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This post will explain gamesplanet review Work will be described in this article. PC game keys can be purchased through Gamesplanet. The company has offices in France, Germany, the US, and the UK. I’ll explain how Gamesplanet functions in this review, along with some of its benefits and drawbacks. They have been selling games with an official licence since 2006.

Complete Gamesplanet Review Work In 2022

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On their website, you can buy any of 1,000 different novels from renowned publishers. You will receive game keys after making a purchase on Gamesplanet, which you may keep for yourself or give to a friend. When you buy official game keys on Gameplanet, you’re helping game publishers and developers.


Gamesplanet is a recognised retailer.

They want to make sure that game publishers and developers receive fair compensation.

When you activate your games from Gamesplanet, there is absolutely no risk.

GameSpot Evaluation

GameSpot Evaluation

Each game publisher that Gamesplanet works with has a contract.

Publishers have given them the go-ahead to market their goods.

Each sale includes a small donation to Gamesplanet.

The Gamesplanet customer service team can be contacted by email, Facebook, or Twitter.

On weekdays, you can expect a response in a few hours or less.

Simply remember to mention your order number in the support request.

To get a suitable response as quickly as possible, you should clearly describe the issue.

Any pre-orders placed on Gamesplanet during the pre-order window can be cancelled.

After receiving the activation key, you have 14 days to ask for a refund.

What is The Difference Between US, DE, FR & UK Gamesplanet Store?

Four locations house Gamesplanet stores. There are four different websites for games:,, and Also check buying and using gift cards

Although you can buy from any Gamesplanet site, be aware that some titles on the UK, DE, and FR stores may only be available in Europe.

Additionally, certain games sold in the US may only be available in North or South America.

It is advisable to make your purchase from a store that accepts the currency of your home country because the US store uses the US dollar, the UK store uses the British pound, and the DE & FR store uses the euro.

You can always compare game prices between Gamesplanet stores and buy from the one with the best deal.

Which Payment Options Are Provided?

You can choose from a variety of payment options offered by Gamesplanet.

Some nations will provide more or fewer payment choices.

1. Payment with Credit card

Payment with Credit card

All credit card transactions take place on the SSL-secured payment page.

MasterCard, American Express, and Visa credit card payments are all accepted.

2. Payments with bank Transfer

Payments with bank Transfer

Anyone with a UK online bank account should consider this option.

To pay for your purchases, you can transfer money from that account to Gamesplanet’s bank account.

Your payment will be quickly confirmed.

3. Payments with Amazon

Payments with Amazon

You can pay for Gamesplanet merchandise with your Amazon account.

A few mouse clicks are all that are needed.

You only need to sign into your Amazon account and make a payment.

Finding bank account or credit card information is not necessary.

Your payment information is securely stored by Amazon.

4. Payments with Bitcoins (BitPay)

On Gamesplanet, you can purchase products using bitcoins.

Bitcoin payments are handled by their partner Bitpay.

Currency conversions are made at the time of order checkout.

The procedure is transparent, quick, and easy.

5. Payments using Paysafecard

On the Gamesplanet website, Paysafecard is accepted.

It almost feels like cash payment.

Every transaction is quick and safe.

Paysafecard usage won’t incur any additional costs from Gamesplanet.

6. Payments with Skrill

This is another part of gamesplanet review. You can pay for purchases on Gamesplanet using Skrill wallet or Rapid Transfer, which uses a bank transfer.

Optional payment methods include iDeal, Giropay, and others.

To display payment alternatives, begin at the payment page and click the “+” icon to select the nation (for example, iDeal is available for payments made in the Netherlands).

7. Payment with PayPal

Payment with PayPal

Orders placed on Gamesplanet can be paid for using a PayPal account.

Quickly complete the purchase using PayPal’s SSL-secure website.

Is Gamesplanet Legit?

The keys that are available for purchase on their website are all obtained directly from the game developers.

These publishers have given explicit permission for Gamesplanet to sell their goods. Also check Facebook Viewers.

What benefits does the GamesPlanet shop offer?

A buy example from the Gamesplanet store.

You won’t receive Steam keys from Russia, and using a proxy server is not required to activate the titles you buy.

You won’t have to be concerned about getting duplicate or invalid keys.

