organisations, it is a clear and appealing alternative due to its user-friendly design and wide range of professional functions.

It might be among the top email marketing services available, but there are other companies that offer sophisticated email marketing features. In this article, we’ll look at a few GetResponse substitutes that have distinct features and, in some cases, more reasonable pricing.Let’s investigate the rivals of GetResponse. But  first, a brief explanation of the GetResponse product.

Pros and Cons of using GetResponse

There is a GetResponse substitute available for everyone, from small business owners to corporate marketers. So let’s start by examining the benefits and drawbacks of utilising GetResponse:

GetResponse Pros

Interface that is easy to use: GetResponse is famous for its user friendly interface, which causes it available to users of all skill levels.

Autoresponders and a wide range of triggers are two examples of automation capabilities. Create multistep automations using a variety of template options.

Options for integration include social media sites, CRM systems, and e-commerce platforms.

Advanced reporting and analytics: Detailed analytics with e-commerce and conversion tracking

Access to the knowledge base, video lessons, email and live chat help are all examples of good customer service.

GetResponse Cons

Low Email Deliverability: Our email deliverability rates aren’t the best when compared to those of other providers, and they’ve dropped since our last round in April.

Higher pricing: If you wish to access more advanced services, pricing options might be somewhat pricey.

Limited segmentation abilities: In comparison to other email marketing solutions, some users have claimed that GetResponse has less segmentation options.

Limitations of marketing automation: To get these capabilities, you must purchase a higher-tier subscription.

Top 10 Best GetResponse Alternatives And Competitors

In this article, you can know about GetResponse Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Brevo


With a wide range of capabilities including email marketing, SMS marketing, and CRM software, this all-inclusive marketing software is the perfect choice for companies of all sizes and sorts. Additionally, they have a very generous free plan that allows you to use their automated tools and send up to 300 emails every day.

Brevo provides a number of important features, including:

  • Automated email sequences, transactional email features, lead generation, and SMS capabilities (for the US) are examples of strong automation features.
  • Strong reporting: Cutting-edge analytics and data make it simple to gauge the effectiveness of email marketing.
  • Flexible design options: A selection of pre-built email templates
  • Partnerships with well-known e-commerce systems like Shopify and WooCommerce are ideal for business owners of online stores.
  • Very affordable: Brevo’s free plan, which is significantly more liberal than GetResponse’s free plan, gives users access to a wide multiplicity of mechanization tools and unlimited contacts.

What they should improve:

Ecommerce capabilities: Despite the existence of ecommerce connectors, the Brevo platform does not allow for the sale of digital goods.

Email deliverability: Sadly, Brevo’s email deliverability scores in our most recent tests were quite low.


  • Paid plans begin at $25 per month.
  • For further details, see our Brevo price guide.

2. MailerLite


A very user-friendly and reasonably priced email marketing solution is MailerLite. With its incredibly user-friendly email campaign and landing page builder, basic email automation features, and free reporting analytics, the tool is perfect for small business owners.

The following are some of the main features that MailerLite provides:

  • Extremely user-friendly: One of the simplest email marketing solutions we’ve used, ideal for beginners
  • Excellent deliverability rates: MailerLite ranks highly in our studies of email tool deliverability.
  • Automation steps are infinite on their free subscription and include access to a visual email automation builder.
  • Free landing pages: This package includes a great tool for creating free landing pages.
  • Various contemporary pre-built email and landing page themes are available (on a premium plan). The free plan’s design options are also excellent.
  • Affordable pricing: 1,000 subscribers can sign up for the free plan, which is ideal for companies who want to minimise their marketing expenses.
  • Online courses are free, and users can enrol in MailerLite Academy’s free plan to become recognised as an expert in MailerLite email marketing.

What they should improve:

Language restrictions: Four languages that MailerLite previously supplied have been removed as they improved their product. bad news for loyal clients.

Advanced reporting: The contact management and reporting capabilities of MailerLite are lacking.


  • Paid packages begin at $10.
  • For further details, see our MailerLite price guide.

3. AWeber


AWeber is a famous email marketing medium that offers a wide spectrum of capabilities, such as analytics, email automation, and integration possibilities with a number of other business tools. Additionally, they have been in business for more than 20 years, which is rather significant.

AWeber provides a number of important features, including:

Automation tools: They brashly assert that they invented the autoresponder. Sadly, triggers are only possible when someone has a certain tag or subscribes to a list.

A/B testing, email analytics, and conversion tracking are examples of performance monitoring

Email templates: Companies have access to a large selection of pre-made templates that may be Customised to fit any situation or communication opportunity.

Ecommerce features: You may sell your services and goods through emails and your sales landing page thanks to their PayPal connectivity. All PayPal sales are trackable in your AWeber dashboard.

Good customer service: Quick to respond and accommodating. For new users, educational resources including podcasts, help articles, and video lessons are accessible.

What they should improve:

Subscriber count: It’s unjust that unsubscribed users count towards your monthly allotment.

