Features of Work and Choosing a Good Constructor for Creating emails

Creating an email for distribution is an affordable task for users. the message they want. The result turned out exactly as the author planned, it is worth thinking over the advertising panel in advance and carefully considering the choice of the designer. This can be done according to some recommendations of experts/ Also you need to use a good email builder, https://selzy.com/en/features/email/free-template-builder/, for example.

Three Must-Have Signs of a Good Email Builder

Designers use simple programs that require turnkey acceptance. This means that in the end, you will get a ready-made version, where there will be:

  • Text;
  • Clickable elements (buttons, links, product cards, etc.);
  • Media files: GIF, photo, and video.

To show good results for customers, you need to choose a constructor that has a perceptual effect.

Simple Layout System

It takes many years to study all the features of the layout. However, email marketers don’t have much time. Therefore, the designer must offer an extremely simple version of the layout, and deal with particles in just a few minutes. This will allow you to create a letter for those who do not know HTML and get used to it working with the application, and not with the code. If you are looking for the perfect website builder, remember that setting up fonts, colors, text, and media elements should take no more time than in a simple text editor.

Intuitive Interface

Of course, each user has a transmission about what “simple” is. However, for an email builder to be considered optimal, it must meet the minimum requirement:

  • Controls available without additional prompts;
  • Offer a team located in a territory convenient for a person;
  • Be accessible even to novice Internet users.

It will be easy to work with a constructor aimed at these parameters. This way you should quickly focus on exactly the kind of letter that recipients like, and this will allow you to attract attention to a new level.

Customized Personalization System

Constructors could only insert the recipient’s name into the message. Modern technologies allow marketers to perform much more actions. Escort, you can use the information:

  •  What products and sections of the site were most often viewed by a particular person;
  •  What information about goods or services is most interesting to users;
  •  What are the numbers of the corresponding promo codes or bonus cards?

An important need is a need to comply with the requirements of the buyer. For example, the constructor will help send a message to those who have added a product to the cart. Items appear as “Deferred Cases”.

Do You Need Dynamic Content for an email Builder?

This feature is not mandatory, but it is desirable that it also be included in the program. In such cases, you have no problem with the fact that there were some changes in the content on the spot that was not included in the mailing list. The recipient will always see in the letter information about the cost and quantity of goods that are relevant at the moment. In addition, support for dynamic distribution allows you to extremely diversify the mailing list. For example, you can insert surveys into it, the ability to subscribe, or add a product to the cart without visiting the site.

The constructor supports all the listed functions, it must work using APM technology. The possibilities for distribution via email are almost limitless. So, try to find just such an option and use it to realize the possibilities of spreading ideas.

Is it Worth Using the Adaptive Layout?

It is known that more than 80% of users view email from a smartphone. Therefore, it is better to make sure that for this category of recipients, e-mail looks no less attractive and is attractive to read. This allows you to make a receptive layout that distinguishes blocks that adjust them to screen sizes. The fact that the letter looks beautiful and allows you to get all the information, highlights the view function. It is available to all designers that include the possibility of a sensitive layout. Email for your smartphone and computer and compare the look and feel of emails.

Are Standard Templates Suitable for Mailing?

Builders include many design options that you can use without first checking. However, standardized templates should be left to those who are just starting to use email as a marketing tool. If you already have some experience in writing letters, try using personalized options. This will help make your company recognizable and develop a unique corporate identity.

To quickly compose a letter that suits your design, take a standard template and modify it to suit your own needs. Modern designers allow you to do this quickly enough. Do not forget not only to add the necessary images but also to customize other design options:

  •  fonts;
  •  colors;
  •  corporate blocks (for example, registration of a regular subscription or receiving a discount).

It is especially useful to use standard templates in the holiday sales mailing list. The catalog will contain cute letter design options for the New Year, International Women’s Day, or Valentine’s Day. You just have to add the desired content to the finished version and send an e-mail to users from the list of recipients.

Is it Necessary to Integrate the Constructor with the Online Mailing Service?

This is the last question that worries the authors of commercial letters. Of course, it is much more convenient when the finished letter can be immediately sent to a specific group of recipients. In this sense, the designers integrated into the mailing service are the best option for users. This solution is especially interesting for large companies that have developers and layout designers. After all, the constructor allows you to collect a letter in HTML and instantly send it to the focus group.

To choose the perfect email builder, look at all of the listed features. Use trial versions of several services. This will allow you to choose the option that is right for your marketing. You will also have the opportunity to decide on the most favorable tariff and connect it.