Five Delicious Foods of the World You Always Crave

We all have become, to a great extent, foodie creatures. Food is indispensably a part and parcel of everyone’s lives. Our world is full of entertainment which is considered incomplete without having the most delicious food.

According to the study of nutrition science, it gives us energy and nutrients to grow and develop, be hale and hearty, think and learn. Our body consists of 5 nutrients –proteins, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals—we take from the food we eat to stay healthy.

Party Foods are Really Vital

No event in the world is celebrated without food items to be served and enjoyed. In this regard, there are many catering companies which offer very delicious menus that will attract foodie creatures. Like many others, Melbourne Cup Catering from Flavours is the best one to meet your taste requirements.

My mouth has started watering while writing on the article—the most delicious food in the world. Here we go with the luscious foods of the world.

Delicious Food of Different Countries

Many countries are well known for their most delicious foods which are as following:

The Most Mouth-Watering Food of Italy — Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo is an Italian food, which belongs to a combo dish layered with cheese, cream, and butter. It is especially a midnight food which can be served with the meal. Owing to its superb taste and easy to prepare recipe, this very food item has got world wide popularity.

The Most Appetizing Food of Singapore — Roti Paratha

roti parathaImage Source: Maxpixel

Singapore has a strong and rich heritage of food dishes consisting of Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian and Indian influences. Singaporean breakfast is also a great cuisine.

It will be unfair if we don’t include roti paratha in the list of the topmost delicious foods of the world. I can never think without it by the way. Roti paratha is one of the mouth-watering foods of Singapore and is much crispy and fluffy.

The Most Sumptuous Food of Turkey — Kebab

kebabImage Source: Flickr

Turkey is rich in its culture and tradition. All the countries which have strong traditional backgrounds are distinguished for their delicious dishes. As far as Turkey is concerned, it is highly well-known for its tasty kebabs especially.

Kebab is one of the best and mouth-watering food items in Asian countries. Among them, Pakistan is very famous for kebab, especially Peshawari chapli kebab.

The Yummiest Food of Thailand — Pad Thai

pad thaiImage Source: Maxpixel

Pad Thai is one of the local delectable dishes of Thailand. This dish contains soaked rice noodles with tempting tamarind sauce and some meat, vegetables or dried fruits. It’s a full meal to look at and to satisfy hunger.

All taste conscious and foodie people will certainly love this combo dish loaded with carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients.

The Most Entertaining Food of Hong Kong — Dim Sum

dim sum foodImage Source: Pixabay

It’s one of the traditional delicious cuisines or small-sized boosting packages of Hong Kong. Such as dumplings or rice noodle rolls are also renowned dishes of this country. Especially, a dumpling is a very freaky and yummy dish which can cause mouth-watering.

Girls are figure-conscious as well as diet-conscious; they better avoid having it. Better stay hungry if you get fat. So, better try this heavenly food without getting a bulging tummy.


One cannot feel well, love well, and snooze well if one has not been treated with sumptuous entertainment of food. I think delicious food depends upon how much taste conscious and creative you are.