Their plans and prices are rather pricey when compared to those of other instruments of a similar nature.


  • Paid packages begin at $19.99 per month.
  • For further details, refer to our AWeber price guide.

4. ActiveCampaign


One of the top email marketing providers we’ve tried, in our honest opinion (and they have our badge to prove it). The advanced email marketing features offered by this all-inclusive marketing solution include a landing page builder, a powerful CRM, and other useful sales and marketing automation tools. Without a doubt, ActiveCampaign is a top option for companies of all kinds (albeit you’ll require a sizable email marketing budget). This is another GetResponse Alternatives. Also check Mysportsfeeds 

The following are some of the main functionalities that ActiveCampaign provides:

Unbeatable email automation: You can run A/B testing, tag users automatically depending on behaviour, and design intricate, timed automation workflows. Deal management and segmentation can both be automated.

Features of omnichannel marketing include live chat on your website, SMS advertising, Facebook Custom Audiences, and “site messages,” which help you personalise the information on your landing pages and website.

Strong CRM and sales capabilities: The system offers respectable sales management tools to move prospects through a sales funnel and turn them into paying clients. Industry-leading deliverability: In our email deliverability testing, their delivery rates have consistently been excellent.

What they should improve:

They just offer a free trial time; there is no free plan available. This is a little unnerving as GetResponse and other programmes that are very comparable to it provide free options.

Extra fees: You must pay extra for this service, which is really uncommon, as they only permit 5 email testing and previews each month, and this feature is not included in the lite plan.


  • Plans for email marketing begin at $39 per month.
  • For further details, see our ActiveCampaign price guide.

5. Omnisend


For e-commerce companies, Omnisend is an email marketing automation software. Email, SMS, and web push notifications are among the outstanding features it offers, along with sophisticated segmentation and automation tools. With the help of this application, store owners can automatically add products to their newsletters and include fun email attachments like scratch cards and gift boxes. Additionally, the free plan offers website tracking, 24/7 assistance, in-depth reporting, and landing pages in addition to all of these capabilities. Not at all awful.

The following are some of the main features that Omnisend provides:

Email marketing: Omnisend provides a variety of email marketing capabilities, such as an intuitive drag-and-drop email editor, automated workflows, and sophisticated list segmentation. Additionally, it offers thorough reporting and analytics to assist users monitor the effectiveness of their email campaigns. This is another GetResponse Alternatives.

SMS marketing: Users can send SMS messages to their consumers using Omnisend’s built-in SMS marketing capabilities (even on the free plan!).

Ecommerce integrations: Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and other e-commerce platforms are just a few of the many that Omnisend offers.

Using Omnisend, users may send push notifications to visitors of their websites.

What they should improve:

Email Deliverability: In our most recent tests, Omnisend didn’t perform all that well, and there is undoubtedly space for improvement. Tracking: You are unable to access the whereabouts of your subscribers or other pertinent data, such as social media accounts.


  • Paid plans begin at $16 per month.
  • For further details, see our price guide for Omnisend.

6. Mailchimp


Businesses of all sizes utilise Mailchimp, a very well-liked email marketing software programme, all over the world. One of the most fascinating aspects about chimpanzees is how they are always coming up with new features to appeal to a larger audience. Their paid plans now include extra marketing options including social media scheduling and retargeting advertisements for Facebook, Google, and Instagram. Additionally, it provides free appointment scheduling and website building tools. Also check Lolesports 

Among the main features that Mailchimp provides are:

Easy-to-Use Email Builder: Mailchimp provides a user-friendly email campaign builder that walks you through all the necessary steps. This is another GetResponse Alternatives.

Customer segmentation is encouraged by Mailchimp; they refer to these groups of customers as “audiences.” The drawback is that you will be paid more if a contact appears on more than one list. The same is true for contacts who have not subscribed.

Multi-step automation processes are available with marketing automation, but you’ll require the higher-tier plan. On the free plan, more basic autoresponders are accessible.

You can schedule social media posts, create Facebook advertising, and manage your marketing calendar with social media marketing tools.

What they should improve:

User management: Because Mailchimp costs you for both subscribed and unsubscribed contacts, you must maintain good list hygiene.

Support for customers is only available with plans that are Essentials or higher. Check out our recommended Mailchimp alternatives.


  • Paid plans begin at $13 per month.
  • For further details, see our Mailchimp price guide.

7. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Another long-established email marketing tool is Constant Contact. They began operations in 1995 and have since become well-known for the email automation tools and event booking capabilities they provide. Although we believe that Constant Contact’s email automation features can be enhanced, the company does offer connectors with more than 270 apps and consistently performs quite well in our deliverability testing. Small businesses and organisations from all over the world use this email programme for a reason. Find out what it is now!

Constant Contact provides a number of important features, some of which are:

Features for managing events: Businesses may quickly promote events and handle ticket sales and registrations thanks to their interface with Eventbrite.