You can read customer reviews of Gamesplanet on Trustpilot to find out what other customers thought of their interactions with the store.

Is Gamesplanet Safe To Use?

Credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and other well-known payment options are all accepted.

Any pages on their website that request personal information or payment card information are SSL secured.

If you want to know whether a game has region restrictions, search for an orange box on its page.

Region limitations do not apply to games that do not have an orange box.

Region limits for the game will be made apparent.

Gamesplanet will never demand that you utilise a VPN in order to make purchases from their website.

Activations will function everywhere in the world, though there might occasionally be an exception.

If there are any restrictions, they will be made clear on the product page.

Above the game description, there will be an orange notice box with the restriction.

How does Gamesplanet Work

How do I buy something on Gamesplanet?

1. Buying Game

Buying Game

If you don’t already have a Gamesplanet account, begin by signing up or logging in.

If your shopping cart is empty, you can choose the “Buy Now” option; if your cart contains items, you can choose the “My Cart” symbol.

2. Add to cart

Visit the game’s product page if you want to buy it.

Click the “Add to Cart” button when you’re ready.

How does Gamesplanet operate, and how does one buy? This is another part of gamesplanet review.

3. Checkout

Once a product is placed to the shopping cart, you will be automatically taken to the checkout page.

You have the possibility of placing an order or continuing to shop.

The same game cannot be added more than once.

This measure guards against unintentional duplicate purchases.

You are free to purchase that item once more if you change your mind.

Coupon Use a coupon or promotional code if you have one when you’re checking out.

4. Voucher

Enter your code in the “redeem voucher” box.

The “redeem” option will display; select it.

Your discount or coupon will immediately deduct the appropriate amount from the order total.

Is it safe to use and make purchases from Gamesplanet?

5. Choosing payment gateway

Choosing payment gateway

By selecting the “My Cart” option, you may view the items currently in your cart and check or remove any titles you’ve decided not to buy.

Each game’s name, platform, and cost are visible.

Selecting your payment option and clicking “Buy Now” are the last steps.

6. Payment

You can choose “Buy Now” once you’ve made your payment choice.

The SSL secure payment page for your chosen payment method will then be displayed to you.

Pay here to complete your transaction.

Your credit card numbers, bank account information, or details related to your Amazon or Paypal accounts are not saved by Gamesplanet.

7. Receiving Key

After you’ve paid for your order, you’ll get an email with a summary of your transaction.

Download links or activation keys are not distributed by email. This is another part of gamesplanet review.

To locate download details and activation keys, go to the “My Games” area of your account.

Gamesplanet is it a fraud website?

FAQ for Gamespye

Is it safe to use Gamesplanet?

Yes, using Gamesplanet is secure.

It has been in business since 2006.

I’ve also made numerous trouble-free purchases from Gamesplanet throughout the years.

Authenticity of Gamesplanet

Gamesplanet is a reliable retailer.

An activation key for the game will be given to you after purchase.

Is Gamesplanet a reliable source?

Gamesplanet is a reliable online retailer for game keys. Also check Implement Digital Strategy

You can read Trustpilot reviews left by other customers who discussed their interactions with Gamesplanet.

Is it safe to purchase from Gamesplanet?

Gamesplanet is a reliable online retailer with locations in the US, France, Germany, and UK.

Are the game keys from Gamesplanet region-locked?

Gamesplanet keys are authentic, unrestricted, global keys.

Exceptions can happen occasionally.

On these occasions, a notification about any geographical restrictions will be prominently displayed towards the top of the games page.

Gamesplanet Review Conclusion

Gamesplanet is a fantastic alternative to Steam for game purchases.

Like its French counterpart GameTap, GamesPlanet is an official retailer of PC and Mac digital versions of games and is a member of the Metaboli company.

The store was established in 2006, giving it extensive industry experience.

They work with the most prominent publishers, like Electronic Arts, Activision, Bethesda, Sega, Kalypso, Take 2, and Ubisoft, and their portfolio has hundreds of the best PC games.

Keys are delivered fairly quickly, and there is a FAQ section with the most common difficulties and their solutions.

This retailer accepts a variety of payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Carte Bleue, Hipay, PayPal, etc.