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Best Frase.Io Alternatives will be described in this article. To assist you in picking the finest option, look at the top 4 alternatives that provide fierce competition in the SEO writing tools market. overview

Are you looking for the best substitute that can deliver high-quality content and successful SEO outcomes? While search engine optimisation and the creation of high-quality content are essential components of contemporary content creation, not all solutions offer the same features.

Additionally, all these necessities frequently cost a lot these days. It’s a frequent misconception that the projected price of an instrument increases with its quality. However, such need not always be the case. Today, we’ll go through the top 4 rivals that offer fierce competition in terms of output quality, affordability, and SEO optimisation. Your cherry-pick is entirely up to you to decide. To help you better understand the resources on the list, we’ll first give you a brief introduction of the platform. Overview

Writers, bloggers, content creators, agency owners, and digital marketers may create SEO-optimized material with the aid of the AI-driven platform To assist organisations in creating better content more rapidly and effectively, it integrates machine learning, natural language processing, and user behaviour analytics.

The content optimisation tools and the search engine of, which can assist you in:

  • Examine your writing
  • Carry out a keyword search
  • Create an SEO-friendly outline
  • Create content summaries
  • Article creation
  • Respond to inquiries from website visitors. Hot Features

1. Content brief

You can quickly and effectively create SEO-friendly outlines from the highest results for any given target search query using’s Content briefs. By gathering and evaluating the greatest online stuff for you, this function can save you a tonne of time. Produce fully optimised content briefs in less than 6 seconds. Look over the most crucial terms, headings, and ideas that your rivals are using. Create your own concise templates and store them to automate repetitive activities.

2. Content Writing

You may create optimised content fast and easily with the Content Writer tool by:

  • Highly effective SEO copy
  • Automatic development of an outline
  • Introductions for blog posts
  • Merchandise descriptions
  • A lot of people have questions
  • Even more

You can employ the “Write for Me” feature in to have your sentences automatically finished or to create a brand new paragraph. You may automatically paraphrase and rework your paragraphs, which can improve the quality of your writing.

3. Content Optimization

Your material is ranked using a subject model by the material optimisation function, which offers an easy-to-use text editor. It gives you a list of pertinent themes and the advised number of mentions for each, which can enhance the search engine optimisation of your material.

Utilising the feature for content optimisation, you can:

  • To choose the keywords you should use in your writing, use a topic model.
  • Analyse the keywords that your main rivals are using in their material.

4. Content analytics

You may quickly and easily locate and categorise the most potential content development opportunities with the aid of the dashboard provided by the Content Opportunities tool. can make recommendations for particular areas to concentrate on in the future by analysing the data in Google Search Console. It may be beneficial for: Find pages with poor performance that could benefit an upgrade in the search engine results. Find long-tail keywords with a lot of searches but little competition for the top rankings. Create keyword groupings automatically to improve your content strategy. Pricing

There are 3 premium options offered by Let’s look at the most useful alternatives you may take into account for your content strategy now that we know what to anticipate.

Top 4 Best Frase.Io Alternatives To Create SEO Articles In 2023

1. TextCortex


An alternative to, TextCortex uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques and best practises to produce entirely unique content that is also SEO-optimized.

Its main objective is to complete it simple for you to produce engaging content for your audience without ever leaving your text box. As a result, TextCortex created a Chrome add-on with a broad range of features that is accessible on more than 30 online services, such as Google Docs, Hemingway, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Gmail.

TextCortex Hot Features

Any content type you require can be written using the tools that TextCortex provides. That covers information about products in emails, social media posts, commercials, publications, and more. Additionally, you may use its rewriting features to edit and AI-generate from the original content until you find the perfect fit.

TextCortex add-on features will be divided into the following two groups:

1. Rewriting features

You can: using TextCortex’s rewriting features:

  • Rewrite your original paragraphs and sentences to make the most of your context.
  • For extra information, expand the original text’s length.
  • Get a condensed version of lengthier texts by summarising them.
  • Use at least 10 distinct voice tones to communicate your original message.
  • Translate the original text into at least ten other languages.
  • Create blog entries using a 5-word idea for a long-form topic.
  • Bullet to email converts your bullet points into prepared emails for sending.
  • You must highlight the text (or section of text) that ought to be changed in order to use the rewriting features, then choose the correct choice from the rewriting menu.

Additionally, you can access information about your content’s readability metrics at any moment by clicking the TextCortex logo.

2. AI templates

In addition to offering rewriting features, TextCortex is an add-on that can create any type of content utilising 60+ predefined AI templates that fall into the following categories:

  • Rewriting, switching voices, summarising, responding to inquiries, etc. are examples of general templates.
  • Create many unique email formats with email templates.
  • Writing advertisements for social media, search engines, etc.
  • Create interesting material for your social media posts using social media templates.
  • Create text for your blog, website, and landing pages with website copy templates.
  • Create creative headlines, subtitles, and other ad content using eCommerce templates.
  • By creating words that are centred on the supplied keywords, the TextCortex rewriting features and the AI-based templates provide output that is SEO-friendly.
  • Additionally, since its AI writers exclusively produce material for the most effective use cases, the information you receive is always new and original.


