One major important factor that measures the success of your virtual event is the experience and engagement of your audience during the virtual event.

Audience engagement is what every event manager or organizer should strategize and create a rigorous plan to keep their audience engaged throughout the event. 

When an audience attends your virtual event through the screen, rather than in-person, it is easy for them to get distracted or even leave the event if they don’t find your virtual event valuable to spend their time. 

Hence to achieve remarkable results and set an impressive image of your virtual event with your audience, you need to make a checklist of content ideas that are helpful to you in building a unique user experience with your virtual event. 

Here we will take you to some amazing and fun content ideas for your virtual events that will keep your audience fully engrossed in your virtual event and with a delightful experience that they are never going to forget. 

So start learning these new fun content ideas for your virtual event. 

Fun Content Ideas For Virtual Events

Live Games & Fun Plays

Announce fun games that your audience can play in real-time. You can introduce fun competition battles. Exhibitors or presenters can ask to represent or demonstrate their products within the span of 60 minutes. You can allow them to explain the most major feature of their product in the best possible way with the audience. 

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Similarly, you can ask your audience to vote for the winner and do a Q&A session with your audience.

Real-Time Activity

Another way to increase the audience engagement during the virtual event is by engaging the audience in activities like without flame cooking, fitness activities, small exercises, or any other well-being activity that you find effective for your audience. 

As while sitting long at the same place can make your audience feel discomfort and cause pain in their back. Rather than make them leave your screen or event for a while, ask them to take a little break by performing a little exercise with you. 

Take this initiative from your side, it will also build a healthy relationship and set an impression that you take care of the audience as well. 

Get Charming Host & Speakers

Who doesn’t like to hear a voice from a popular or star celebrity as a host? It is a given that people will engage more during the event when the host or a speaker is effective in speaking. A well-dressed and charming host, moderator, and speaker will keep the audience bound with the virtual event from starting till the end. 

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Hence while deciding for the host and speakers make sure they are effective in speaking skills and present themselves in an eye-soothing manner.

Small Music Concert

A piece of good soothing music brings happiness and relaxation to the listener every time. Organizing a small music concert by inviting a singer or a band or any music instrument artist for remarkable performance. If you are inviting an artist or singer, don’t forget to mention it in your invitation for the virtual event. It will entice your attendees to be a part of your virtual event and wait for a live music concert performance. 

A small music concert can be a refreshing treat for your event attendees and after a long virtual conference, they will finally have a moment to get loosen up by enjoying music. 

Add Chat box To Interact With Users

Another way to keep the audience engaged with your virtual event is with chatbots. Allow your audience to ask questions, send their answers, reactions, or can allow them to share any query in the Chat Box.

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In this way, your virtual event audience will feel connected and heard throughout the event. Make sure a Chat Box should always be a part of your virtual event. 

Display Social Media Walls

Another way to build fun content that keeps your audience connected, entertained, and engaged is by displaying social media walls on the virtual event screen. 

You can create social walls by collecting multiple social media feeds from diverse channels. Hashtag social media posts, Twitter posts, Youtube videos, or user-generated content can be great content for displaying social media wall on your digital signage screen.

Ice Break Session

Your virtual event audience is strangers to each other and unlike in-person events, it is not possible to meet other people joining the virtual event. 

To introduce networking, allow your attendees to introduce themselves or use advanced networking software so that your audience can interact with each other and share contact details interpersonal manner. 


Organizing a virtual or in-person event requires strategic planning to schedule the content from start to end as well as how it is going to be presented. 

If you want to make your virtual event successful and want your audience to attend your future virtual events also, then don’t forget to utilize these above-mentioned content ideas.