With the help of digital marketing tools, companies can manage their social media schedule on the same platform as their email campaigns. What’s more, they can even design their own logo, which is a specialised feature we haven’t seen in other email marketing platforms.

Templates: Compared to many other providers, they provide over 200 templates, and you can utilise their “brand your email” template generator to have an email template made based on your logo. This is another GetResponse Alternatives.

What they should improve:

  • Limited Automation: Like other service providers of a similar nature, they might provide more complex automation procedures.
  • Pricing: In comparison to competitors and what they offer, the prices are astronomically excessive.


  • Paid plans begin at $12 per month.
  • For more details, see our Constant Contact review.

8. Moosend


A cost-effective all-in-one email solution is available from Moosend. This fantastic email service, which offers professional automation tools for as little as $9 per month, is obviously intended to help small businesses and startups. Website visitor tracking, landing pages and web forms, subscriber administration, mailing list management, and marketing automation are all included. This is another GetResponse Alternatives.

Moosend offers a number of important characteristics, some of which are:

  • Reporting: Each campaign’s real-time analytics with open rates, bounce rates, and location tracking
  • Offers pre-built processes with particular triggers to set up rather complex automations.

Moosend provides phone support, which might be a crucial component for some firms.

What needs to be improved:

  • Free plan is no longer available from Moosend.
  • They have a fairly small range of third-party integrations, which makes other tools more desirable.


  • Paid plans begin at $9 per month.

9. HubSpot


By providing a variety of inbound marketing solutions, HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and service platform that aids organisations of all sizes in growing. A website builder, marketing automation, CRM software, and analytics are important elements. Businesses may streamline their marketing and sales operations with the aid of the software, which is made to be simple to use. This is another GetResponse Alternatives.

Several of HubSpot’s important features include:

  • One-stop shop: HubSpot provides analytics, CRM, and tools for marketing, sales, and customer service.
  • Website optimisation: HubSpot provides tools and analytics for website optimisation to assist users in enhancing the functionality and SEO of their websites.
  • HubSpot offers communication and sales tools to help sales teams close more deals.
  • HubSpot provides a knowledge base, chatbots, and a helpdesk and ticketing system to assist users deliver better customer care.

What they should improve:

  • Plans that cost a lot of money: The transition from a marketing strategy to a professional plan is rather dramatic.
  • Branding: To get rid of HubSpot’s branding from your emails, live chat, and blog, you’ll have to pay $20 per month.


  • Paid plans begin at $20 per month.
  • For further details, refer to our HubSpot price guide.

10. ConvertKit


One of the more recent additions to the neighbourhood, ConvertKit is primarily designed for professional bloggers, podcasters, course developers, and YouTubers. They seek to assist creators in establishing connections with their audiences and investigate how email marketing might increase their revenue.

ConvertKit provides a number of important functionalities, such as:

  • With their “tip jar” feature and by charging your subscribers for your emails, they make it incredibly simple to monetize your newsletters.
  • Basic sequences/autoresponders, automation, and A/B testing (just for topic lines) are available as options.

User management: Utilise their simple tagging system to quickly add and remove subscribers from workflows. This is another GetResponse Alternatives.

With the help of their landing page editor, you can easily design landing pages even if you don’t have a website, which comes in quite handy for social media campaigns.

What they should improve:

Limited reporting: Click maps, geo-tracking, and bounce rates are not included.

They only offer text-based email templates, which is a poor choice for design.


  • Paid plans begin at $15 monthly.
  • For further details, see our ConvertKit pricing guide.

Best Free GetResponse Alternatives:

The main restrictions with GetResponse’s free plan are that you’ll only be able to collect up to 500 subscribers & set up 1 landing page/website. But if you’re looking for a free GetResponse alternative with a bigger sending allowance and greater functionality, here are some free email marketing software to take into consideration:


With a subscriber cap of 1,000 and 12,000 monthly email blasts, MailerLite’s free plan is a compelling GetResponse substitute. You’ll also have access to automation and landing pages on their free plan, as well as basic email support.


You have an unlimited number of contacts on their free plan and a monthly email sends limit of 500; however, it’s important to note that you’ll only be able to contact up to 250 subscribers/month. Overall, a good option for e-commerce owners just starting out. This is another GetResponse Alternatives.


In addition to unlimited contacts on their free subscription, Brevo provides access to a good range of automation options and website tracking, as opposed to GetResponse’s 500 contact cap.

If you’re seeking for more free options, read our post on free email marketing software where we go into more detail about the free plans offered by these platforms.

Get Response Alternatives: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a variety of GetResponse alternatives available that can provide unique functionality and pricing options to fit each company’s email marketing strategy. The choices described in this article are worthwhile taking into account, regardless of whether you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution or a tool with more sophisticated automation features.

We’d definitely recommend giving them a try because the fantastic thing is that the most of them offer a free plan or a free trial of the higher-tier plans, allowing you to test the software risk-free.