Forever-free and two premium subscriptions are both available from TextCortex.

2. Text Wizard

Text Wizard

Text Wizard is another AI-powered alternative that focuses largely on copywriting tools to help you produce high-quality content. It can help you generate material that is instantly distinctive and human-like by letting you create it in a range of various tones and languages. You may also build original, community-focused recipes with Text Wizard to enhance your SEO results, particularly on social media.

Text Wizard Hot Feature

You can use Text Wizard’s 15+ unique features to your advantage when writing. Here are a few of its excellent features:

  • Use AI to generate social media posts for Twitter and Facebook.
  • Make sure your postings have the right hashtags.
  • Create compelling article headlines.
  • Create both brief and lengthy content.
  • Take the important information out of lengthy texts.
  • To ensure that your articles are original, rewrite them.
  • For your goods and services, create product descriptions.
  • Create meta tags for the titles, descriptions, blogs, and online store on your website.
  • Create, test, and distribute your generational recipes for your neighbourhood.

Text Wizard Pricing

A free and two paid options are available from Text Wizard.

3. MarketMuse


MarketMuse is a content planning and optimisation tool that uses artificial intelligence to increase the exposure of your website in search engines. In order to manage activities like keyword and competition research, content analysis, content briefs, and topic recommendations for your content, it makes use of complex SEO toolkits.

MarketMuse Hot Features

Content inventory features — a tool for auditing and inventorying digital content that makes use of automated procedures to evaluate the overall authority and quality of the information. It can help you locate, catalogue, and prioritise opportunities for high-quality content more rapidly.

Content briefs — offer pertinent information to make use of contextually relevant content, receive feedback on the content score, and benefit from in-app recommendations for both internal and external links.

Optimise features — provides topic models that are industry leaders and information on your top search rivals for your topic. Here, you can receive immediate feedback on the degree to which your material adheres to particular topic models.

Applications features enable you to automate processes like discovering content gaps, obtaining a list of questions to improve your content, recommending internal links, etc. This decreases the quantity of term you spend creating content.

MarketMuse Pricing

MarketMuse offers two premium and two free options.

4. WriterZen


WriterZen is a GPT-3 AI-driven SEO production tool that can help you produce unique material of the highest calibre. To assist you in creating SEO-optimized content, it provides numerous SEO tools like a keyword explorer, a topic finder, a plagiarism checker, and keyword data. In addition to features that focus on keywords, WriterZen can help you find hidden themes, create topic clusters, and create material that is search engine optimised.

Get hot subjects with WriterZen’s Topic Discovery capabilities to boost your SEO performance for particular search terms. It can help you with:

  • Look for content ideas that will resonate with your audience.
  • Create an article-based information hub that is SEO-friendly.
  • Useful headlines.
  • Use the ‘Google recommends’ database to find intriguing queries and concepts.

To develop content that fits viewers’ search intent, use the Keyword Explorer capabilities to extract the most pertinent keywords from the Google Keyword and Google Suggest databases.

  • Arranging keywords according to the SEO campaign stage.
  • Locating low-competition, high-converting keywords.
  • The ranking of keywords.
  • Identifying and calculating the revenue from keyword lists.

Content Creator – makes use of the text editor to help you assemble your content by allowing you to:

  • Recognise industry standards and draught outlines.
  • Discover the frequency, positioning, and keywords for websites.
  • To rank higher, pick NLP phrases.
  • Combine the outlines with your handwriting to produce pieces of the highest calibre.

Features of the AI writing assistant include AI standards that have been introduced on billions of articles to produce SEO-friendly text, including long-form articles, headlines, descriptions, and outlines. Additionally, it provides 60 templates for different content formats, including rewriting and auto-writing. The plagiarism checker makes sure that your content is original and unique.

WriterZen Pricing

Three premium options are available for WriterZen.

Wrapping Up

This list of four substitutes is intended to assist you in identifying a long-term advantage for ruling your industry. Depending on the extent of your business’s requirements, each of the aforementioned tools can shine at different stages of the content development process. However, if you’re still unsure, we advise you to take into account a tool that can determine all the factors we discussed at the beginning: output quality, ability for SEO optimisation, and price.

With its vast feature set, TextCortex gives you the ability to:

  • Get rid of 80% of the tasks involved in creating content.
  • Produce original, SEO-focused, and top-notch material on a large scale.
  • Create, rewrite, and modify your content with AI for the 30+ most widely used web platforms.
  • Utilise rewriting features and 60+ AI templates in any textbox to increase the versatility of content creation.
  • Download our free TextCortex add-on to learn how to create content using a more complex and amusing way that will inevitably increase conversions and increase your organic traffic.